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Cindy "Fuck Me Santa"

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"Fuck Me Santa" Read By Cindy Sophie was at the mall doing her yearly Christmas shop, she had come straight from work in her office skirt and heels and was already regretting the decisions as the burning ache rose from her feet to her legs. While she was walking through the main section of the mall she noticed Santa's grotto, a little hut with a red door and fake snow hanging from the roof. Sophie thought back to when she was a young girl and laughed to herself about how much she used to love sitting on Santa's knee! Just then a thought crossed Sophie's mind, would sitting on Santa's knee make her feel as good as it used to? She really needed to get off her feet and why shouldn't she ask Santa for a present surely there was no age limit! She knocked on the red door and heard a deep voice say "Ho Ho Ho come in" She opened the door and walked inside to see a man dresses as Santa on a big red chair, the room was dim but filled with presents and a little twinkling tree sat in the corner. Sophie walked over to him and to her surprise Santa patted his knee for her to sit down, she sat and the man said "Now pretty lady what would you like for Christmas?" Sophie couldn't explain it but just the sound of his deep voice was reverberating around her pussy and she could feel herself getting excited. She slowly began to pull her skirt up her leg to show Santa the stockings and suspenders she had decided to wear that day, she could feel his eyes work their way down her body and could feel herself getting flushed, before she could stop the words coming out of her mouth she said "I Want You To Fuck Me Santa" She felt instantly embarrassed at what she had just said and stood up to leave thinking she had made a fool out of herself but Santa grabbed the back of her skirt and pulled her back down onto his knee. He removed his fake beard and gave her a lustful smile as he uttered the words "With Pleasure!" He began unzipping her skirt and instructed Sophie to stand up and step out of it, he admired her long legs and moved his hand to his crotch to rub his growing cock. Sophie felt exposed standing there without her skirt on but when Santa instructed her to remove her blouse she obediently unbuttoned it revealing her supple breasts in her lace bra, was she really going to fuck this man that she'd only met a few moments ago, almost in answer to her question the man removed his cock from the red velvety trousers he was wearing and gave her that same lustful smile, Sophie gasped at how big his throbbing member was and could feel her juices begin to pool between her pussy lips. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around the base of his thick shaft licking her lips impatiently, she then began slowly swirling her tongue around his bulging purple bell end tasting the sweet pre-cum that was oozing from the tip of his cock. Once she was done teasing him she took his whole length into her mouth and Santa let out a deep guttural moan, she began moving her mouth up and down his shaft letting her saliva dribble down his cock soaking his bollocks. The sheer excitement of sucking a strangers dick nearly sent her over the edge, her pussy was so swollen and the feel of her panties rubbing against her clit was sending her into a frenzy. Just as she thought she was about to cum Santa pulled her to her feet and ripped her panties off throwing them to one side, he pulled Sophie onto his lap facing him with her legs straddling the arms of the chair, Sophie could feel the tip of his thick cock throbbing against the dripping wet opening of her slit. With one swift movement Santa thrust his dick deep inside her making Sophie squeal in pleasure, she had never had a man this big before and she could feel every inch of him filling and stretching her wet vice. He grabbed her hips and began ramming his cock in and out of her furiously, she could feel her pussy stretching more and more to make way for his impressive length. She could hear his breath getting faster and felt his strokes getting harder she knew he was getting ready to cum, the very though of him shooting his load inside her sent her over the edge and she threw her head back as the most intense orgasm ripped through her body. As she came around his thick member Santa pushed her down as hard as he could and unloaded wave after wave of hot spunk inside her waiting pussy with a load groan. After a few moments of heavy breathing Sophie gathered herself and stood up, she retrieved her ripped knickers from the floor and proceeded to get dressed. She looked at the man who had just fucked her and said "See you again next year Santa!" The End!


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