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"Smoking Lust" Read By Cindy Jenny had been married a year and she already felt the excitement has gone from her life. The heat and passion was not there anymore. Mark was always away travelling for business. Even now he had been away for a month. Jenny regretted leaving her job atleast that way she would have kept her social life. A few months ago a new neighbour moved in next door. Daryl was a single man in his 30's. Her husband was quite handsome but Daryl was sexy. He often came over for drinks with her husband. Jenny came to depend on him when Mark was away. Whenever something broke down at home, she called him. Lately, the attraction was growing between them. Whenever he was around she couldn't help but daydream about his hands on her. It also didn't help that she has gone without sex for a month. Today, Jenny decided to do something about it. It was a hot summer's night and she called Daryl to stop by after work. She striped off her clothes. She was always considered beautiful, even at college all the girls were envious of her lush curves, long blonde hair and blue eyes. She stood now only in her black bra and matching thong. She went by the window and saw Daryl approaching her front door. She opened it just as he was about to knock. The street was dark and quiet. She felt excitement coarsing through her at his wide eyes. He was lost for words. She pulled him inside and closed the door. ''Oh Daryl, i am sorry but its terribly hot and my air conditioner is not turning on''.. '' alright..i will see to it''. He said forcing his eyes from the swell of her breasts. He followed her, watching her juicy ass swaying as she walked.Daryl always knew Jenny had a thing for him. Damn, he had a thing for her. Whenever, he came over she was dressed in those tight clothes that did nothing to hide her figure. He had noticed how Mark never made time for his wife. He couldn't believe Mark would leave a hot and sexy wife as Jenny at home. Mark was all business. Daryl was so hard as he watched Jenny move towards the bedroom door. He wanted to make her scream with pleasure. As she closed the door he pushed her against it and thrust his tongue in her mouth. She let her tongue play with his while she felt herself getting wet. He bit and sucked on her lower lip. Jenny cried out as he grabed her ass and pressed her against his cock. She was so ready for him. He moved to the bed and pushed her on her back. He spread her legs and ran both his hands up her thighs. Jenny shivered. He began kissing her while he took off her thong. His finger pressed and kneaded her inner thighs. She waited in anticipation for him to reach her core. He ran a finger through her folds. ''Hmmm..Are you wet for me, Jenny?'' ''Yes...Daryl. I need you inside me. NOW'' she cried out. Slowly, he entered one then two fingers into her. He began taking them in and out while she was so close to orgasm. Finally, he bent his head and started licking her clit. Jenny watched his dark head disappear between her legs and she knew she can't stop her orgasm. She came with a scream, moving her hips against his fingers. Daryl got up and took off his shirt. While he undid his belt, Jenny laid back on the bed and watched him,shamelessly. She could see the outline of his cock through his boxers and she couldn't wait to taste him. He got close to the bed as he took them off. Jenny hummed with pleasure seeing his big cock waiting for her mouth. she flipped on her stomach and reached out to him. He felt hot and smooth at the same time. Mark never let her take her time appreciating his cock. He was always in a hurry and she couldn't remember the last time she touched him like this. She was not feeling guilty about cheating on him. This felt so right. She let out her tongue to taste him and he closed his eyes with a groan. She opened her mouth and took him deep. Daryl was loving her excitement to taste him. She seemed like a virgin taking her first cock. He wanted to let her go on but he knew he can't hold on any longer. This can't be the only time he has to have sex with Jenny. He wanted more and he promised himself there will be a next time. Jenny was moving her tongue up and down his shaft when he stopped her. She looked at him wide eyed. ''I cant hold on any longer, baby. I need to be inside your hot wet pussy now.''He told her pushing her back on the bed. She let out a cheeky smile and laid back, opening her legs. Daryl held her knees as he pushed his cock inside her. Slowly, he began thrusting in and out.But Jenny urged him on. ''Come on, Daryl. Harder''. He began pumping harder and faster making Jenny cry out his name. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and put her legs on his shoulders. He cupped both her breasts and pinched her nipples. She writhed and arched so he pulled her bra to her waist and began sucking her nipples while he pumped faster inside her. ''Oh I am Cumming..Baby..Cum with me''...She said just as he pulled out and sprayed his spunk all over her breasts. Jenny Lay there, drenched in Daryl's cum. He was now lying next to her on the bed, breathing heavily, completely spent, and she knew that she had to fuck him again.   The End!


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