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Kara Carter "Second Cousin"

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"Second Cousin" Read By Kara Carter   When the Whittier annual gathering was drawing to a close Mary asked Drew if he would run her back to her Miami apartment as her parents wanted to stay on in Jacksonville to visit with a few friends. It meant driving thirty or so miles out of his way but it seemed a reasonable request from a girl he’d been fucking regular over the Christmas break. Or perhaps it would be better to say she was fucking him. The family had still not cottoned onto the fact that the second cousins had been carrying out extreme sex in the basement, they just thought it was nice they were friend. With waves and smiles all round Drew drove away just a little anxious in case Mary, who an insatiable sexual appetite would suck him off while he was driving. However, the journey was somewhat uneventful until they arrived at her apartment and she asked him if he’d carry her case up for her. When he entered the cozy little efficiency unit he was somewhat surprised to see another theological student lying on the bed naked. It was a young woman about the same age as Mary with massive tits and a big hairy bush. She made no attempt to hide anything as the pair entered and just greeted them as if this was perfectly acceptable behavior. “This is my cousin Drew,” said Mary. “Second cousin actually,” Drew corrected. “O my god,” she laughed, “He’s saying that because we’ve been fucking all Christmas and he thinks it wouldn’t be right for first cousins to do that.” The girl, who turned out to be named Penny, joined in with a laugh that sounded like an abandoned seal, making him feel like super-prude, then she got up to put the coffee pot on and insisted that he have for a cup before he took off. Being so anxious for him to stay around for a while did make him feel a little nervous, particularly as the two kept exchanging furtive glances. He sat down on a chair by the door, ready to make a hasty retreat should they attempt to rape him and watched the coffee maker slowly drip. Meanwhile Mary stripped off all of her clothes explaining that if God hadn’t intended us to be naked we would have all been born wearing Calvin Klein. This solicited more guffawing from her room mate who was washing out an extra mug. As they sat sipping their Kenyan coffee Penny wanted to know all about their sexual activities during the break. He was not very comfortable with this line of conversation and his margin of discomfort increased considerably when she suggested they re-enact a couple of scenes. Seeing his hesitation to respond to such a request Mary slowly turned the key in the door, took it out and tossed it on top of a cupboard. “Come on be a sport Drew, Penny’s been here all Christmas on her own – she deserves to be pampered a little.” “I’m not used to performing in front of other people,” he responded, shaking his head in disbelief. “Well why don’t I join in and then nobody will be watching,” Penny chirped up. The next thing he knew he’d been relieved of his coffee cup and two naked women were struggling to remove his clothes. There is a point in every mans life when he has to give in to members of the opposite sex and Drew decided that he was possibly at that point. As usual Kommandant Mary gave the orders. He was instructed to lie on the bed and jerk himself off while the two of them stood at the foot of the bed to diddled themselves to see who came first. Drew certainly had the erection for such activity and it seemed to get harder and bigger as the two went into rapid fingering with their tits jiggling up, down and sideways. It was Mary who past the finishing line first and she did it with a “WOOOOOWEEE,” and Penny realizing that her moment for potential glory had past just dived on the bed grabbed his dick away from his hand and rammed it into her mouth. She went up and down his shaft with enthusiasm, groaning with pleasure as she did so, and when he shouted “I’m cumming,” she went even faster and took the lot in her mouth. What happened next did seem a little over the top even for two seasoned theological students, Penny stuck out her cum covered tongue and shared it with Mary. As things were getting more and more kinky, Drew’s nerves were back on edge. And when Mary opened up a drawer and produced two pairs of velvet handcuffs he feared the worse, and sure enough he was soon secured spread eagle. His dick was sulking a bit as it seemed a little concerned as to where the whole thing was going. Mary sought to rectify the situation by producing a multicolored feather duster and began to tickle his bag of tricks with it. Sure enough it began to rise and then she oiled it generously with something from a bottle and with her back towards him, she sat on it, not with her cunt but with her ass. It was as tight as a mouse’s ear and he thought that he might be damaged for life and then Penny joined in by sitting on his face and crushing her moistened crack against his mouth. “Lick – you bastard,” she commanded, pulling on his ears as if she was riding a horse. He began to work his tongue up and down her sweet tasting slit and deep into the folds. She just groaned out loud and kept moving around as if she wanted to feel the full extent of his pussy fluffer. With Drew’s dick remaining deep insider her pooper, Mary had remained still until Penny had got into position. Then she started to move her ass in a grinding motion giving him both pain and pleasure at the same time. As it got a little wilder he felt his cum shooting upwards and into cousin Mary`s back door. She kept on moving even though she knew he’d shot his load and he had to grabbed her waist and pinch her hard to slow her down. It was then that all hell let loose as Penny came in a big way, yelling and screaming and almost pulling his fucking ears off. To say he was shagged out would be a gross understatement and he was relieved when he was released from bondage and allowed to dress. He was just about to leave when another pretty girl came through the door. “O – Emily,” Mary greeted her, “This is my fiance – Drew – I don’t have a ring yet because we’ve not actually made it official…….”   THE END!


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