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Katie Louise "A Meeting With My Gym Teacher:Pt1"

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"A Meeting With My Gym Teacher Pt1" Read By Katie Louise I did something very naughty last week. It really was quite terrible and I wouldn’t recommend doing it. However, there was really no way around it. I had not been dressing for gym class for the last four months. I was given zeros for each day I wasn’t prepared. I had already done the detention route several times. I knew that my teacher wasn't happy and did talk about a possible suspension. He had asked me to come after college to discuss the situation. I needed to come up with a way to get good grades. I was planning to suggest sex for good grades. I was basically desperate and willing to do anything at this point. I don’t like gym class and hate dressing in front of the other girls. Sometimes, the girls will take pictures on their phones when we are getting dressed. The main reason is I just don’t like it. We start the day with exercises and then its two laps around the track. After that’s done, we start the activity of the day which can be soccer, football, or basketball. I’m fucking exhausted by the time the activity is to start. My name is Jamie and I planned on showing him all my attributes. He was going to be shown all the things that I was good at. I believed, once he saw what I could do, good grades would be in the cards for me. What man wouldn’t want to have sex with a sexy and experienced eighteen year old? I’m of legal age, so it wouldn't be like having sex with a minor. I couldn’t have a bad grade which would mess up my grade point average. Mr. Shadow's wouldn’t know what hit him. I planned on getting my way and getting good grades. Sometimes, a girl has to be a slut to get what she wants. The day of my meeting, I wore a denim mini-skit with a tight, low cut shirt. I wore a white thong and my sandals. I planned on seducing Mr. Shadow's and convincing him to give me a good grade. I'll go over all the details that happened that day. College had ended and I needed to go down to Mr. Shadow’s office. Our meeting was starting at one forty-five. I stopped into the bathroom to fix my hair and put on some red lipstick. I wanted to look perfect for our meeting. I looked amazing and proceeded to the gym area. His office is in the back. There were no sports going on that day. I knew I had a few hours to sway him into giving me a good mark. Knock, Knock “Come in! The door is open.” I opened the door and proceeded into Mr. Shadow’s office. “Miss Wilson, please sit down. You do know the reason why you’re here?” I walked very slowly into his office making sure to wiggle my ass. I knew I looked really hot and could already see his eyes staring at my breasts. I then sat down in the chair in front of his desk. “I’m here, because I continue to not dress for gym class.” “That’s correct. You have missed gym glass at least three days a week for the last several months. Is there any reason for this behavior?” “I have really bad periods and the cramping is really bad.” “Perhaps, you could have your mother write you a note. I do understand when girls are not feeling well. Your period would only be for one week out of the month. What is your excuse for the rest of the time?” “It’s just that my breasts are very tender and they hurt when I have to run so much. I have a really big chest and when they’re so tender they hurt.” “Have your mother buy you a sports bra. What are your other excuses?” “A lot of the times, I have pre-menstrual issues.” “Miss Wilson, most of these excuses could all be cleared up with a note from your mother and/or doctor. Have your mother take you to the doctor to get a doctor’s note. Like I said, these issues just happen maybe two weeks out of the whole month. As it is you, have missed so many classes that I’ll have to fail you.” I then stood up and walked over to the edge of his desk and sat down. I parted my legs so he could see my white thong. “What are you doing, Miss Wilson? Please go back to the chair.” “I was thinking that perhaps you could give me an “A” and I could provide a service to you. I’m pretty good in the sexual department.” “Miss Wilson, that kind of behavior would be totally inappropriate. I could lose my job. What are you suggesting?” “Well I’ve been told that I suck a mean cock. I could show you my sucking skills. I won’t tell anybody about our little meeting. I’ve also been told that I’m a pretty good fuck. I’ll even let you fuck my asshole. I bet you would like that?” Mr. Shadow's just stared at me and started to loosen a few buttons on his shirt. He listened to everything I said. He kind of had a horny look on his face. “How about we have a little fun together and then you could change my grades. I promise not to tell anybody. You might even have a little fun." “I could definitely lose my job over this.” I then stood up and started to take off my clothes. I removed my shirt and my breasts were full and firm. I unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it. I was left in my white thong and sandals. “Miss Wilson, what are you doing? Put your clothes on at once. This is not appropriate behavior.” “You know you want me. I see you looking at me in the gym.” I then climbed on his chair and put my breasts in his face. I put his hands on my waist. “Come on! Don’t you love my breasts? Feel my ass. I’m eighteen years old. I bet you’d like some teen pussy. I promise you, I get very wet.” “You do have quite a pair of breasts. I guess, I could just take a little suck. You promise not to tell? I could lose my job.” “I won’t tell anybody. We can do whatever you want. However, you must give me an “A.” I then took a contract out of my purse. It was just confirming that he'd give me the great grades in exchange for sex.” “Aren’t you a clever girl? Since you’re all nude and everything. Lock my door and I’ll sign your papers. Then, you can undress me and get to work. I want to see how slutty you are, Miss Wilson.” I then walked over to his door and locked it. I was only in my thong and sandals. I then walked back over to him. “Why don’t you stand up and I’ll undress you.” Mr. Shadow's is a very handsome man. He’s bald with blue eyes. He’s probably around fifty years old. I’d say he’s about 6’2.” I had been planning to fuck him for the past few months. I really didn’t want to be involved with gym class. I just wanted to fuck him for good grades. I’m 5’7” and have long blonde hair and green eyes. I’ve been blessed with breasts that are a 38D cup. I’m one hundred and ten pounds. I have long legs and a nice ass. I also shave my pussy bare. I went in front of him and took off his golf shirt. I unzipped his trousers and pulled them down his legs to his foot. I pulled his silk boxers down. I was surprised to see his cock sprang to action. He had a nice sized cock. “Seems your cock is excited. I knew you were a dirty man. Do you like that I’m a dirty girl? Dirty girls go to heaven. I bet, we can be very dirty together.” Mr. Shadow's then leaned against his desk. He grabbed me and we shared a kiss. He shoved his tongue down my throat. He was kissing me so hard. He put his hands on my buttocks and played with them hard. He seemed to be in control and not me calling the shots. The whole situation now seemed to change. The End.


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