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Katie Louise "Anal Cherry"

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"Anal Cherry" Read by Katie Louise I had been told a few times in my life that I had a nice ass, to me it was a throw away compliment, to me an ass was never really sexy but I know too many they are and to some men especially they are an object of absolute lust. I had been seeing my fuck buddy David whenever possible and the sex was always great and each time he would do something a little different, it was like furthering my sexual education. On one evening while going down on me and bringing me to orgasm after orgasm I felt his finger start to tease my ass, I really had no interest but as I was mid orgasm I couldn’t say the word no before he penetrated my ass with his finger. The feeling was not one of pain, certainly surprise and then a very intense pleasure. My orgasm that was building again from his tongue on my clit was feeling bigger, it was going to be explosive and as I moaned loudly I felt his finger slide out of my ass and my whole body reacted. It was at this very moment I knew I had to try anal sex, so a little later I did. David was fucking me from behind, just how I like it, rough and hard, pulling my hair and spanking my ass when he suddenly slowed and slid his short fat cock out of me. He then rubbed it on my ass, without saying anything I just said yes as I knew what he wanted and I was ready. I felt the tip of his cock entering my ass and it did hurt, he was thick and in my pussy I loved it but in my ass I knew it was going to hurt me. He slid in another inch and I was starting to regret letting him however he slid back out, as he did it felt amazing, a sort of tingle through my body I had never experienced before. As he pushed back in the same amount again it felt easier, no pain, just a sexy full feeling followed by a wonderful sensation as he pulled out again. He started to slide in and out a little faster and as I was on all fours I reached between my owns legs to rub my clit and it was not long before he was pushing in a little deeper but I was enjoying it, I was relaxed and it was feeling very good combined with me rubbing my clit quickly side to side. When I came it was thunderous and I tensed my ass around his cock, which he just left there, not thrusting so not to hurt me and then slid out of me once I relaxed again. It was at this point I thought I was done, however he had a different idea and I am glad he did. He stood me up and then sat down on the edge of the bed, his hard fully erect cock there for me to straddle but he faced me away from him and told me to lower down taking him into my ass. I was wild and in the moment so I did as I was told, it took a little while for me to take him but I did, his whole cock deep in my ass and as I sat there he let me go up and down a few times, the feeling was very sexy. I am convinced that alone would have been enough but his right hand then reached around to rub my clit sending shivers through my whole body. His fingers penetrating me, his thumb now on my clit and his thick fat cock in my ass as I slid up and down it slowly. Now his left hand, grabbing at my breasts firmly, just how I like it and he began kissing my neck, gently nibbling at my ear and every now and then would thrust up and push his fingers into me hard at the same time, it was an incredible sensation, double penetrated, so sexy. I had so many orgasms I do not know where to even begin, he made me climax so hard on several occasions I did ejaculate, or squirt as its more commonly called, it was just heaven and then I could tell from his breathing he was ready to finish. I held a position hovering just above his lap allowing him to thrust up into my ass, his fingers worked me hard to yet another orgasm and he started talking dirty to me, it turned me on so much, he called me a slut, a whore, a dirty whore letting a man fuck her in the ass and in that moment I was and it felt amazing. I soon felt his warm cum pump up into my ass and we slowed, his fingers moving out of me gently, his grip on me loosening and I felt his now used up and lifeless cock shrink out of my ass.


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