Ariel Anderssen “My Business Trip”

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March 4, 2017
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Ariel Anderssen “My Business Trip”
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Ariel Anderssen “My Business Trip” written by Steph average rating 4.7/5 - 7 user ratings

My Business Trip read by Ariel Anderssen

I was on a business trip to a Caribbean Island. It did not go how I planned. I was alone and far away
from home. I arrived at the hotel and unpacked my bags. I opened my computer and reviewed the
presentation that I was to give one more time. I was very anxious and nervous; if it were approved, I
would get a promotion and transfer.

The next day I set up for the briefing. I surveyed the room making sure everything was perfect.
Everyone arrived and took their places. I scanned all the faces and noticed him. His name was Ron,
one of the finest and most accomplished bachelors. He was about 6'4", and very muscular. His
features were magnificent.

I have noticed him before but I did not know that he would be here. Our eyes met and I froze. I was
unable to give the presentation that I have worked so hard on the last six months. I almost panicked;
the look he gave made me tremble, while also making my panties wet. I thought everyone would
notice me staring at him.

Somehow, I collected my wits and gave the presentation. I nailed it and felt good about it. I went back
to the hotel, stripped myself of what I was wearing, and headed into the bath with my favorite toy. I
started stroking my legs straight up and over my thighs. I moved my fingers to my hard nipples.
It all came back to me, remembering how Ron startled me when he walked into the meeting. Any
woman could be his prey and I was about to become one, even if only in my fantasy.
I spread my legs open, licked the huge dildo and worked it all the way up into my pussy, I thought, "oh
what a feeling, this so damn good."

I was slowly working the toy into my pussy. I was so aroused and horny, getting so close to coming
and lost in my fantasy. I almost did not notice when the doorbell rang. I stopped pleasuring myself,
grabbed my towel and headed towards the door.

I went to the door wondering who this could be. I was not expecting anyone today. I opened the door
and there was Ron. He immediately noticed me in my towel and started looking all over my dripping
body. I never felt this nervous before. I accidentaly (on purpose) dropped my towel. He did not waste
any time as he pushed me inside the room, locking the door behind him.

I did not move; I could not move. He picked up my towel and covered my naked body. He looked me
in the eyes and brushed my hair behind my ears. His fingers touched my face; his fingers felt like
lightning. He pulled me closer and kissed me.

He swept me up into his arms and walked towards the bedroom. He laid me gently onto the bed. I
watched him closely as he took off his clothes. His shaft was so huge, all I could do was imagine him
fucking my hungry pussy. He grabbed me by my feet and pulled me half way off the bed. He opened
my legs, bent down, and kissed my thighs.

He was going to have all of me and I was going to surrender to this stranger. He started to move
closer to my pussy, I grabbed the back of his head to guide his tongue to me. I came almost
immediately. He did not stop, kept eating my pussy to a second orgasm.

I opened my legs wider as he thrust his penis deep into my pussy. He pushed harder and harder up
into me, making me scream with pleasure. He put his finger in my mouth and I sucked it; he tasted
like strawberries. I imagined it was his penis in my mouth that I was sucking. I wanted him to come in
me. I wanted him to make me his.

He flipped me over onto my tummy, my sexy ass in his handsome face. He licked my ass and pussy
while also spanking me. I knew what he wanted. I never have been fucked in my ass before, but I
was going to give him my anal virginity. I aimed my virgin ass up in the air and asked him to fuck it. I
was screaming so loud, he gagged me trying to silence my screams of pleasure.

The intimacy was overwhelming as this stranger fucked my ass deeper and faster. His hands were
rubbing on my clit and his shaft was back in my pussy; we both came at the same time.
We laid on the bed for about five minutes breathing heavily, keeping our thoughts to ourselves. He
got up, never taking his eyes off me, and dressed. As I drifted off to sleep, he whispered in my ears,
“Until we meet again, my love.”

The End.

Ariel Anderssen “My Business Trip” written by Steph average rating 4.7/5 - 7 user ratings

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Ariel Anderssen “My Business Trip” written by Steph average rating 4.7/5 - 7 user ratings

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