Ariel Anderssen “Master’s Pet”

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Ariel Anderssen “Master’s Pet”
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Ariel Anderssen “Master’s Pet” written by Lee average rating 4.9/5 - 10 user ratings

"Master's Pet" read by Ariel Anderssen

It had been one of those days in the restaurant that was very long and busy. As I made my way back
to my office at the end of the day I notice that my door was open. I look around the hallway wondering
why my door is open I know I closed it. I make my way to the door to peer in and my jaw drops.

"Oh my God, you're here! I been waiting see you." I rub my eyes I can't believe he is here.
My Master stands up and walks up to me with a huge smile on his face and leans in, "Hey, baby you
look beautiful."
He grabs me in a hug and kisses me passionately. I moan and my mind turns to mush. I can't believe
it, he is here. He smiles at me as I shut the door behind me and lock it.
"So love, what you doing here?" I ask quietly.

Hugging me tightly he replies, "My sexy lady, I just couldn't wait any longer today to see your beautiful
Kissing me deeply, as his rough hands go up my shirt, he begins to pull it off. I feel his fingers lightly
tracing my back as he kisses me, walking me backwards. He begins to kiss my neck as he starts to
tear my shirt off. I hear buttons flying to the floor.

"Baby I love your beautiful tits," as he kisses his way down to my bra covered breasts.
Tearing my bra off my breasts, he stands there looking for a moment before his head drops and he
begins to suck my nipples. I moan, throwing my head back. "God, love. Oh please more!"
Slipping fingers down my pants, he starts to rub my clit. Continuing to lick and suck my nipple, his
finger makes its way to my slit.
I gasp, "Oh, shit. Please I need you."

Laughing, he continues teasing my breasts and my wet soaking pussy. Up against the door, I cry out
as his fingers fuck me faster until he stops suddenly.
"What the hell?"
He watches my face and starts to laugh, "Not yet pet, I want you to cum when I am deep inside you."

I glare at him and start to pout. He roughly grabs me and sets me on my desk, pulling my pants and
panties off in one motion. His eyes wander my body I see excitement, wonder, love and passion. He
pulls out a set of handcuffs from his pocket and grinning at me, cuffs my wrists puts them behind my
back as he kisses me deeply. I moan into his mouth as he kisses me. I become wetter thinking about
his hard cock deep inside pleasuring me.

My Master's mouth leaves mine as he pulls off his shirt. I smile and wait patiently to see the rest of his
body, all mine to see. Unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down along with his boxers, I see what I
want so bad; my mouth watering at the sight. Setting me further onto my desk he lines up his cock to
my slit grinning at me,"Pet, how much do you want my cock?" he says as he teases me, rubbing
against me.

"Please Sir, I want it bad. I need you, please let me feel you inside me." He gently slides into me.
"Please harder, Sir please I need more." He's slamming into me and he starts to pound my twat.
He starts fucking me fast and hard, grabbing my ass as he moves deep inside me. He makes me
moan loudly. He shoves his stick into me harder, driving me to scream out in pleasure, "Oh! Fuck!" I
cry out loudly. Leaning his head down, he starts to bite my nipple as he continues to deeply pound my
pussy bringing me closer to the edge. Pulling me in closer to him, wrapping my legs around his waist,
he reaches my spot and that sets fireworks off.

"Oh god, I need to cum," I say, replying as he roughly fucks me.
"Cum for me, my sexy pet."
I scream out his name as I cum hard on his dick. Groaning, he soon follows me as he cums deep
inside me.He smiles at me as he slowly pulls out, our juices coating him as I stare at him my eyes
glazed over in passion.

"Wow Sir, thanks. That was awesome. I really needed that after this day I had," Earl grins and pulls
me off the desk and uncuffs my wrists.
"You're welcome my sexy lady." He quickly pulls his boxers and pants back up, he bends down and
picks my panties up and puts them in his pocket.
He kisses me, "Get dressed, my pet and don't put your bra back on. I just want you in just your shirt
and pants."

I walk over to my locker and pull out a new shirt, pulling it over my head and grabbing my pants off
the floor and putting them on.
"Okay. Now my pet when you're done with the last of your paperwork for the day, I want you to go
home and wait for me there."
Kissing me, he walks to the door, unlocks it and looks at me one last time. He walks out leaving me
wondering what he has planned for tonight.

The End.

Ariel Anderssen “Master’s Pet” written by Lee average rating 4.9/5 - 10 user ratings

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Ariel Anderssen “Master’s Pet” written by Lee average rating 4.9/5 - 10 user ratings

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