Ariel Anderssen “Naughty Boy”

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February 22, 2017
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February 17, 2017

Ariel Anderssen “Naughty Boy”
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Ariel Anderssen “Naughty Boy” written by Steph average rating 4.9/5 - 9 user ratings

Naughty Boy read by Ariel Anderssen

She stared into the computer, a grown woman,and asked herself,"What am I doing?"

But she still went on to type up a meeting place near by. She was still really hesitant to be doing this
at all so she picked a place near by where she could easily hide and see what he looked like and run
home and block him if he wasn't what he claimed to be. She put on her sexiest underwear and a little
black dress that was easy on - easy off and threw on a windbreaker because it was getting cold.

In the dark, she walked to the park that she had sent him directions too and sat at a bench where she
could watch the swing set that she had marked out as the meeting place. She wasn't there for too
long till someone came along.

He was handsome, tall and, from what she could tell in the dark, had an amazing figure. She was so
turned on by what she was doing that her legs found their way over to him before she could tell she
was walking.

"Hi, Naughty Boy,"she said, using his screen name to identify herself as MissPeach, the girl who
called him to the spot for a meeting.
He looked her up and down and smiled. He grabbed her wrist and led her off where it was more
private in the woods.

She hadn't expected they would go to the woods but when she saw some lights in the distance near
the playground she was glad they had moved.
He didn't say a word, he just picked the end of her short black dress to reveal her red lace thong
panties and started to run his fingers over the fabric...

She, having no experience in these casual encounters just let him take control. Enjoying his fingers
tugging at her panties as she felt his muscles through his thin black t-shirt, she imagined what might
lay beneath his clothes. Doing so was making her wet and that just urged him on.
He started with slipping one finger under the lace to draw on the opening of her lips, then lay her on
the grass so he could open her up like a present. He started massaging her clit then plunged one
finger first then two into her pussy.

She moaned as the finger fucked her, pleading that he fuck her harder and faster. She started to play
with her breast as he fucked her and she just got wetter. She felt like she was going to be a slip and
slide before she even got his cock.

But then he started his mouth in the workings as well, licking her clit and tonguing her pussy.He
silently finger fucked her till she orgasmed.

But he wasn't done there. He grabbed her by her hair as she sat up to leave after. Holding her by her
hair, he pulled her ear right next to his lips and said in a velvet deep voice,"Stay put till I'm done."
She felt herself cum some more as he threw her back to the ground. He took off his pants, revealing
his huge cock: the length and width she had never seen one like it in person.

She licked her lips hungrily at the sight of it and that made him smile. He climbed on top of her, his
cock practicality in her mouth. It was making her so wet...
"Do you want it?" he asked, putting his cock just within reach of her lips and then pulling it back as
she tried to get a taste.

"Tell me you want it, tell me you're a dirty slut and you want my cock. Or I'll leave you here
wanting it, bitch."Something about the way he talked to her just turned her on more and she purred to

"I am a dirty slut who wants your cock so bad baby, please, please let me suck your cock."She added
Puppy dog eyes to give it more effect and it worked - he gave her his cock. It tasted so good, and
after she got a taste, he started to fuck her face. She started to play with his sack while he rammed
his cock down her throat, practicality choking her but she liked it... and she wanted more.
After pumping her mouth full of cum, he didn't pause he just went straight to turning her over to rip
open her ass.She moaned as she licked every bit of cum off her lips as he rammed her ass. Then he
turned her over again to get at her pussy. He fucked her pussy until he moaned that he was about to

"Slut, you want my cum, don't you?"
"Yes! Yes I do!" she screamed. "Please fill me up."
He turned her around again to pound her ass and filled it to the brim with his cum; she could feel it
dripping out of her ass.

She brought her fingers down to catch it and licked it up as he smiled. She grabbed his cock and
started sucking it, getting him hard all over again and she refused to let go till his cum filled her mouth
again, dripping from the corners of her mouth and on to her breasts. He patted her head and told
her,"You're a good little slut, we should do this again some time, maybe next time on a weekend, so I
don't have college in the morning." With that he left his number on her forehead in marker and left.
She hadn't fucked Naughty Boy the 27 year old. He was a teenager, and luckily for her he was 18.

Ariel Anderssen “Naughty Boy” written by Steph average rating 4.9/5 - 9 user ratings

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Ariel Anderssen “Naughty Boy” written by Steph average rating 4.9/5 - 9 user ratings

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