Ariel Anderssen “The Power of Lust”

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March 11, 2017
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March 6, 2017

Ariel Anderssen “The Power of Lust”
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Ariel Anderssen “The Power of Lust” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 9 user ratings

"The Power of Lust" read by Ariel Anderssen

That feeling of lust is something that is rather hard to compare to other feelings. Some have delusionally compared it to love. Granted, that comparison can be made quite easily; after all, your heart races, you get butterflies in your stomach, your palms get a little sweaty and all you can think off is how you want that person.

The big difference is, in my opinion, between two very different organs; your heart and your genitals. When lust happens, it's all fire and passion. That wild, crazy, uninhibited sex. Let's all be honest, when that happens it's mostly due to lust.

It's hot. So, so hot. It's causing the short, tight, little black dress to cling to my body even more. You know the kind of heat I mean; the kind that makes sweat run down your spine and steals your breath even at night.

At first I played shy and sweet, my accent sucking you in just like it does to most of the men I meet. My sharp, sarcastic tongue and sweet personality have never failed me. It also helps to have a nice rack and a toned ass, which is proudly on display. I am out looking for a playmate and at this point, I'm pretty sure I have found one.

You did the usual. Bought me a few drinks, tried to "teach" me how to shoot pool as your sneaky fingers found bare skin and gently caressed it. Your lips stealing soft, almost non-existent kisses on my neck. Little did you know that I was trying to figure out a plan to fuck you right here on this table! To ride you in front of all these drunks would be a thrill. I want to be a dirty little slut tonight, which is a very rare occasion! Lucky you.

I have no panties on, because personally I find pantie lines to be unattractive. And it's just too damn hot for a bra. The less you wear in this kind of heat is beneficial. My long, thick black hair is pulled to the side and it clings to my face and neck. The sweat has started to run down the backs of my bare legs. But none of that matters at one in the morning, in the alley behind the bar, with a very tall, handsome stranger.

Your fingers are already knuckle-deep in my wet pussy. As I move my hips, I can feel that hard cock I've drooled over tonight wedge itself between my soft ass cheeks. I wonder how that cock would feel stuffed deep in my ass, or what it would taste like as I wrap my soft, kissable lips around it and make you cum all over my face.

As our fingers seductively move over my clit, the little blue diamond that rests above it gives you a little shock. I can tell by your hesitation and then the bite you place right below my ear. Is it just me, or does biting just... drive you crazy in all the best ways?! Now, some of my lushie friends know for a fact that I am not a quiet person during sex. I'll admit I'm a screamer. I don't really know why, but I honestly can't help it. If it feels good, you will definitely know.

So I'm trying very hard not to cause a scene as your fingers are pushing me towards that special place. It takes all my strength not to scream "I want to cum all over your fucking fingers!" right then and there. Luckily, I end up with two very sweet fingers, covered in my juice to suck on.

Then I hear the most exciting sound in the world. The sound of a belt buckle and zipper coming undone. Accompanied by a harsh whisper in my ear that says "I'm about to fuck the shit out of your tight pussy." Now that can get a gal going! A little movement here, a little gasp of pleasure there and boom! That cock I've craved all night is now starting to hit my cervix over and over again. The thrusts of you fucking me is rocking my whole body.

At this point, my brain shuts off. All focus goes to that wicked place of pleasure. Lust has taken over and all my dirty, kinky sexiness completely overpowers my mind. The sounds of us fucking are all I hear. The sound of your thick cock pumping in and out of my wet pussy causes that delicious squishing sound. Fucking fantastic! The sound of skin slapping against skin or even better, the sound of you ripping the top of my dress open so my perky tits tumble out.

Oh, and don't forget the moans coming from both of us! I mean damn! It's a symphony of fuckery! But the feeling of your cock stretching my pussy is only rivaled by the hard yank on my hair, causing my back to are as my head tilts back. The roughness of the brick wall against my dark, sensitive nipple makes me shiver in ecstasy. And that finger you so swiftly shoved up my ass has me on the verge of cumming!

Oh, my God, lushies, is there anything better than the feeling of cumming? I'm not sure one exists. I mean, some feelings come pretty close, but none of them can truly compare with orgasm. That moment your body starts to tingle, mine always starts in my lower stomach and heads to my clit. Which is now being played with by yours truly. My pussy starts to clench and that's the only time I'm quiet during sex.

Right before I fall off the earth,it's like all function shuts off in my voice box. And out of nowhere, on a scream, my pussy floods with my cum. It goes everywhere! All over your cock, my inner thighs, and even the ground beneath us. It leaves me trembling and shaky in my red heels.

My hands brace against the wall as I feel your cock throbbing. That harsh smack across my ass is a spank of accomplishment. I realize something from that ass slap: I'm surprisingly still horny. So being the slutty, slut-slut I am, I have to return the favor! So lushies, what would you rather fuck? My tight little ass... or my hot mouth?


Ariel Anderssen “The Power of Lust” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 9 user ratings

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Ariel Anderssen “The Power of Lust” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 9 user ratings

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