Ariel Anderssen “Special Delivery”

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January 30, 2017
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Ariel Anderssen “Special Delivery”
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Ariel Anderssen “Special Delivery” written by Lee average rating 4.7/5 - 6 user ratings

"Special Delivery" read by Ariel Anderssen

Joe leaned back in the shower and closed his eyes. He had spent a good twenty minutes watching
the milf next door sunbathing. She really was fit and Joe wanted to fuck her so badly. Never mind she
was twice his age and her husband was massive, he could still fantasise about her. And he did. He
started to stroke his hard cock while the water washed over him. In his imagination, she was with him
as they washed each other’s bodies before they began to fuck in a fiery passion.

Joe was just beginning to get his rhythm going when the doorbell went. Quickly he grabbed a towel
and went to the door. Was it the milf next door come to fulfill his fantasies? It seemed unlikely and so
it proved.

Joe opened the door to find the postie standing there holding a huge parcel and a clipboard. She was
in her 30’s, had bleached blonde hair and was tall and slim.

“Morning, can you sign for this?” she said handing him the clipboard.
Joe was in a bit of a quandary. His towel barely covered him and he still had a massive hard-on. If he
moved his hands his towel would probably fall open. But he couldn’t just stand there hoping it would
go away.

Before he could react the postie saw his problem. “Would like me to bring it in?” she teased.
Joe nodded, somewhat dumbly.
She entered the house and put the package down. Turning around to face him she noticed he still
had his erection sticking out beneath his towel. She waved the clipboard in his direction. “Would you
like a hand?”
Again Joe nodded.

She made to hand him the clipboard but it was a feint. Instead she grabbed the towel, leaving him
standing there with his erection and a very red face. She looked down at him.
“My you do seem excited. I wonder who you were thinking about. It must be someone very fit.”
Joe tried to cover his embarrassment and his erection but she stepped forward and began to undo
her blue blouse. Quickly she had exposed her bra, which did little to cover her large tits and Joe
couldn’t take his eyes off them.
“Put your hands on them if you want.” She said.

Joe didn’t need asking twice. He stopped shielding his erection and grabbed her tits, one in each
hand. He began to work his hands inside the bra to reach the nipple as she used one hand to undo
the clasp allowing the bra to fall and her tits to spring free. Her other hand reached for his hard cock.
Joe held those tits in his hands while she began to rub him harder and harder.

“Suck my tits,” she ordered and Joe immediately took a nipple in his mouth. He used his tongue to
flick the erect nipple and he sucked hard as he worked the other breast in his hands.
She stopped playing with his cock and stood up pushing him away from her. Joe looked almost
disconsolate at being rejected but he realised what was happening.

The postie was pulling up her skirt and wriggling down her panties. She bent over and said “Fuck me from behind quickly.”
Joe didn’t need to be told twice. He literally shoved his erection inside her wet pussy. Frantically, he
thrust in and out while she seemed to be using her pussy to try and wrench his cock from his body.

The combination of both meant that they reached climax quickly and with little warning. She let out a
great big moan as her orgasm coursed through her body making her knees weak and her legs shake.
If Joe hadn’t been holding her up she might well have collapsed to the floor.
Instead, Joe kept thrusting against her, which was both joyous and painful as he banged hard against
her pussy. Suddenly he gave a moan and unloaded his hot sperm into her.

The feeling of him gushing inside her brought her to another small orgasm as they both stopped moving.
Joe withdrew and grabbed his towel, suddenly embarrassed by his nakedness. She turned round and
looked at him.
“Well that was unexpected,” she said, as she pulled up her panties and smoothed her skirt before
retrieving her bra and doing her blouse back up.

Joe nodded again. He had no idea what to say and she knew it.
“You still need to sign here,” she said giving him the clipboard. He signed it.
And then she turned and left the house, no goodbye, no comment nothing.
Joe returned to the shower and washed himself almost convinced he had imagined it.
And the postie walked down the road singing herself a little tune of happiness. Maybe the day
wouldn’t be so bad after all, she thought to herself.

Ariel Anderssen “Special Delivery” written by Lee average rating 4.7/5 - 6 user ratings

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Ariel Anderssen “Special Delivery” written by Lee average rating 4.7/5 - 6 user ratings

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