Ashleigh Doll “Wanking With Mom Pt:1”

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December 8, 2016
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December 3, 2016

Ashleigh Doll “Wanking With Mom Pt:1”
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"Wanking With Mom Pt:1" Read By Ashleigh Doll

I was having one of those magical soothing, end-of-day baths. Similar to the one Julia Roberts had in that whore movie but with less off-key singing. It was deliciously warm and bubbly and the water was swirling sinfully around my legs and lapping up against the underside of my breasts and… Let’s just say, by it’s conclusion I was definitely in the mood to give myself a righteous bout of self-love. (Alas, I’d been the only one giving me any kind of love since my idiot late-husband got drunk and decided to kiss the neighbor’s dog.) I jumped out of the tub and slowly, very naughtily toweled myself dry. Now I’m really, really in the mood. I wanted to cum so badly; I could feel it in my teeth. No vibrator on this night. I wanted “la wank extraordinaire” to be excruciatingly languorous and my Buzzing Baby Rabbit gets me off before I’ve even decided which of my favorite scenarios I’m going to fantasize about.

I began my march to orgasmic glory with a generous helping of nipple pinching, accompanied by the scraping of boutique-quality fingernails across the underside of my boobs. After I’d turned my entire body into one giant tingle, it was time to head south. My soft, sensual hands veritable drizzled down my taut naked torso, scorching my skin with the flames of desire until my hot drippy niblet was begging me for mercy. The first sigh leaked out from deep within my throat. This was going to be a monster one! Several intoxicating minutes of sublime excruciation passed before I allowed myself to venture near the very gates of libidinal delerium. But once again, I held myself back from desperately needed satiation. I gently toyed with my outer lips, squeezing the plump fleshy mounds together as I rubbed them up and down. Now, it was becoming unbearable. The overwhelming temptation was to dive right in and hammer on my clitoris like it was a dented fender, but I resisted. The torture at the beginning makes the dénouement all the sweeter. When I could stand it no longer, I guided my index finger down to the dewy depths of my engorged candy machine. By now, my vagina was so wet; Lilliputians could have gone swimming in it. Christ, I wanted me so badly! I messaged and teased and caressed, making sure to not linger too too long on my lick lump. But then, a demonic force seemed to take hold of me and I began to pillage my inner lips like an invading horde of Mongols. No tender place was left unravaged by the ever-building onslaught. I bit my lower lip and started to moan. This was getting totally out of control. I tried to slow the pace of my hand but it refused all pleas, so brutal was it in its quest for ultimate gratification. The muscles in my legs started to tighten. I was now thrusting my hips hungrily to meet every digital thrust (and my fingers were whipping around like a washing machine on spin cycle). God, I was close! I began to moan and scream as it built and built and…

That’s when Jacob opened the door and popped his head into the room. “Mom are you, okay?” JESUS CHRIST! I about jumped out of my skin. I definitely jumped out of my vagina. That’s when Jake saw what I was doing. “Oh, sorry! Sorry. I just thought…sorry!” and then he slammed the door shut behind him.

What an absolute nightmare! I thought he was out with his friends. Getting caught doing the business on yourself by your own son! Having him see me naked! I was as mortified as I was unsatisfied. No big “O” for me tonight. Shit! What was I supposed to say to him? I hid away in my room for the rest of the evening and in the morning; I dashed out to the kitchen for breakfast at 6 just so I wouldn’t run into him. And there I sat on my bed, pathetically nibbling on a frozen waffle (Which was still practically frozen, I was in such a hurry to get back.), wishing I’d remembered the syrup in my haste. Miserably, I mulled over my options. This couldn’t go on forever or I was going to end up in a mental institution or an eating disorder clinic. The truly horrible had to be faced and the sooner I did it, the easier it was going to be. Resigned, I jumped up off my mattress, took a deep breath and charged across the hall to his room.


Oh great. Now, I’d caught him playing with himself. I didn’t scurry away though. I knew that I’d have to move to another country, under an assumed name, if I didn’t confront this now. He quickly tugged the sheet over himself as I sat down beside him on the bed.

“So, I guess we’re even,” I smiled.

“Could you leave now?” He did not smile back.

“Listen, two exceedingly humiliating things have happened to us in less than 24 hours. Rather than never be able to look each other in the eye again, why don’t we talk about this. Honestly.”

“What do you mean?”
“Okay, I’ll go first. I like to masturbate. I do it all the time.”


“The way this works is, I share something with you that’s honest and personally revealing, and then you share with me.”


“Come on. Help me here. This is really tough. We’ve both seen each other naked and going at it. The secret is pretty well out.”

“Okay. Okay. I like to yank it…a lot. I’m seventeen.”

“See! Now we’re communicating. And that is going to make this whole “situation” a little less unbearably awkward…I hope.”

Jacob relaxed a little and half smiled. He had a thought. “Did you used to masturbate when dad was still alive?”

Wow! He really took to this frank-and-honest-talk thing fast.

“Yes I did, but not quite as often. Your father used to like to watch me play with myself.” Yikes. Too much information?

Jacob smiled. “That’s pretty hot.”

Major relief. “Yeah, it was.”

“So, I guess if we accidentally see each other, you know, doin’ it, then we don’t need to be all freaked out and stuff.”

Jacob and I were really opening up to one another. I felt really jazzed about us being able to calmly discuss really private subjects like this. “Exactly,” I responded with a smile. “Why don’t I go make you some breakfast and you can finish what you started?”

There. I just suggested my son continue masturbating. This was just so mature and open and modern of me.

“Did you finish…last night?”

“No, I actually – before we had this talk – I was all freaked out and stuff.” I giggled so show how silly that all was.

“Then, if it’s all cool and shit, why don’t we both “finish” what we started?”

Screeeeech!!!! Now here was a huge parenting dilemma! Do I refuse and make it seem taboo and shameful again or do I actually do it? Just the thought of it made my blood run cold but I had to put up a good front. Jacob needed to believe that sex, even with yourself, was a healthy and natural enterprise. Hey, I cleaned the shit off his ass for years; this couldn’t be much more unpleasant than that.

“Sure. But just this once.” My voice almost quavered, I was fainting-level nervous. He just lay there and waited. It felt like his eyes were boring right through me as I took my blouse off. What now, the jeans or the bra? “Don’t put it off,” I told myself. Pop and pop. It was unhooked and off. My tits felt like they wanted to run away and hide inside my ribcage. They blushed so red you couldn’t see my nipples. “Oh, what the heck,” I told myself. “It’s the exact same body parts he saw the previous evening. Get over it.” Zip. Down went the pants. Big breath and down went the panties.


To Be Continued ......

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