Ashley Rider “Fuck Me Said Her Mother”

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November 30, 2016
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November 25, 2016

Ashley Rider “Fuck Me Said Her Mother”
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Ashley Rider “Fuck Me Said Her Mother” written by Steph average rating 4.7/5 - 6 user ratings

"Fuck Me Said Her Mother" Read By Ashley Rider


Brent Harmon knew that his new girl friend had slept with a few guys before him and he was able to accept that. It was only when Tami took him to her family home in the country for the weekend that things got a little weird.

Her mother Emily, who was a pretty good looking woman for her age, greeted them both with a pleasant smile, but then laid down the law.

“I don’t know what you two get up to back in the city – but in my house you’re going to have separate rooms.”

“Oh mom!”

“Don’t ‘Oh mom’ me. You know the rules and I’m sure that Brent understands my position.”

He nodded his head in agreement because there seemed to be no alternative. The whole family appeared to be nice enough and treated him well, so Brett settled himself in for an enjoyable weekend, even though it promised to be a celibate one. It was not until bedtime that he became fully aware of what “Oh Mom” really meant.

Brent kissed Tami goodnight outside her bedroom door and then proceeded to his own, oh-so-lonely room. When he arrived however, he found Emily sitting on his bed in the nude. Of course, he thought he had taken a wrong turn and apologized profusely but she soon informed that there was no need for concern. Tami’s mom then grabbed two glasses of brandy off the bedside table and held one out to him.

“I thought we’d have a little nightcap and a chat before retiring,” she announced.

Brett was totally shocked by the circumstance he found himself in but at the same time the forty year old Mrs. Duncan did have a great figure. And the alluring way her hair was cascading down to her breasts like a legendary siren, he was getting a bit excited.

“Do you think Tami will be OK with you and me sitting like this,” he asked, taking the glass and placing his bum beside hers.

“Of course, I’ve fucked all her boyfriends at one time or another, and two of her girl friends – it’s sort of a family ritual.”

“And Mr. Duncan?”

“Eric? He loves it – see that little hole in the wall over there,” she pointed to an area above the dressing table, “That hole is from our bedroom – he loves to watch – don’t you Eric,” she called out, giving him a little wave.

Poor Brent almost choked on his drink as Emily knocked hers back in one gulp. He wasn’t that keen on fucking his girlfriend’s mother but in front of her father that seemed completely obscene. However, when her hand rubbed up his thigh and gently stroked his dick he began to feel that perhaps he was being a bit too prudish.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off and I’ll suck your cock for you,” she smiled, starting to help by unbuttoning his shirt. Then she added, “Hurry up – dear Eric gets impatient leaning against the wall if there’s no action going on.”

Brent wasn’t completely convinced that what he was doing was right but he felt cornered, and his dick was sticking up like a flagpole. He slipped his things off and in an instant Emily threw him onto the bed, opened up his legs like a chicken and went down on him. Her generous lips, as soft as velvet, slid down his dick and completely took his breath away. She was just about to go up and down on again it when there was a knock on the wall.

“Oh shit,” she said, “I don’t think Eric can see what’s going on, can you move your ass around that way so he can get a clearer view.”

Brent’s dick actually started to deflate a tad because he wasn’t really into all this playing to a fucking audience. It didn’t deter Emily though.  She expertly worked his knob with her hands, her lips and her tongue until it was as hard as a rock, and she kept working it and stroking his balls until a gush of hot cum shot up his pipe and into her mouth.

He was still lying there breathing heavy when Emily got up from her knees and walked around to the head of the bed.  She climbed up on top of him and stuck her cunt right over his face. It felt warm and wet as her dewy lips spread out over his mouth and part of his nose.

Brent knew what was required of him, so he began to lick her mom plum up, down and sideways, at the same time reaching north to play with her tits. She loved it and started to call out things like, “Oh that’s lovely Brent – make me cum Brent – make me cum.”

He continued to eat away, sometimes chewing at the lips, sometimes licking up and down the slit. When she came, she screamed while violently grinding her swollen girly-parts into his face. It took a few seconds for her to stop trembling then she flung herself onto her back and yelled, quite loudly, “Now fuck me like you fuck our Tami.”

Brent climbed between her legs and eagerly stuffed it in.  Her face broke into an almost sinister smile as she commanded him to hold it there for a while. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do as he was dying to cum again. It must have been thirty seconds before she finally slapped his ass and yelled “Go for it!”

He rammed his pecker into her hard and fast. Her tits, which were twice as big as Tami’s, jiggled and bounced around wildly as he flailed away on top of her, more desperate to cum than ever.

His battered balls began to ache, as he felt his creamy goo charging up his dick once more. Now, it was his turn to yell as he shot his load. It seemed to billow out of him forever and Emily had a painful grip on his ass, milking his nuts of every last droplet until her cunt was sticky and full.

The next morning, when he arrived at the breakfast table, Tami gave him a little kiss on the cheek and said, “I hear you did very well last night.” His face turned little red and he tried to force a smile.  Eric was more than happy to concur, “Very well? He did fucking marvelous – I loved it – keep up the good work my boy.”

At that moment the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen in his life came walking through the door. She had the figure of a super model and the face of an angel.

“This is my …” Tami began but was interrupted.

“Just call me Joanne – I’m delighted to meet you,”

The conversation that followed left him in no doubt that it would be Joanne that would be sharing his room that night – he got an enormous hard-on just thinking about it. As he strolled around the garden with Tami later that morning, he remarked what a nice person Joanne was.

“Yes – he’s very nice,” she said.


“Yes – Joanne – or John to give him his real name, is my mother’s youngest brother – he’s always felt more comfortable dressing as a woman and with that figure he really carries it off – don’t you think?



Ashley Rider “Fuck Me Said Her Mother” written by Steph average rating 4.7/5 - 6 user ratings

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Ashley Rider “Fuck Me Said Her Mother” written by Steph average rating 4.7/5 - 6 user ratings

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