Cherry Blush “Cheating with a Cop”

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August 20, 2016
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August 15, 2016

Cherry Blush “Cheating with a Cop”
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Cherry Blush “Cheating with a Cop” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 14 user ratings

Cherry Blush - Cheating with a Cop

My husband and kids were visiting his mother for the weekend. Unfortunately I had a project deadline
due and could not go. My hubby, being the sweet man his is, sent me a very hot text message
including a picture of his rock hard cock.
It made me so wet that I peeled off my panties and shoved them in my purse. I fingered myself to a
delicious but small orgasm. I completed my task and started for home. I live about thirty minutes from
work. I guess the hot message really had me turned on because I slid a hand up under my dress and
dipped it into my smooth wet pussy. I was fingering away when the red and blue lights dragged me
back to the present.

I looked in the rear view mirror and sure enough I was being pulled over. I pulled the car over and put
it in park. The officer approached the driver’s side of the car with his flashlight shining into the car and
his other hand on his holstered gun. I rolled the window down as he got near.
“I need to see your license and proof of insurance please ma’am,” the officer said.
“Did I do something wrong officer?” I asked.
His light was shining directly on my bunched up dress between my legs. I pulled my purse into my lap
and opened it, I had forgotten about my panties sitting on top. I quickly got my license and insurance
card and handed them to him. He sniffed loudly as my hand neared his. I know he smelled my sex on
my glistening fingers.

“You were driving erratically ma’am, you were weaving in and out of your lane,” the officer said
“I was distracted,” I stammered.
“Please step out of the car ma’am,” he said.
I got out and we moved to the back of my car. He made me lean on my trunk as he frisked me. He let
his hands linger near my breasts but avoided them. He slid his flashlight between my legs lifting my
dress as he slid it up. When he reached my naked pussy he slid the handle up and down my wet lips.
He brought the light out and licked the handle.
“Your insurance is expired and the tickets total will be several hundred dollars,” he said.
“I just got the renewal it is at my house nearby. We could go get it please,” I begged.

He allowed me to lead him to my house. We entered and I ran for the renewal notice. He read it and
handed it back.
“The remaining balance is still three hundred dollars ma’am,” the officer said.
“Is there anything I can do?” I asked raising the hem of my dress.

He crossed the room and nearly tore my dress off me. He yanked my bra off and tossed it aside. He
dragged me by the hair to my bedroom and tossed me on the bed. He stripped naked almost as
quickly as he had me naked. He stood towering above me with a huge erection.
“Lick it bitch,” he demanded.

I started licking his pole up and down wrapping my lips around his meaty cock. I started stroking him
as I licked and sucked his monster cock. He made me lay on my back as he fed his cock down my
throat before he started fucking my throat fast and hard. He tensed up and blew his first load down
my throat then pulled out and sprayed my tits. I scooped up all of his seed and ate it.
“Good girl,” was all he said before he picked me up and dropped my wet pussy on his pole sized dick.
I screamed as his cock hit my cervix. He lifted me by my ass and dropped me again. I was seeing
stars but it hurt so good. He kept this up until I came all over his cock and balls. He kept lifting and
dropping me until every hint of orgasm waned. I was deliriously happy.
“Lick me clean my cum slut,” he ordered.
I gladly complied. He had shrunk some but my talented tongue resurrected his cock.
“Do you have any lube ma’am?” Officer stud asked.

I grabbed the lube out of the night stand and handed it to him. He lubed his pile and his entire hand.
He made me lie over the arm of an easy chair and spread my ass cheeks wide. He slid one finger in
and teased my tight anus for a while. He wiggled and prodded before adding a second finger. He
started pumping two fingers in my virgin asshole. He fucked my ass for several minutes before adding
a third finger. I was grateful he was taking the time to stretch my asshole slowly. His dick was so huge
I was terrified.

He finally pulled out his hand and positioned his swollen dick head at the entrance to my never before
fucked ass. I pushed and I swear I heard a pop and the searing pain was immense. He waited until
my breathing slowed before pushing in two more inches of horse cock. Tears were streaming down
my face. I pushed back wanting more and was rewarded with several more inches of dick.
He pulled that out and lubed his pole again before sliding it back inside me. It went so deep. I felt so
full. I started fingering my pussy hard as he got that monster all the way in my ass. He flattened my
round firm ass with his belly he was so deep inside my ass. I was in heaven.

He started pumping in and out of my stretched asshole. He was grunting as he slammed his cock in
my ass. I fingered my clit and exploded in orgasm. He yanked his cock out of my ass and sprayed
cum all over my ass then slammed it back inside my ass before shooting several more blasts of hot
cum in my ass. He scooped up some of the cum on my ass and tasted it. He gathered more and fed it
to me. He finally pulled his cock out of my sore asshole and kissed one round ass cheek.
“Same time next week baby?” my husband asked.
“As long as your mom can babysit sure,” I replied.

Cherry Blush “Cheating with a Cop” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 14 user ratings

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Cherry Blush “Cheating with a Cop” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 14 user ratings

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