Cherry Blush “Holiday Romance”

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October 14, 2016
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Cherry Blush “Holiday Romance”
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Cherry Blush “Holiday Romance” written by Lee average rating 5/5 - 7 user ratings

Cherry Blush - Holiday Romance

This is a true story of a chance encounter from a holiday trip to Turkey
I was 24 years old and on my first package trip holiday with a group of girlfriends. We were staying in
the mountains in Hisaranou, near to the beautiful Olu Deniz lagoon.
We had booked onto an Islands boat cruise which in short was a mixture of cruising around the local
islands, sunbathing, and swimming with food and drinks thrown in for good measure.

Being exceptionally hot down by the coast it was a relief for the six of us get on a boat and benefit
from a cooling sea breeze. If you have ever done a boat trip in Turkey I would thoroughly recommend
it. We were looked after by our Turkish hosts fantastically. Food was included and a delicious spread
of Turkish food was available for lunch. Drinks were chargeable on top, but back in 1996 the cost of a
bottle beer was about 50p so we were able to keep our levels topped up without worrying

It was soon after lunch that we stopped at a couple of islands with gorgeous sandy beaches. I was
slightly tipsy from the drinks with lunch, but was pleased with myself as compared to a number of the
others on the boat I was remarkably sober. It had been lovely laying in the sun, letting my mind drift. I
was missing my boyfriend who I had left back in the UK and I will admit to been have missing
attention from him, now ten days into the trip.

Anyway, my friends were sleepy and I decided to cool off in the water. I climbed from the boat into
what I can only describe as a beautiful warm sea, lay on my back, and slowly drifted away from the
boat. The cooling waters sent delicious shivers through my body, my skimpy bikini allowing the
maximum of my body to be exposed.

I drifted between the two islands. It was lovely and quiet and hardly anyone else about. Most people
on our trip and the boat anchored up nearby appeared to be dozing on their boats and I felt like I had
the place to myself.
I slowly moved myself backwards using just my hands, when suddenly I bumped into something. I
turned quickly, shocked, fortunately the water was only chest deep or I might of got a mouthful.
"Ciao," a voice said. I looked round and was confronted by what I can only describe as the most
beautiful man I had ever seen. He was tall, dark haired, tanned and with a beautiful face. He smiled. I
had to catch my breath.
"Hi," I said.
He smiled again.
"English?" he asked.
"Yes," I nodded.
"No speak," he said.
I could see this wasnt going to be easy. I didnt speak any other languages. I pointed to myself and
said, "I'm Anna."
He just smiled.

I didnt see much point continuing this and started to step away. Unfortunately there was a dip in the
sandy sea bed which I managed to step into. I stumbled starting to fall but I felt a strong hand grab
my arm. He pulled me up,
"Thanks," I mumbled, looking into his almost black eyes. God he was gorgeous, the sort of eyes you
can just lose yourself in. He smiled again. I shook myself from my daze, realising I was staring. I wish
he would stop smiling, it was making me go all weak at the knees.
He stepped towards me, I stared up at him
Oh god, he got close, I think he is going to kiss me!
He leaned in placing a soft kiss on my lips. I was taken aback, but he felt as good as he looked and I
sort of stood there dumbfounded.

I looked round. There didnt seem to be anyone around.
His lips met mine again. This time I responded, kissing back. I felt his arms around me as we kissed.
Hs body felt good against mine. My mind was racing, I couldnt believe I was kissing this stranger in
the middle of the sea. What would my friends say? I have a boyfriend! All the time though I was lost in
his arms, kissing him. He was a great kisser, and it just felt so good stood there in the sea, the sun
beating down on us.

He pulled me closer to him. Oh my god, I could feel his erection through his shorts against my belly.
This was getting silly now, yet I could not stop kissing him. I felt his hands reach down to my bum,
pulling me against him. I gasped, his hardness pressing against me, I could feel my own juices
starting to flow, a longing from within the pit of my belly. No, I thought to myself, you cant do this here,
not with a stranger.

With that he lifted me, my legs automatically wrapping round his waist, supported by his strong arms
and the sea. My mound was now pressed against his hard cock, separated by the material of our
bathing suits. The longing within me was building, I was no longer the nervous person. I wanted him.
His fingers moved down under my bum, teasing the material of my bikini from between my ass
cheeks. I fumbled down, pulling his swim shorts down, I felt his cock come out, pressing up against
me. God I wanted him now.

He pulled my bikini to the side, my bare pussy now against his cock, I ground myself against it,
rubbing my clit up and down his shaft. He didn't waste any time. Reaching down between us he
placed the head between my lips, I shifted myself, helping him find the entrance to me. He pressed
up as I slipped down on him, slipping into my eager pussy easily. I let myself slip down taking him
fully inside me. He filled me perfectly. Gripping my legs round his waist I started to hump him,
grinding myself against his public bone. He lifted and lowered me, helping me grind my clit against
him as I slid up and down his shaft. Grateful, he realised how to get me off rather than trying to just
fuck me.

God, what was I doing? I had this stranger inside me, no condoms, but he felt heavenly. The pressure
was building quickly within me from the pit of my belly. I gasped repeatedly, grinding myself on him, I
was clenching down on his cock, unable to stop myself now. I bit into his shoulder, gripping his back
tightly as my orgasm approached like a train. He was grunting, his cock swelling inside me.
Oh God, oh God, it was so good. He gripped my ass hard and I felt his cock start to pulsate. That
tipped me over the edge as I came on him, squealing into his shoulder as I came, his cock exploding
his hot cum inside me.

I panted, still gripping him, as we both recovered, then slipping from him, and repositioning my bikini. I
looked up and him and he smiled. I laughed, he just smiled back. There was no point trying to talk to

I turned away and swam back to my boat, looking around I still couldnt see anyone and was thankful
no one had seen us. I felt fantastic, and amazing fuck from a beautiful stranger. The highlight of my
holiday by a long way.
I climbed back onto our boat, taking my place back in the sun. I decided not to tell my friends and
drifted off into a lush sleep on deck.

Cherry Blush “Holiday Romance” written by Lee average rating 5/5 - 7 user ratings

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Cherry Blush “Holiday Romance” written by Lee average rating 5/5 - 7 user ratings

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