Dolly “Wet in the Bathroom”

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October 11, 2016
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Dolly “Wet in the Bathroom”
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Dolly “Wet in the Bathroom” written by Lee average rating 4/5 - 6 user ratings

Dolly - "Wet in the Bathroom"

“I bet you’ve been dreaming about this for a long time.” He said with his low gravelly voice, as he came up behind me in the bathroom. “About what exactly?” I replied looking him straight in the eyes through the mirror in front of me. “Oh, just this”, he said with a smirk. He came closer to me, put his hands on my waist, and pulled me flush against his body. “Something tells me you’re the one who has been dreaming about this,” I said as I felt his hard cock against my pert behind through his crisp slacks. “Ever since the first time I saw you,” he replied as he looked deep into my eyes through the mirror.

He began to kiss my neck and I leaned my head against his shoulder to give him more access. He nipped at my pulse point and elicited a gasp from my lips. His hands ran up and down my body from the swell of my breasts to my inner thighs as he rose up the hem of my dress. My hands went up to tangle in his hair as he kept leaving love bites anywhere he could on my neck and collarbone, marking me for everyone to see, to let everyone know that I was his and only his. His hands came back up to pull my strapless dress down so he can fondle my heavy breasts.

I looked at our reflection in the mirror, thinking how erotic all this was. He stopped attacking my neck so that he could look at what he was holding in his hands, flicking my nipples until they were little hard pebbles. Then he looked up into the mirror, right into my eyes and turned me around suddenly. Wet in the Bathroom

He crashed his lips into mine with such a force I thought that I would never be able to breathe again as he stole the air I did have right out of my lungs. That was our first kiss not soft and gentle but hard and passionate, just the way I like it, soft and gentle can happen another day. Our kiss lasted for what felt like years, it was all teeth and tongue and at one point we might have even bitten each other because I began to taste blood, but we didn’t care we didn’t want to stop, not even for air. Finally he broke off the kiss, picked me up, and placed me on the counter of the sink.

He then began to trail kisses from my jaw to my breasts, where he took my left nipple into his right and elicited a groan from deep in my throat. He began to lick, suck, and nip at my nipple before he switched to the other one, all the while kneading my waist with one hand and holding my back with the other as I arched further into his exceptional mouth. I whimpered as he left my breasts and trailed down my stomach, I leaned back against the mirror as he helped me take off my dress, leaving me only in my black lacy panties.

He pulled me back up to him, looked me in the eyes and shoved two fingers into my dripping cunt. I gasped, arched into his hand, clutched onto his forearms, and closed my eyes. “Open your eyes and look at me,” he commanded softly but sternly, before he would move his hand. I opened my eyes and looked straight at him as he plunged his fingers in and out of my tight pussy. “You’re so fucking wet; you’re ready for me aren’t you?” he whispered to me. “Yes, fuck yes,” I moaned as soon as I found my voice to answer. He added another finger and began pumping me faster. I shrieked quietly into his ear at the added pleasure as I leaned forward against him, clutching to him. “Uh uh uh, no cumming yet,” he said to me as I began to buck and shudder against him. I growled in his ear as he pulled his fingers out of me abruptly, to which he merely chuckled at me.

I pulled back and began to kiss along his strong jaw line and down his neck, and began to leave little love bites of my own. I then began to unbutton his shirt and pull it out of his pants and down his arms, I rubbed my hands up and down his well built chest and his strong biceps before I began to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants. I left his pants and boxers where they were, just the way I like it and pulled his cock through the opening. I ran my hand up and down his beautiful straining dick, running my finger along his giant vein, and fingering the hole at its head. I smirked when he groaned and fell against me as I began to pull at his balls. He then grabbed my hands and pulled them over my head and held me against the mirror.

“Do you want me?” he asked looking me in the eyes, I glared at him in return. “Do. You. Want. Me?” he repeated as he glared right back at me. “Yes, I want you,” I finally bit out, “What exactly do you want from me, huh? Tell me,” he replied. “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard and fast. And I want you to make me scream,” I said forcefully looking into his eyes. He answered me by grabbing me by the waist and thrusting deep into my tight cunt forcefully. I screamed out at the suddenness of his entrance before he covered my mouth with his to swallow anymore noise. “Oh you’re so fucking hot and tight,” he said when we broke apart for the air we still weren’t getting. He then began to thrust into me fast and hard, just like I had asked him to and I matched him thrust for thrust. My snatch was so wet it squelched each time we came together and our pelvises smacked together.

I was so close my pussy began to contract around him. “Harder. I’m going to cum,” I moaned in to his ear. “Yes, baby, oh fuck, cum for me,” he said as he nipped and sucked at my neck. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming,” I started to moan trying to keep myself quiet as my pussy began to spasm around his cock, and I came harder than I’ve ever cum in my life.

“Yes, baby that’s it,” he said as he kept thrusting into me harder and faster, trying to reach his own end, which kept me cresting for a few minutes. Finally I heard him growl, “Shit, oh yes, I’m gonna cum, are you ready baby?” “Yes, yes,” I practically screamed, as he unleashed load after load into my body, sending me onto my second orgasm for the night.

I rested against his chest with him holding me as we tried to catch our breath. “Yes, actually I have,” I said as my brain finally decided to cooperate. “Have what?” he replied his brain still not working, which made me smirk. “I have been dreaming about this for a long time.” He then looked into my eyes, held my face in his palm, and gave me the sweetest, deepest, most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. Soft and gentle can always come later.

Dolly “Wet in the Bathroom” written by Lee average rating 4/5 - 6 user ratings

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Dolly “Wet in the Bathroom” written by Lee average rating 4/5 - 6 user ratings

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