Eva “College Dorm Girls:Pt2”

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July 27, 2016
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July 22, 2016

Eva “College Dorm Girls:Pt2”
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Eva “College Dorm Girls:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4.8/5 - 6 user ratings


She took her hand licked her forefinger and began to run it around my nipple. Her other hand gently pinching the other. Telling me she loved how pale my skin was. How my nipples were almost inverted, just needing the right kind of attention to make them hard. Leaning down she sucked one nipple gently into her mouth. My mouth opened and a soft moan escaped my lips. My back arched up allowing more of my breast in her mouth as my hands explored her nipples. I felt how hard they had become, relishing the difference between soft skin and erect nipple, and enjoying how good they felt in my hands. I started smiling too, imagining all the possibilities. Keeping her hands on my breasts, she pushed me onto my back. She started slowly moving her head down my stomach kissing and licking my skin as she went along. Reaching my pussy she stopped, looked up at me questioningly,and grinning widely, I nodded yes and let my legs open for her.

As Heather moved her head lower, so many thoughts filled my head. Questioning what we were doing. I had a boyfriend as did she, so why was I letting this happen? Why did I feel such euphoria that it was happening? Consciously pushing aside any questions, I decided to just feel let myself feel and enjoy the moment. I could feel the softness of Heather's hair as it lay on my stomach, tickling the inside of my thighs. By now her mouth had reached my outer lips already slick with my juices. Placing each of her hands under my ass cheeks she gently squeezed them. Pulling me closer to her mouth, I felt her lips on me for the first time. The moment Heather's tongue began to lick my lips up and down, all doubt left my head. The sensation of her tongue gently licking and probing made me shiver with pleasure. It felt right and I knew I wanted and needed her to continue. Heather continued licking my pussy from my pubic bone down to my ass, My hips began to slowly move up and down as if they had a mind of their own. Suddenly her tongue parted my lips and I felt her licking at my clit. The sensation was so much different from any that I had felt before with my boyfriend. Then her mouth started greedily sucking it in.

I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. The excitement of being with a woman for the first time was adding a forbidden element to our encounter. That feeling of doing something I never thought I would was arousing me even further. Heather continued alternating sucking my clit and running her tongue up and down my slit. Eventually pushing her way into the very center of my drenched pussy. Moving her tongue and sliding it inside and back out. While holding on firmly to my ass, keeping me in place. My hands were in her hair feeling her head moving up and down. Her hair was so soft, long and silky in my fingers. Unlike my boyfriend's coarse and close cropped hair. The amazing feeling of Heather's continuing attention to my pussy and knowing this beautiful woman wanted me,pushed me over the edge. I could feel myself beginning to cum. My skin was covered in goose bumps and I was shivering uncontrollably. My hips moving up and down, I came with Heather's tongue inside of me. Feeling my pussy spasming around her tongue and my body shaking; Heather stopped and raising her head, she looked up at me. "How did that feel Anna?" she asked me. Hardly able to speak, I managed to whisper out an answer, "Amazing, I want more." Smiling her face shiny with my juices, Heather replied, "Of course, you can have as much as you want." Lowering her head again she continued to give me the attention I craved. Only now she added her fingers. Sliding two of them inside of me.

She moved them quickly in and out. Curling them upward as she pulled them outward. She sucked even harder on my clit. My hips were moving in a steady rhythm against her mouth. I came again and then again as she added a third finger to my pussy. Her fingers stretching me and her lips on my clit, causing waves of pleasure to sweep over me. Stopping to let me catch my breath, she came up and laid beside me. Kissing me on the lips, I got to taste myself on her mouth. Loving the aroma and taste of my own pussy juices, I kissed her back and licked her lips. I started licking and kissing her face, relishing the taste of myself. We both smiled at each other. "I knew you would love that," Heather whispered in my ear. Replying to her I said, "Now I want to return the favor." Giggling, she pushed my head down between her legs. "It's about time." she said. Inhaling Heather's scent as I moved my face closer to her pussy, I became aroused in a way I hadn't thought possible.

I had always been turned on by the taste and aroma of my own pussy. Licking my fingers after I played with myself and not washing my hands afterwards was something I frequently did. I liked being able taste and smell myself again later. Knowing what I had been doing earlier with my hands. Heather smelled different than I did. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and discovered she tasted different as well. So different yet so familiar at the same time. I fell in the love with smell and sight of her pussy. I dove happily into her using my tongue and fingers as she had. I brought her to her first climax with me. The only difference being I gave her clit a gentle bite as she came. Yelling out loudly she asked, "How did you know I loved that?" I told her it was something I always liked, so I took a chance. "It makes me cum harder whenever someone bites my clit as I'm coming. The feeling is so much more intense," I confided to her. "You're so right," Heather replied. Begging, she said, "please don't stop now."

I returned my mouth to Heather's pussy and spent more time playing with her. Using my fingers, tongue and lips to bring her to several more orgasms. Finally spent, we laid on the bed kissing. Each others hand slowly caressing our breasts. Both of us sweaty and tired. Our arms around each other, embracing gently. "I think this is just the beginning," Heather said to me. "We have so many more things to explore with each other." Agreeing with her and feeling satisfied and content, I started to nod off to sleep in her arms. Heather then whispered to me. "Next time though, I want Mark to watch." Smiling only half awake, I pictured the look on Mark's face as he discovered our secret. I fell asleep thinking about what Heather and I would do next.

Eva “College Dorm Girls:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4.8/5 - 6 user ratings

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