Hannah Z “Be Gentle With Me”

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January 5, 2017
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Hannah Z “Be Gentle With Me”
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Hannah Z “Be Gentle With Me” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 1 user ratings

"Be Gentle With Me" Read By Hannah Z

How is one supposed to feel having a girl like Dani sitting across from you? Is there something that
one can say to send the message that you’re ready to move this to the next level? When is the right
time to express yourself?

As Dani spoke, Bob had a difficult time focusing on her words. He was zoned in on her face, her lips.
Her lips looked like they were designed after an anime cartoon, they were so perfect. He was
listening to her, yet, daydreaming of what it would feel like to have those lips pressed against his in a

She had precise facial features and he could almost picture her being seen in a classic black and
white movie.
“Oh, sorry… what did you say?”
Dani smiled. Bob was embarrassed that he’d missed what she'd said.
“Never mind."

After a brief silence, Dani spoke again,“Will you be gentle with me?”
He was startled at first, because he had to check himself to make sure she’d said what he thought
she did. He simply answered “Of course."
She stood, and he stood to meet her. They embraced, immediately kissing. The softness and
contour of her lips were as wonderful as he’d imagined. He enjoyed enclosing each of her lips into
both of his, swimming in between each wet kiss.
He put his hands on her sides, and he felt her take a deep breath during their embrace.

He sat back on the bed and turned off the lamp. To his surprise, she turned it back on. He looked up
at her and saw that she was smiling at him again, while she was unbuttoning her shirt. He saw her
breasts peek out of her bra and had a tough time containing himself. He smiled at her and started to
help her remove her skirt. As it dropped to the floor, she leaned down and kissed him again.
He placed his hands on the back of her thighs, which gave Dani a chill up her spine and made her
flinch. She pulled his shirt over his head. He moved his hands over her breasts, and at this moment
she undid her bra and removed it for him. He rapidly moved his hands up to her breasts, until she
whispered, “Gently."

He complied. He softly moved his fingertips over and around her breasts, and kissed each of them at
certain moments. Her nipples were erect and she loved feeling Bob handle her this way. She could
feel warmth coming up from between her legs.

She put her forehead against his, and then knelt to remove his pants. His underwear followed, his
very stiff member popping out at her. They kissed again, and she stood in front of him with her pelvis
in his face. His fingers curled around the band of her undergarments and slid them down to the floor.
He looked at her, and then slowly rested his face against her pelvis.

She put her hands on Bob’s head in order to steer his face between her legs. He felt her vaginal lips move across his nose, then down to his mouth. He moved his hands around to her buttocks and pulled her into his face. She felt
his tongue slowly trickle up and down her vagina, washing over her clitoris.

She took more deep breaths and knelt again, this time to start stroking his penis. She moved her fingers underneath his
balls, then up and down his shaft, occasionally caressing his perineum. He groaned in pleasure as
she did this.
She then climbed onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. They looked at each other and
started kissing again. He wanted to toss her on her back and fuck her… but he remembered her
desire, “Gentle.”

She took a hold of his penis, and lined it up perfectly between the lips of her vagina. He felt her start
to move her hips slowly up and down, which gave him the feeling of having his cock hugged. She got
a little more wet with each sway of her pelvis. She arched backwards, while still rubbing against him.

They were both breathing heavy as she did this. He looked down and saw that she was marrying her
clitoris to the tip of his cock. The pleasure was almost unbearable for both of them.
She abruptly stood, turning around to slide her ass down his chest. She took his penis and lined it up
to land perfectly inside her. Bob let out a huge groan of joy. She did too, but her pleasure was from
knowing how much he enjoyed what she was doing. She started to move and up down on him,
fucking him slowly. Sometimes she would lean forward and he would cup her buttocks in his hands to
help her pump away on him.

He moved his hands up her back and onto her shoulders. Then he put his left hand on her chest,
placing it above her right breast. He did this to pull her back towards him so he could move his right
hand over her vagina, which was soaking wet now. He started to rub her clit, and she let out a light
moan. She put her hands through her hair, then onto the back of his head.
“Don’t stop,” she said, and sighed again.

He then surprised her by rolling her backwards onto the bed, still staying inside her. He now had
Dani on her side, fucking her in a fetal position while rubbing her clit. She was moaning in pleasure
and this only excited him more.
He moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, “Do you like this… do you like when I’m fucking you?
I love to fuck you."

She bit her lip as she moved quickly to orgasm. He had his left hand wrapped around her hair, gently
pulling backwards as he was fucking her.
Then she looked back at Bob and said, “I want you to come for me. Come for me, Bob.”
There was something about the way that she said it. Something in the words, or in the cadence…
and he immediately felt like he was going to explode. He grunted, and she told him to wait. She
wanted to come with him.

He was having trouble waiting… he was about to release, and it was going to be a full load.
“Ohhh, Bob…. wait…. wait for me."
He was holding on, waiting as long as he could. Each second felt like a minute, each minute felt like
an hour. He almost felt like he was going to cry, because he wanted to please her but he couldn’t wait
any longer.

At this moment, she got her wish. She felt shockwaves up and down her body as she had her
orgasm. She screamed as she came and started to wiggle her pelvis with him inside her to finalize
her joy. As she did this, she heard him groan loudly and felt his warm load flow inside of her.
“Ohhh fuck," was all that he could say.

When they were finished, she looked around and he saw her smiling. She had those beautiful lips.
Bob spoke first. “That was excellent. I can barely move”.
Dani replied, “Sometimes I like it gentle; sometimes I like it hard. Tonight was perfect.”
“I can work with that," Bob said. “Now… what was that you were saying before?”
Dani just laughed out loud.

The End!

Hannah Z “Be Gentle With Me” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 1 user ratings

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Hannah Z “Be Gentle With Me” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 1 user ratings

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