Hannah Z “Midnight Fuck”

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March 6, 2017
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Hannah Z “Midnight Fuck”
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Hannah Z “Midnight Fuck” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings

Midnight Fuck read by Hannah Z

My fiancee Patrick and I have an amazing sex life. Rarely does a day go by that we don't have sex, or
at least a little foreplay. But this week has been hectic. Between work and buying a new house, we
haven't had much time for fun. So, once we finally had time alone it was all orgasm after orgasm all
day long. He came all over my 38DD tits, deep inside my soaking wet pussy, and his last load filled
my tight little ass.

It was getting late and nothing got done around the house as planned. And we wouldn't have wanted
it any other way. I decided to start putting some laundry away as Patrick looked at me with his sleepy
blue eyes. I kissed him and told him to get some sleep.

After a few minutes I turn to look at my finacee; expecting to see him asleep with his orange curls a
mess, I was shocked to see him awake and watching me. He was stroking his already hard cock
beneath his shorts. I giggled and said, "Baby, haven't you had enough today?"

He replied, "I can never have enough of you. But baby, there's one hole I didnt get to fill today."
I turned away pretending to be interested in the pile of laundry in front of me, although I knew I
wouldn't be able to ignore his invitation for long. I felt Patrick moving around on the bed, he crawled
next to me and got on his knees and began stroking his hard cock right in front of my face. I couldn't
resist any longer.

Patrick laid back on the bed with a beautiful smile across his face, as I pulled my hair back into a
pony tail. I placed myself between his legs and teased the head of his dick with my tongue. I licked
down his hard shaft to his balls, licking each one then taking them both in my mouth. Finally I went
and began bobbing my head up and down, consuming every inch of him deep into my throat as he
had one hand on my head and the other gripping the sheets.

"Oh fuck, Maria. Fuck I love your mouth."
I continued to then tease Patrick, I wasn't ready for his release just yet. Then, Patrick stood up in
front of me. He grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. I could feel him swelling
as he paused our movements while he remained deep in the back of my throat. I could hear his soft
moans, followed by his body beginning to shake. I was not letting him cum yet. I grabbed Patrick's
hand and placed it where my mouth had just been.

"Oh, I love it when you are sloppy with your mouth. You leave my dick so wet," Patrick said to me as
I began to move away from him. I watched him stroke himself, his cock was rock hard and although I
love pleasing him, I wasn't done teasing.

I slid beneath his legs and started to lick his balls again. I loved feeling them tighten in my mouth. I
knew I wouldn't have much longer to play before he couldn't resist any longer. So I slid my tongue
back until I found the sweet beginning of his perfect ass. I wanted to taste his ass just one more time
for the night. With my tongue teasing his tight hole, I began to tongue fuck him until I felt his legs
begin to shake.

I slid around to the front of him just in time. He grabbed my face and thrust his dick into my mouth
filling it with his warm load. Satisfied, Patrick laid back down in bed, body still twitching. "Now I can try
to sleep," he laughed. I kissed him good night and continued with my laundry.

But, I couldn't focus. On anything. My pussy was throbbing. I was dripping my sweet juices all over
my thighs. I needed to get off. How fair was it that only he got off anyway? I tried everything not to
think of it, but every step I took, I felt my shorts brush against my already swollen clit. Patrick was
sound asleep, and a heavy sleeper. There was no waking him. I slid my shorts off and laid in bed, as I
began to rub my clit I remembered Patrick telling me one day, "No matter what I'm doing, I will always
make sure that sweet pussy of mine is taken care of when ever you need it."

I cuddled closer to Patrick and took his hand in mine and continued to rub my clit. I stuck one of his
fingers inside me. It felt so good. Was it because I secretly wanted him to stay asleep so I could use
him as my sex toy? Or was it the excitement that I knew he could wake any minute to find what I was
doing? Either way, it felt amazing. I reached over with my other hand and felt for his cock, then laid on
top of him, lining my clit up with his dick. I tried waking him. Next thing I realize, I am pushing my hips
into him. My pussy was dripping, and his cock was already wet with my cum.

Grinding against him, I was slipping up and down as his dick rubbed my clit, my pussy lips covering his dick keeping it in place. This was such an exhilarating feeling. I couldn't help myself, before I realized it I orgasmed so hard I let out a loud "gasp". My body was trembling. After a few moments of laying there, I kissed Patrick's cheek, whispered "thank you" and rolled over to go to sleep.
To my surprise, Patrick rolled over with me, his one arm holding me close. He whispered back, "

You're welcome baby, I told you you can have me whenever you want.
I laid there blushed. How long had he been awake? How did he fell about what I did? I was about to
ask, but it was like he knew what I was thinking, because then his dick began to grow hard against
my ass. He kissed my neck, and said, "But just wait til you see what I'm going to do to you tomorrow,
don't make any plans baby. We aren't leaving this house."

The End!

Hannah Z “Midnight Fuck” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings

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Hannah Z “Midnight Fuck” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings

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