Hannah Z “Moaning At Midnight”

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January 15, 2017
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Hannah Z “Moaning At Midnight”
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"Moaning At Midnight" Read By Hannah Z

It's been a long tiring day and all you want to do is sleep. You get ready for bed by stripping down to
nothing but your underwear before getting in bed. We cuddle and share a few kisses while saying our
'good nights' to each other. For a while everything is fine, but I can feel how restless you become. I
rub your chest in a soothing manner to help you calm down.

You shift a little to get more comfortable as my lips begin to pepper whisper soft on your neck. I feel
your hands roam my body; groping your favorite places to touch. Slowly taking my time planting
kisses down your body; I make sure to give the extra sensitive spots the attention they deserve.

You begin to relax visibly as a sigh escapes your lips. You love how I like to take care of you at times like
this. When I reach the waist band of your underwear I make it snap you with a little giggle.
Your sleepy chuckle warms me as I pull them down.

A groan slips from you as I kiss the head of your already stiffened cock. Hungry heated kisses are placed along it as I worship it like the work of art it is.

My mouth descends upon it greedily whilst you take a hand full of my hair. A moan fills the air as my
tongue spirals in perfect waves along the backside as I slide up and down. You love how warm and
perfect it feels. Your hips buck against me eagerly as if telling me you want more.

I take in as much I can manage and choke a little. You praise me through a moan as I hollow my cheeks to suck harder.
"Fuck." You breathlessly hiss as you take over and fuck my mouth.
I can't help being turned on by pleasing you and moan from just your sounds alone. After a while you
allow me to crawl up and straddle you. We share heated kisses before I guide you inside of me.

Your eyes close in pleasure at feeling how wet I am for you. My hands rest on your chest; moving slowly
up and down. The arousal and passion flowing between the two of us radiates through the air around
us. No need to rush, just enjoying each other.
Your hands run along my curves. I sit up as you take my tits in your hands and mine slide up to take my hair. I run them through it as I moan your name. It turns you on even more and spurs you on. You
bend your knees to help you thrust up into me; making the bed squeak as you take my hips.

"Yes!" I moan loud; making you ram into me suddenly.
You're so deep inside of me that the head of your cock hits the back wall. You're enjoying my moans
of pleasure and how tight I am around you. You switch us over so you can be on top and wrap my
legs around your waist. Our movements are still just as slow as yet harder than before. You groan as
I rake my nails along your back. The wet warmth that has a vice like hold on your thick cock has you
feeling like you could blow, but you want to hold out longer.

"Shit," you moan into my neck as I grope you wantonly.
"Don't stop," I plead at the same time lifting my hips higher so that you're as deep as possible.
Your head falls back as if you're in heaven as my inner muscles clench tighter around your cock. We
have the bed banging against the wall in no time. All thoughts of taking our time is forgotten. Your
powerful cock is plundering my pussy fast and so hard that I can't even breathe it seems. I manage to
keep up with you whilst squeezing your ass.

Before I know it; a tidal wave of euphoric pleasure is hitting me fiercely. Broken versions of your name
rush from me as I shudder under you. It only makes you push deeper as a grunt falls from those sexy
lips of yours.

I think you're going to have your own release afterwards, but I am surprised by you
pulling out and flipping me onto my knees. You slam back into me with one hand on my shoulder and
the other on my hip. My head flies back as we both moan.

I let you have your way with me, manipulating my body to your liking. Moans galore flow from you as
the sensations take over. The way my tight pussy fits you snuggly like a glove. How wet your massive
cock has made me. My moans tantalizing your ears and sending a shiver down your back.

It doesn't take long for your release to begin to creep up on you. You have to quickly pull out just in time to
send a thick rope of cum raining down onto my back side. Your fist pumps it once, twice to finally
drain you with one last groan of satisfaction.

The End.

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