Hannah Z “Trying Something New”

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December 25, 2016
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Hannah Z “Trying Something New”
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Hannah Z “Trying Something New” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings

"Trying Something New" Read By Hannah Z

I had been dating Daniel for about three years and I loved him with every ounce of my being, but
nothing was exciting to me anymore. Every time we had sex was the same, and every time it was the
same lousy orgasm. Don't get me wrong, they were better than what I could do to myself, but it left
me to wanting to do more, something different. After spending about a week reading what we could
try, it finally hit me - anal.

It was a Friday night, and I had spent the day preparing myself for it. Freshly shaved, I brought
myself to the edge of an orgasm, but never over, twice. I was buzzing with excitement, nervousness,
and anticipation when he got home. As he walked through the door, I ran over to greet him.

"Woah Kate, what's all this?" he asked, gesturing to the dim lighting, arrangement of candles, and,
most importantly, my outfit (or lack thereof). I had on a red lace bra, with a matching thong, and
nothing else. I didn't usually make it this easy for him.

"I want to try something new for you. I need your cooperation," I told him, and grabbed his hand to
lead him to the living room. I knew he was nervous and that's what I wanted. As I tore off his shirt, I
sat him down and straddled his lap. "I want you in my ass today."

I felt his cock growing and throbbing beneath me, so I circled my hips some. He immediately took
note of how I was trying to tease him and pulled me closer, one hand unclasping my bra. I let him
push me off so he could be on top. My panties got wetter and wetter, and he knew. A single finger
traced the outline of my lips and massaged my swollen clit before giving it a quick spank over my
panties. They were quickly pulled down.

Daniel started kissing down my neck, onto my chest, purposely skipping over my nipples. Oh, how
he knows I love getting them bitten and played with. He went down to my stomach, and finally to the
top of my pubic bone. He blew on my clit for what felt like an eternity, making it throb.

As I began to squirm, he quickly licked over it. His tongue danced over my clit and it felt like I could
cum right then and there. Daniel could tell what it was doing to me - and stopped. I let out a loud
moan of annoyance and pleasure, since I didn't want that to stop. Another quick spank to my entire
pussy reminded me to let him have control.

He removed his pants and boxers, and stepped closer to my face. I eagerly stuck my tongue out and
opened up my mouth to allow him to enter. While I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock, I
massaged his balls with my thumb and forefinger. This really gets him going. Quickly pulling out and
stepping away, he said, "I'm going to cum in you. I need to wait." I knew he wanted this just as much
as me.

Adjusting my position to give him room to work, I laid back and relaxed. I handed him a bottle of lube to help. The cold liquid was gently applied to my ass, and I felt even better. He slowly slid one finger in, kissing on my clit a little, and trying to gauge my reaction as he went.

He pushed another finger in, this time quicker. I eagerly opened up to it, and let him finger fuck me.
He eventually got into a rhythm, and nibbled on my clit at the same time. That was enough to send
me over the edge. I told him I would cum if he didn't stop, so he pulled out his fingers as fast as he
could and spread my ass cheeks apart. Daniel stuck his tongue in my hole and wiggled it around
before spitting into it.

I moved my legs further apart to allow him easier access, while he applied more lube into me and on
his cock. Placing himself at the entrance, he looked at me for permission. I quickly nodded, letting him ease himself into me. Taking just the tip hurt so bad, I had him stop for a minute so I could adjust, and he massaged my clit while we waited.

Eventually, I opened up enough for him to slide in. We made small movements at first, until he could
really thrust in and out. It was amazing because he would hit my g-spot with every thrust in. Finally, I
began to scream in pleasure.

"Oh God Daniel, please, I'm going to squirt," I yelled. He went faster, triggering the exact spot I
needed. I squirted all over his stomach, my stomach, and his cock when it came out. "Keep going, I
need it," I gasped, almost out of breath. I wanted his cum deep in me and, from the look on his face, I
knew I was about to get it.

With my asshole clenched to tighten around his cock, he went faster and faster. I felt his cock spasm,
along with a sigh of relief, as his cum filled me. He stayed in me for a good minute, trying to recollect
himself. Finally, he pulled out and bent down to my asshole. I felt his tongue snake into it, and he
licked out his cum. Trying to get the last little bit, he sucked on the outside to clean it all up. I
motioned to his cock so I could lick it all and clean it up.
"So how was that?" I asked him.

"Spontaneous, just how I like it," he said. "Be prepared for me to start some stuff on you now," he
added with a smirk and a slap on my clit.
I was no longer stuck in my boring orgasm rut, and would never be again.

The End.

Hannah Z “Trying Something New” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings

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Hannah Z “Trying Something New” written by Steph average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings

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