Jenny “Step Sister’s Lust”

Jenny “Watch Me Fuck”
April 23, 2017
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March 11, 2017

Jenny “Step Sister’s Lust”
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Jenny “Step Sister’s Lust” written by Steph average rating 3.8/5 - 12 user ratings

"Step Sister's Lust" read by Jenny

I couldn't help but notice that my step-brother had been sporting a nice woody the last few weeks. He
and Mom had become plainly more handsy with each other. I wondered why, but mostly I wondered
what that bulge in his pantslooked like when it was all angry and hard.
I'd broken up with my boyfriend over three months ago, and I just wasn't ready to get back into the
relationship scene, yet. However,I was constantly horny due to the lack of a cock filling my void.
I'dbeen forced into takingmatters into my own hands to quell those primeval urges. It was barely
One afternoon, I was in my room doing just that, and Iwas approaching the launch zone. Eyes closed,
totally naked, I had my right hand between my legs and my left one on my tit. My fingers were
strumming my erogenous zones while my brain was providing theperfectstimulus.
With the suddenness of a thunder clap, my bedroom door flung open. "Hey sis, ..." my step-brother
stopped dead in his tracks and mid-sentence.
I immediately went into the fetal position while trying to cover up the best I could. I'm sure my whole
body was some shade of embarrassment as I babbled out, "Don't tell Mom."
He closed and locked the door behind him, as he walked over to my bed. He just stared at me like I
was a steak, and he was a starving predator.
A huge smile appeared across his lips. "Don't worry. I won't tell Mom, but you look like you need
some help," as his hand slid up my leg.
I got chills. I was so hot, and I'd been so close to cumming that I couldn't stop him. Actually, I didn't
want to.
He eased my legs apart and began softly stroking my clit making little circles around it. Fuck!
"Just lay back and relax. I'll make you feel good. It'll be better than when you do it yourself."
I believed him. His touch was much different than mine. I wasn't getting the sensory input from my
fingers and clit. It was just my clit that was shoutingand, boy, was it screaming. There was
anticipation because my brain didn't know what was coming next. It felt wonderful.
I grabbed his arm as the first orgasmic wave flooded me. My other hand grasped at the bedspread as
my back arched hoping that he'd shove a couple fingers in me.
Once it was over, he looked down on me saying, "I'll come back tomorrow at the same time, so be
ready for me." He turned and left me there still quivering with my legs sprawled like some kind of
sexual roadkill.
Needless to say, I could hardly wait for those next twenty-four hours to pass.
When he entered, I was laying on my bed with my skirt hiked up. He looked my over and said, "When
I said, 'Be ready' that means naked, laying on your back with your legs spread."
"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know that's what you meant," I apologetically replied, as I quickly stripped and
assumed the position.
I must say my step-brother knows how to stroke and finger lady parts. This timehe got me off twice
before leaving. I lovedwatching him lick his fingers going out the door.
This routine continued for a week. Until the nexttime, upon entering, he said, "I think it's time you had
to earn your reward."
"What do you mean?" I questioned.He took my hand and rubbed it on the mound in his jeans.
"Take it out, "he ordered.
I unzipped them and fished around pulling out the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen. I'm not a slut, but
it was lovely about seven inches long, plus it was thick at least two inches. Itshead was bulbous and
thatangry purplish color. It was nice and straight, not bent, like some I've dealt with. They look like
they were made to fuck around corners.
I held it in my hand. It was warm, nearly hot and so smooth. He was shaved, so there wouldn't be any
pubes acting as dental floss or tickling my nose.
He pressed forward, and it was obvious what he wanted. I rolled on my side to the edge of the bed.
Herubbed it over my lips as my tongue slurped over its head. It slipped into my mouth. Hmmm, it felt
so good as it swelled even more. He filled my mouth to overflowing and began slowly fucking it.
Pushing it in deep to the back of my throat, I loved it.
Hishand slipped between my legs and began strumming my pleasure button while I tried to deepthroat
his cock. He shuttered and flooded me with his cum. I came a few seconds after swallowing.
He got me off two more times after that.
That was our new routine for a couple weeks.
This time when he came in he played with me getting me to the point where I just about to
explodethen stopping for a few minutes. He did that three times. I was begging for him to finish me off
when he said, "You know there's only one thing left for us to do. Don't you?"
"Yes, I know," I replied.
"You have to ask for it."
I knew I was heading straight to Hell, but I needed itso badly.My lips uttered, "Fuck me, please."
"Okay," he replied.
Oh, Jesus, I've never had a cock that thick fill me. Everything was stretched to the max. It seemed
like every stroke made me cum. My clit had never felt so energized. It was fucking great.
We fucked everychance we got. When Mom and Dad were gone, we fucked in every room of the
house. He eventually told me that he was fucking Mom, too. Now, I understood why she'd been so
happy the last few months. Who could blame her?

The End!

Jenny “Step Sister’s Lust” written by Steph average rating 3.8/5 - 12 user ratings

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Jenny “Step Sister’s Lust” written by Steph average rating 3.8/5 - 12 user ratings

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