Kara Carter & Harley G “The Boss”

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July 20, 2016
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Kara Carter & Harley G “The Boss”
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Kara Carter & Harley G “The Boss” written by chris average rating 4.4/5 - 5 user ratings

THE BOSS by Kara & Harley

I love my job and I love the work I do. I think that's helped by the fact that I have one of the biggest crushes on my boss. I feel the need to please him in everything I do and so in the last couple of months, I've really delved into my work and became insanely focused on that. I often work late at night and all weekend, just so I had could give my boss some positive news. My boss could see how hard I was working and would often comment, saying that whilst it's always great for progress in the company, I need to make sure I'm not focusing too much on that and instead take some time to focus on myself instead. Little did he know that I've only been like this for him. About a month or so later, the team decided to go out on a work night.

We went out to go to a club in town, so I dressed for the occasion in a tight black dress with heels, not normally the sort of clothes I'd wear but I felt good as soon as I put it on. I also secretly wanted my boss to notice me, even if it didn't amount to anything. Throughout the night, I got quite a bit of attention from the men in the place and it made me feel really confident and great about myself. The more I drank, the more I flirted with these guys. I would go up and dance with one guy and then end up pulling another guy into the mix and enjoy the attention they were giving me. Little did I know, as I was doing this, I happened to grab my boss to dance with. He didn't move away. Instead, he thought it was a good idea to take me up on the dancing and start doing it more seductively and started to whisper things like "You look so hot in that dress" and "I hope you enjoy your special dance with me." The more attention he gave, the more I flirted back.

However, that was interrupted when a female co-worker decided to pull me to her section of the dance floor, along with five other girls from the company, and I'd just left my boss to dance on his own. After a couple more dances, I decided to go get another drink. As I was waiting for service, someone came up and grabbed me from behind, whispering how much he loved my dress. I instantly knew it was my boss but the flirty girl inside of me wanted to continue this game with him. I didn't turn around, instead I started swaying to the music that was currently playing and my boss started grinding against me to the music. I was so in the zone with this flirty dancing that I completely forgot I was at the bar trying to get another drink. When the bartender saw I was preoccupied, he moved on to another customer and I didn't object. I was too in the moment, enjoying the dance I was having with my boss.

I knew it wasn't the right thing to do, he was my boss, but the attention he was giving me meant I couldn't stop. I turned to face him and continued the dance until the song ended. At that moment all I wanted to do was grab his hand and take him somewhere, but knowing I was in the middle of the club with other co-workers, I didn't go for it. However, it appeared my boss had the same idea and whilst everyone else was preoccupied with the next song, he pulled me to one side and asked if I wanted to go for a walk with him. Whilst not saying yes, I didn't object either, so my boss took my hand and walked me out of the club and away from the crowd. We walked hand in hand but didn't say anything to each other. My heart was pounding; I didn't know where we were going, but my thoughts had already moved on to naughty scenarios that could happen and I started to feel quite wet. It must have been over five minutes before he stopped me and looked me in the eyes, pulled me close and kissed me. It was like nothing I had felt before.

I was mesmorised by the way his tongue moved around and his lips tasted. I was so into the kiss, I really didn't want it to stop but all of a sudden he pulled away. I was confused as to why he did this but at that moment he pulled out a fob and used it at the door next to where we stood and it suddenly dawned on me that we were back at the office building. I started to feel nervous and I'm sure he could see this in my face and instantly said, "Don't worry, I'm going to take care of you, I'll never hurt you and if at any point you want to stop this, we can." My heart was pounding even more at this point and hearing how kind he was, I didn't want it to stop. I grabbed him and kissed him passionately as he pushed open the door and we made our way to his office. He quickly grabbed me as soon as we got into his room and pushed me against the wall, pinning my arms against the wall above my head. He moved his head to my neck and started passionately kissing around, all the while my wetness was driving me insane.

All I wanted to do was remove my clothes but his pinning was stopping me from doing this, which only made me feel more and more turned on. When his lips moved towards my chest, he let go of one of my arms and started to pull his hand up my thigh making me grab his hand as his did it and make him press really hard into my skin. I was so turned on, I let out a moan, letting him know I was enjoying it. His fingers quickly found my wet panties and he started to tug at them, letting me know he wanted them removed. I didn't disappoint and immediately took them off. His hand started to make its way back up my body, finding my breasts and caressing them with some force. I couldn't take how much he was turning me on and instinctively started removing my dress, giving him full access to my whole body. The lack of bra shocked him a little but I could tell this was in a good way. My free hand grabbed his bulging crotch, opening his zipper, pulling his pants down to his ankles and letting his rock hard cock escape the confides of his clothing.

As I grabbed his cock, he let out a little moan and I knew what I wanted to do to please him more. I quickly dropped to my knees and licked up the shaft, causing him to shiver slightly with delight. The thought of how naughty this was made me more and more turned on and so one of my free hands moved down to my pussy and I started vigourously playing with myself whilst pleasuring him with my mouth. Even though we were both enjoying it, my boss clearly had other plans for the evening and pulled away, dragging me up and over to the couch in his office. He pushed me down on the couch and got on his knees. He started kissing my thighs, making me move my hand down towards my pussy, but he grabbed them both and pinned them down to the sides of my body, stopping me from playing with myself whilst he teased me. I could feel his breath around my area when he got close, forcing my hips to move up so he could get to me but he continued to tease me. This was turning me on so much more that I started to moan again.

As soon as he heard this, he buried his head into my pussy and started licking me up and down, sucking on my clit and pushing his tongue into me, causing me to lift my hips so much I pushed myself into his face. His tongue was working its way all around my pussy making me moan so hard, knowing very soon I'll be reaching orgasm. He alternated his tongue between my clit and my hole, going in unison with the movements I was making with my hips. It didn't take long before I was moaning so loud and letting the orgasm flush over me in waves. It seemed to last so long that I was sure I was going to explode with too much excitement, my juices flowing all over his face and down his chin. He didn't stop though, he continued to move his tongue around all the bits that were making me feel so good, I felt close to having another one. I wanted him inside me but my nerves got the best of me. "I'm going to stay here and tease until you tell me what you want me to do," said my boss. His dominance was such a turn on.

I replied with confidence, "Fuck me." He leaned his face towards my lips and kissed me, pushing his cock inside me hard, making me break the kiss to moan even more than I had done all night. He started off slow, kissing me on my neck whilst he did it and it felt amazing. I didn't care at that time that he was my boss and at any moment someone could easily walk in on us if they came back to the office from the club. In fact, the thought of getting caught and being in trouble turned me on more. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled my hips up and he pushed down towards me. The feeling it gave me was something I'd not felt before and I wanted more so each time he thrusted into me, I would thrust my hips back up and feel him reaching so far inside me. Without thinking I shouted out, "Fuck me hard and fuck me fast." The request wasn't unheard and he pushed in deeper and quicker until I squirted my juices all over his crotch. Whilst I was feeling the aftershock of the orgasm, he pulled out, turned me around and forced me on my knees.

His head moved towards my ear and he said, "No more requests, it's my turn now." Without giving me a minute to breathe, he pushed his cock in to my dripping pussy and grabbed my shoulders, fucking me so hard and fast from behind I screamed and begged for more. It didn't take long before he thrust deep and moaned, coming inside me. We moved around to look at each other and any nerves I'd had at the beginning were definitely gone by now. He held out his hands and I took hold whilst he pulled me close and gently kissed me. I felt so free at that moment, I didn't really want it to end. He turned to me and said, "With me being your boss, I need to be respectful and professional. This doesn't mean I'm going to forget it ever happened. In fact, I'm always going to remember this and hope that one day we can do it again. However, for the sake of your job and mine, let's make sure it doesn't interfere with our jobs." I understood what he meant and agreed.

As we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed again, we heard someone open the front office door and switch on the lights to another room. The thrill of knowing that we could have been caught if this person had come in a couple of minutes earlier was turning me on again. However, I tried not to act on it, especially after what we had just talked about. We started to walk out of the office, my boss talking loud enough for anyone to hear about something work related as though we were just in a meeting. I felt that whoever was here would see through this obvious lie. He caught my eye and whispered to me, "Don't worry, it's only the cleaner, he doesn't even know who you are." As we walked towards the main door he said, "You do realise now, though that each time you come into my room, all I'm going to want to do is rip off your clothes and have my way with you again?" Knowing this could happen again made me smile as I left the office.



Kara Carter & Harley G “The Boss” written by chris average rating 4.4/5 - 5 user ratings

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