Kara Carter & Harley G “Fuck For Grades”

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August 2, 2016
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Kara Carter & Harley G “Fuck For Grades”
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Kara Carter & Harley G “Fuck For Grades” written by chris average rating 5/5 - 5 user ratings

FUCK FOR GRADES by Kara & Harley

I was lying completely naked on the table in one of the classrooms on Friday night after everyone was gone. Around me stood four of my professors, all women, naked as well. This was how I was passing my classes this year. “Cassie, I hope this teaches you to study more and fuck less next year,” my Biology professor, Ms Clarkson, said caressing my boob as she licked her lips.

I knew all of them secretly hoped the same happened next year and they could use me again like they were about to now. Ms Reyes, my Math professor, set up a camera and promised she would punish me every time I failed by making me watch the tape, but not let me touch myself. “Such a nice body, no wonder you’re such a slut,” my Physics professor, Ms Peters, the oldest of all four, in her fifties, commented while running her hand up my leg then slapping my thigh hard, making it turn red.

I moaned in pain, which made her slap me again. “This is supposed to be a punishment, but I believe she’s quite enjoying herself, that dirty little girl,” Ms Dickson, my Chemistry professor, said and touched my pussy. “She’s soaking wet!” Her long fingers played with my clit, before she brought them up to her nose and smelled them. “Mmm.” She sucked them clean and I got even wetter just watching her. She then pushed two of those fingers deep into my hole making me moan out loud.

Ms Reyes and Ms Clarkson sucked and bit on my nipples, while Ms Peters brought her face down to mine and kissed me. Ms Dickson replaced her fingers with her mouth and I nearly reached climax as she licked my pussy clean. The professors sucking on my nipples instructed me to finger them and I happily obliged. I found Ms Reyes’ pussy completely bare and Ms Clarkson had a big bush that I doubt she’s shaved in years. They both started moaning as I fucked their holes with three fingers and rubbed their clits with my thumb at the same time.

Ms Peters pulled away from our kiss and climbed onto the table I was laying on, positioning her hairy pussy right above my face. I didn’t need her to tell me what to do and started eating out her wet pussy. “Yes, baby girl, you’ve licked quite some pussies, haven’t you?” she moaned riding my face. I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her loose hole, loving the sweet taste of her old pussy. Then I felt my orgasm coming and moaned hard into Ms Peters cunt. The sensation spread through my whole body and I shook from the intense orgasm.

Ms Dickson licked up all my cum with pleasure. They all moved away and pulled me to my feet. Ms Reyes lay on her back on the floor and I was ordered to eat her pussy. I got on all fours, my head in between her legs and licked her pussy from top to bottom then sucked on her clit until she moaned loud. Suddenly Ms Clarkson came up behind me with a huge strap on. “What, is it too small for you Miss Gomez?” She rubbed my pussy with the head getting it wet then pushed it inside me. I moaned loud into Ms Reyes’ pussy as she started fucking me faster and harder.

Ms Dickson and Ms Peters fingered themselves while watching Ms Reyes scream with an orgasm and me following close second. This time it was even stronger, followed by another one. I thought I was going to pass out from the ecstasy. But as soon as I calmed down again another cock was shoved into me. But not in my pussy. I moaned out in both pain and pleasure as Ms Peters entered my asshole with just a slightly smaller dildo than Ms Clarkson. In front of me Ms Dickson was doing exactly the same to Ms Reyes, who fucked Ms Clarkson with a thick dildo.

My pussy juices ran down my legs and into a puddle on the floor as I watched them all moaning in pleasure. My fourth orgasm came and I didn’t even notice when the others reached their climax. I was exhausted and hoped they had enough. “Oh Cassie, we hope you learned your lesson,” Ms Peters said helping me up. “We’ll see you on Monday,” she said slapping my ass as I grabbed my clothes and left.


Kara Carter & Harley G “Fuck For Grades” written by chris average rating 5/5 - 5 user ratings

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