Kate Anne “Randy Rendezvous”

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November 10, 2016
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Kate Anne “Randy Rendezvous”
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Kate Anne “Randy Rendezvous” written by Lee average rating 4.6/5 - 5 user ratings

"Randy Rendezvous" read by Kate Anne

I have been exchanging messages with him for the last six months. I met him while searching adult
websites. We used to send messages and gradually I became his friend. We have common desires
and it helped us to get friendly very fast. He has seen my photos, I have seen his. Although, we are
living in more than ten thousand kilometres away, we had a wish to meet one day.

He is a regular traveler for his business purposes as he works for a cargo company. Even though he
has visited several times to my country in the past, I couldn’t meet him as we were not friends at that
time. I invited him to visit me, but I understood that it would be an especially costly trip for him.
Fortunately, I found that he is also planning to visit our country on official business. He has decided to
stay in a hotel near the airport during his visit. According to the plan, he told me that he comes to see
me in a lobby in a different hotel.

I went to the lobby at the hotel and I was counting the seconds to see him. As preferred by him, I
wore very tight short skirt and halter with high heels. I was sitting in the lobby expecting him at any
moment. At about 9.30am, I saw a well-built black guy entering the lobby. I heard my heartbeat, and
with shivering legs, I walked to him.
He recognized me, and asked, "Are you...?"
"Yes,’’ I said with shivering lips.

He took my hand and said, "You are so beautiful.’’ He invited me to go to his hotel as planned.
I got my bag and went to the cab with him and we both sat on the back seat. We were looking at each
other's eyes and talked about the journey. We got to the hotel about 10.30am and directly went to his
room. I sat on his bed. He hugged me and offered me a light drink.

While removing his office attire, he suggested going for a swim. I went to the washroom and changed
my clothes to two piece bikini. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he dragged me to him, hugged me and
kissed my boobs. I felt his bulging package. We went to the pool. I saw most of the people were
staring at us.
Under the water, we touched each other. We came out from the water. I saw his half erected bulge.

We covered our bottom parts with towels and came into the room.
I went to the washroom and wore only a purple thong exposing my firm and swelling boobs as he
requested. He was with bare body wearing a short trouser. He was waiting for me. We had an energy
drink, but I think it was mixed with alcohol. He put his arm around my waist and kissed me lightly
around my ears. Then his tongue met my lips and my tongue we started to exchange saliva for a

I shivered with excitement and he moved his hands to my swelling boobs and began to massage. He
bent a little started sucking my erected nipples. I felt shocking waves going all over my body. When
he moved his hip towards me, I felt his enormous black cock.

While removing my pants, he started kissing my pussy cheeks. I was trembling with desire. He began
to tongue my soaked pussy. I laid on the bed. He removed his pants. I saw his real thick black cock.
He was very proud of his manhood. It was more than what I guessed from his pictures. It was eleven
inches or more. It was a real hard thick black cock. Very rare piece of creations.

I caught his cock with my shivering fingers and slowly put into my mouth and tasted his pre-cum. I
took it in halfway met my throat. It got harder and harder. It was getting big for my mouth, I had to
stretch my mouth to absorb his length. I caressed his cum filled balls to give maximum satisfaction.
His seeds came out hitting the back of my throat. It was something like pumping liquid from an
uncontrollable fire hose.

It was the biggest load I ever had in my life. I took it, sucked and cleaned. I could feel him hardening
again. We both were laying on the bed caressing each other lust full body for five or six minutes we
both become really aroused again. We came to 69 pose and I started sucking his cock again. He
began to suck my pussy lips, sending his tongue to feel my inner walls.

He moved up to widen my legs, entered his huge cock little by little stretching all the walls. I felt the
fullness. He stroked slowly and gradually. He picked up the pace entrusting entire thing in my cunt
meeting the cervix making me to a state of intoxication, bringing me to multiple orgasms.

He has released his seeds with loud moaning. The pain I felt at the beginning disappeared with the heavenly
pleasure I received. He could not believe my response. I took his melting cock into my mouth and
sucked tasting my own juice mingled with his cum.

We felt a bit exhausted and I was lying on his chest, caressing his chest. He was caressing my head.
After a few minutes, we went for lunch and came back to the room. He grabbed and embraced me
with a fascinating kiss. Our clothes were flying all over the room. Once again, we became naked and
went to the bed.

We were lying on the bed, crossing our legs. I was top of his chest and my right thigh
touching his cock and his left thigh was pressing my cunt while my boobs also pressing his body. We
were caressing each other and I felt the hardness of his cock again.

He told me, that he likes to massage me. He went to his bathroom, brought some lotion and sat back
on my legs. He started to massage my legs, then came to my thighs. His strong arms gave me
heavenly feeling and gradually those hands came to my ass cheek. He applied a large portion of the
lotion and lovingly pressed the cheeks.

He lifted me up by the hips and started caressing my asshole with his fingers. He put two fingers in
and out of my ass, his other hand diddle my clit. I was really horny and pleaded. He entrusted his
meat to my cunt in doggy- style, while two or three fingers going through my back passage. I felt my
orgasm and started to hump my ass without control. I murmured him to go to my ass.

He slowly withdrew his eleven- inch meat from my cunt and settled his tip on the opening of my ass and pushed
gently, pushed it further in. It went in all the way until his balls slapped my bum cheeks. His fingers
were still caressing my cunt, my breath was becoming very short. It was most outrageous
sensational. He sent me into, the most amazing orgasm I ever had and we were calling each other
names. He released a full load inside my ass.

He stayed top of me, grabbing my whole body from his strong arms since we resume our breathing to
normal. He took himself out and lay beside me.

Kate Anne “Randy Rendezvous” written by Lee average rating 4.6/5 - 5 user ratings

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Kate Anne “Randy Rendezvous” written by Lee average rating 4.6/5 - 5 user ratings

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