Katie Louise “Centrepiece:Pt1”

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September 9, 2016
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September 4, 2016

Katie Louise “Centrepiece:Pt1”
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Katie Louise “Centrepiece:Pt1” written by chris average rating 4.5/5 - 2 user ratings


For a long time Sarah-Jane had her suspicions. Well Damien departed too eagerly for his business meetings in Cologne and he was just so goddamn relaxed on his return to Dublin.

Damien wasn’t sure how he was going to continue to enjoy his foreign orgy addiction once Sarah-Jane kept badgering and niggling him to be allowed to accompany him next time he went to Germany; as their boys were both now well settled at a boarding school in England.

Typical male with a smutty secret agenda Damien was thinking of giving his wife a new platinum credit card and he may just escape her clutches for a few hours.

Now Damien really loved his Sarah-Jane and she was actually pretty hot for thirty-five and raunchy enough in the sack to keep him occupied between trips to Cologne. But the high class German orgy tarts were so compulsive. So frickin cock available. So senses overwhelming. Open, ready and stunningly feminine. No place for your wife squeezed between two nubiles.

Damien didn’t feel trapped once he realised Sarah-Jane was going to tag along. He actually enjoyed the walk around Cologne Cathedral with her the afternoon of their arrival. Both partners were in awe of its towering spires and gothic façade and the sharing of a close husband and wife moment.

But once it was over and they were back at their hotel: Damien kept hinting too directly that Sarah-Jane should go on an escorted evening boutique shopping tour while he went over his proposals for tomorrow’s company meeting.

Sarah-Jane was too intuitive and decided undeviating direct questioning was her best approach. If Damien was getting in a high class escort for a hotel fuck...well she was liberal minded enough to join in.

“It’s a call girl ...isn’t it” she asked directly.

Taken aback; Damien said “No” but didn’t look her in her sparkling blue eyes, the eyes he loved so much.

“Geez I am silly “added his brunette beauty; “It’s a pair of seedy local tarts at a nearby brothel...you need the double excitement?”

Damien didn’t know where to look, and again, but even more flustered said, “No”

“Oh My God” said his probing wife intent on the truth; “You'd like some tranny action?”

Well the truth was it had occasionally crossed Damien’s maturing sex experience mind but he was very orgy satisfied at the moment; “No” he blurted out and then kept divulging; his manhood after all was on the line; “It’s a goddamn orgy invitation...sex...sex...sex.”

“Oh “said Sarah sort of happy it wasn’t a shemale and now wondering what the fuck she was missing out on in life. It always comes down to that point with sex. Someone else is doing it; you want to try it too.

“Well are wives off limits at these private gatherings” she inquired very openly.

Now Damien knew the answer was ‘No’ but the response in his head and through his lips was a slow: unconvincing: “Yes.” Hot extras were always welcome at these orgies: girlfriends, wives or sisters.

“Oh bullshit...you are such a bad liar...I’m up for this...I think you’ll get very excited seeing someone else fuck me and hell I’m just as likely to get it off really nicely....seeing you dick in some good looking bitch”

Damien’s cock was male at the front of his mind. He needed his orgy fix and if it meant taking Sarah-Jane to her first and maybe only sex feast...so be it.

He was excited as they left for the venue in a taxi... to take her; but equally he was thinking how would he react to seeing his wife’s sexuality unleashed, revealed in maybe uncontrollable ecstatic joy with another or multiple men.

The mansion set back in immaculate gardens gave no hint of the debauched practices deep within its once famous ballroom. Though no doubt sexual entertainment was a common thread through the buildings history going back to the Baroque Age.

Everything was tasteful from the arrival champagne, to the period furniture and well dressed guys and stunning...well ...modern courtesans...if you want to be polite or the best quality sluts ...if that takes your fancy... at your lesiure picture the scene... a room full of bodies...though not a standard cocktail evening...there was coiled tension like the start of a race...the only agenda here was sex...orgy sex.

At five thousand dollars a head everyone paying wanted the best. But business success engenderers a certain arrogant want for thrill...money to burn...why waste it gambling when the world is full of available pussy for the cashed up.

Personal sexual calculations were occurring all through the room...the sham preliminaries, the surface casual introductions and well actually meaningless flirting. These girls would drop a dress any moment now. Damien was occupied...well preoccupied with three girls already. Two randy bastards had also cornered Sarah-Jane, just knowing she was a partner, not a regular sex worker here.

Two girls, probably premeditated, got the evening’s entertainment underway, but this was participatory...like a warm up. The two blondes were merely stimulus...but hell it was an amazing opening gambit...designed to activate pleasure unleashed through a whole former ball room... at a casual glance...because the focus was for a while two big titted blonde girls stripped and munching each other in a sixty nine...forty guys...fifty girls or more... all watching in the rennovated ballroom.

The pace accelerated rapidly as one blonde arched the others arse and her tongue went burrowing in her crinkled pucker... then those two were left to their own pleasure...

Fondling of cocks and breasts is common now everywhere any one cared to look...though the focus has become very personal very quickly... genitals greeting and mating with utmost urgency....

Damien’s pants are down...one stunning brunette has her tongue probing into his arsehole, a red head is licking his balls and a gorgeous big titted blonde is demonstrating wonderful sucking skills, deep throating his stiff cock. Sarah-Jane casts a glance in her husband’s direction...God he has a satisfied look...but she herself is lost in her own satisfied feel good moment...one guy ...was it Brad...yes...was licking her shaved happy pussy really well and the other guy...Pete was manipulating her breasts very sweetly...massaging, tweaking, sucking and playfully teasing...all building arousal...

Damien watches briefly as his wife is really getting pleasured but his own cock dominates his own mind too quickly and his vision becomes the brunette’s pussy shaped like a twisted sea shell, spiralling delightfully from a curled cowl to its lippy folds, the left flap sitting slightly on top on the right, but both quickly spread... opening into their pink mucousy glory...


Katie Louise “Centrepiece:Pt1” written by chris average rating 4.5/5 - 2 user ratings

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