Katie Louise “My First Naughty Experience”

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Katie Louise “My First Naughty Experience”
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Katie Louise “My First Naughty Experience” written by chris average rating 5/5 - 4 user ratings


I was 18 years old and had been with my boyfriend for two years, we met in school and although we had gone as far as “soft petting” I was still a virgin and I was starting to become frustrated. I had played the role asked of me by society, waiting… being patient… making the man wait… however I no longer wanted to wait.
My friends had confided in me so much about their experiences that I felt left behind, it was nearly time for me to leave and go to university and as such I needed to get some experience.
It took a night at a party, having a few drinks, for me to finally have the confidence and self-belief to make a move. I was wearing a very tight outfit and my boyfriend had not been able to keep his eyes off of me all night, now as we were leaving and sitting in the back of his friends car together kissing his hands were all over me.
I was very turned on and could feel my panties getting wet as I felt his hand move down between my legs. He rubbed me through my clothes and I let out a sigh, which quickly made me very conscious of his friend driving us.

“Ignore him….” My boyfriend said and we fell back into kissing and rubbing each other through our clothes.
Now this is where it would normally stop but tonight I was determined to go further and make something happen. To that end I opened up his jeans and slid his now fully erect cock out into my hand.
I looked at it, standing to attention for me and without hesitation began to roll his foreskin up and down. I enjoyed watching it, it was very sexy to look at, he was so big and hard for me, all for me, I was doing that and it was making me even wetter.
I rolled my hand up and down his shaft slowly, this was the first cock I had ever seen and touched, I was giving my first hand-job and now I was going to have another first as I moved my head down to his lap and took him in my mouth.

It’s actually an amazingly empowering thing giving head, I was in complete control of his manhood and I was dictating the pleasure. I was in charge and I loved it. His hands were in my hair and I was excited. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and then sucked the head while my hand pumped him furiously.
He made a lot of noise, trying to stifle it and then I tasted him in my mouth, a taste hard to describe but a salty warm liquid which was thick and it poured from him into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and licked him clean before putting him away and doing his jeans back up.
He looked at me shocked and as I sat back up I realised his friend had parked the car and we were actually at my house. He did not make eye contact with me and I just rushed out of the car and into my house.
My first experience of being naughty was very hot, I wanted more….
I was now 19 and had been having sex on a regular basis, once or twice a week, with my boyfriend for a year. It was always exciting as we were sneaking about finding a place avoiding our parents.
I enjoyed sex, the feeling was great, it’s not really something you can describe however when I have a man inside me it’s the stretching and the full feeling which is good.
You will notice I use the words “good” and “great” here. Sex was nice but men certainly got the better deal I thought, it was explosive for them.

It was not until a month after splitting from my boyfriend (distance and his lack of ambition in life wore me down) and I was sitting reading a magazine article about the female orgasm.
What was being described by these women sounded amazing, sounded explosive, it sounded like something I had never experienced. I was actually becoming aroused reading the accounts of how these women were getting off.

Without thinking and I would say on pure instinct as I read and became more and more aroused my hand found its way between my legs and I began to touch myself for the very first time.
I rubbed through my panties at first before they became so I wet I slid my hand underneath and continued, it felt really good, like sex always had but I was still not experiencing …. But then something changed, I felt a sort of heat that I had not experienced before.
I moved my finger on my clitoris side to side getting faster and rolling my hips writhing in my bed, it was lust, animal and pure, I was getting close and then it happened.

A feeling like an explosion, I cried out but muffled my noise into my bedding. It was incredible, it was hot and it was orgasmic.
It was the night of my very first orgasm, it was also the night of my second, third, fourth and fifth as I explored by body enjoying my own curves and my own touch.
I had finally experienced for myself what I had been reading about and I was keen to be given this feeling by someone other than myself. I was at university after all and time I found a new lover….



Katie Louise “My First Naughty Experience” written by chris average rating 5/5 - 4 user ratings

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