Katie Louise “A Meeting With My Gym Teacher:Pt2”

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January 23, 2017
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January 18, 2017

Katie Louise “A Meeting With My Gym Teacher:Pt2”
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Katie Louise “A Meeting With My Gym Teacher:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4/5 - 6 user ratings

"A Meeting With My Gym Teacher Pt2" Read By Katie Louise

He put his hand down the front of my thong and played with my pussy. He rubbed my pussy lips with his fingers and was slapping at my cunt. He was really man handling me. He was squeezing my breasts and slapping at my nipples. I could tell how excited he was. Unfortunately, my body was reacting to the way he was treating me. The rougher he handled me, the more my nipples were stiff and my pussy was tingling and wetting for him.

“You’re a wet little slut. You’re pussy is so wet, Miss Wilson. Get on your knees and suck my cock. Show me what a little slut you are.”

I then squatted down and wrapped my lips around his cock. I sucked on his head and worked my fingers up and down his shaft. I held his smooth balls while I gave him head.

“Keep sucking! Take more of my cock down your throat.”

I continued to suck and slurp on his hard cock. My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth. I made all kinds of wet, popping noises while I gave him head. I used my fingers to stroke his cock.

I was sucking his cock deeper and harder. My hands were on his hips and he was face fucking me. I kept pace with him.

“You’re a little slut. You love cock! As fun as this is, I want your pussy on my cock. Straddle me in my chair!”

Mr. Shadow’s then walked to his chair and sat down. I then sat on top of him and eased his cock into my wet pussy. His cock felt amazing while I got into position. Once he was in, I bounced up and down on his cock. My breasts were bouncing up and down and he was sucking on my nipples. My pussy was wet while we fucked.

His hands were squeezing my tits together and pulling on my nipples. He was slapping my ass hard with his hand. This was making me more and more excited. I could feel my pussy getting ready to have an orgasm.

“Your pussy is so fucking wet! I want you to come! Fuck me harder!”

I continued to ride him hard. He was rubbing my clit while we fucked.

“I’m going to come. Holy fuck!”

I then screamed and had an orgasm. My pussy soaked his cock and balls.

“Get up and lean over my desk. I’m going to fuck your slutty ass now. You did say, I could fuck your asshole?”

“You could fuck my asshole. Make sure to come there. I don’t want you to come in my pussy.”

I got off of him and bent over his desk. Mr. Shadow's opened his draw and grabbed some lube. I did wonder why he had lube in his drawer. He then slathered it all over my asshole and his cock.

He then spread my buttocks with his hand and slowly entered my asshole. He pushed his cock into my anus slowly and then a bit faster. He grabbed my hips and fucked me. It felt really tight while he thrusted in and out of my anus.

“Miss Wilson, you’re so fucking tight. I like your asshole. Fuck!”

“Come in my asshole. Cream my ass!”

Mr. Shadow’s fucked my asshole deeper and faster. He was slapping my buttocks which was making my pussy so wet. I started to finger my cunt while he fucked me harder and faster.

“Fuck! I’m coming in your ass. Shit.”

Mr. Shadow’s came in my asshole. He pulled out and grabbed several tissues on his desk. He cleaned his cock and then pulled up his pants.

“That was incredibly sexy. Clean yourself up. I have a little surprise for you.”

While I was cleaning up, somebody knocked on his door. He went over to the door and my best friend, Rhonda was at the door.

“Miss Roberts come in. You’re just in time for our little party. I know how much you love to lick pussy. Come and clean up your best friend. If you girls want to pass my class, you both better get munching.”

“Are you fucking crazy, she’s my best friend. I’m no lesbian!”

“If you two want to pass my class, you’re going to lick each other’s cunts!”

“Miss Roberts take your pants off and lie on my desk. Miss Wilson will lick your pussy.”

“I can’t believe you’re going to make me do this. This wasn’t in the contract.”
A Meeting With My Gym Teacher , a short story by Mysteria27
“Fuck your contract, Miss Wilson! I’m the boss here. If you two sluts want to get an “A,” you both need to lick some cunt. Stop talking and get licking.”

Rhonda took off her boots and then her jeans. She pulled her panties down and got on his desk. I couldn’t believe I had to lick her pussy. I wasn’t ever with a girl before. I then bent down and licked at her pussy. I moved my tongue up and down her pussy folds.

Mr. Shadow’s was watching me lick her pussy. Rhonda’s eyes were closed and she really seemed like she was enjoying my efforts. I never knew she liked girls. This was proving to be a very strange day.

“I want you to tongue fuck her. Really get your tongue up inside of her. Make your friend come. Come on slut!”

I pushed my tongue right up inside of her pussy. I tongue fucked Rhonda and now she was grinding her face into my mouth. I was slurping her juices that were coming out of her pussy.

“I’m coming,” Rhonda screamed!

“Slurp up her juices! Drink that pussy juice!"

I drank Rhonda’s pussy juices that were pouring out of her cunt. I then stood up.

“Miss Wilson, it’s time for Miss. Robert’s to taste your pussy. Get on my desk and take off your thong!.”

I then stood up and took my thong off. Rhonda got off the desk and got dressed. I then sat on his desk and opened my legs. Rhonda got between my legs and licked at my fucked pussy. She moved her tongue all over my pussy lips. She sucked on each of my lips.

“Rhonda, you’re really good at this. You better not tell anybody about this!”

“I won’t. You taste so good. Fuck!”

Rhonda pushed her tongue into my pussy and tongue fucked me hard. I was moaning and groaning and enjoying all her efforts. Mr. Shadow’s was watching us and had a weird look on his face. Rhonda was licking my pussy and it really did feel so good.

I got very excited and let out lots of moans.

“I’m coming. Fuck!”

I then had an orgasm on Rhonda’s face. She slurped it all up.

“Kiss each other!”

I then got off the desk and Rhonda kissed me passionately on my lips. I couldn’t believe Mr. Shadow’s made me have oral sex with my best friend. I was rather disgusted that he made me lick her pussy.

“You girls each earned an “A.” You both are expected to fuck me every week to maintain your good grades. See you both next Tuesday. Make sure to be hungry, there will be more pussy munching to do. Have a good night.”

We both got dressed and left his office.

“I never thought I'd have to lick your pussy. You better not tell anybody about this!"

“Why would I. Please don’t tell anybody I like girls.”

“I won’t. Let’s just not talk about this. I never knew he’d make us do that. I just figured I’d fuck him and that would be that. I never dreamed he’d have you come and make us do that. He really is quite sick. He played us. I thought I was playing him.”

“I guess that’s why he’s paid the big bucks.”

“I heard he had sex for grades. I just figured it would be easy. I never thought, I’d have to be with you. Thank God, it was you and not some other girl. We can’t talk about this again. Not until next Tuesday. I guess he’s a kinky fuck and is going to want us to go down on each other. I don’t care, because I need to pass his class.”

“Don’t worry, it'll be fine. We’re best friends. Now we'll just be a little closer.”

We both giggled and walked out of the college. It was a crazy day for sure. I wasn’t proud of what I did for my good grade, but it was necessary. I knew to maintain the grade would be more work. That’s another story for another time.

The End.

Katie Louise “A Meeting With My Gym Teacher:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4/5 - 6 user ratings

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Katie Louise “A Meeting With My Gym Teacher:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4/5 - 6 user ratings

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