Katie Louise “Old Ties:Pt2”

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November 28, 2016
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November 23, 2016

Katie Louise “Old Ties:Pt2”
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Katie Louise “Old Ties:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4.4/5 - 5 user ratings

"Old Ties Pt2" Read By Katie Louise

She felt his tongue work its way up her leg, soft, yet sure, like a feather being run on her back, and then exploring her nether regions with a vigour that drew a loud involuntary gasp from her. She grabbed his hair and started to move his head up and down her vagina as he worked his tongue in and out, occasionally flicking her engorged clit. Her leg started to give way soon as her gasps transformed into moans that were growing loader by the moment. Releasing him, she encouraged her lover up, having made up her mind, how far and where she wanted this to go. There was no turning back now. They had floated over the point of no return two kisses ago.

He rose slowly, drinking the dark look of pure lust in her eyes and wiped his mouth clean. She tasted like magic and he was drunk on her sex. He knew he wanted her but more than anything, he wanted her to come again and again, screaming and sobbing, scratching and biting, until she was exhausted. In some deep dark recession in his mind, he knew that this would be a one off exercise, so he was eager to make this last and the memory stick in his head forever.

She gently pushed him backwards onto the bed and straddled him around the head, planting each knee beside the pillow his head was resting on. Jake had only gone down on her once or twice and the result hadn’t been what she had been expecting. She was determined to get from this man what she had missed out on all these years.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. For a few brief moments he wondered if he’d fallen asleep in the car outside and was dreaming, but then the scent of her sex hit him again and he knew that this was really happening. As she grabbed his head, he went to work on her dripping cunt, licking it all along in one long lap, then pushing his tongue in as deep as it would go, as she pulled his head further up roughly, forcing him in deeper yet. He in turn grabbed her arse and pulled her close into his face.

“Yes, baby, like that. Ugh, right there, fuck!” She started to tremble, a sure sign that she was getting close. She always started the “dirty talk” when she was close. Most recently she had talked dirty with her vibrator.

Her clit was grinding against his mouth and his tongue was fucking her furiously as she clung to his head and his solid hands held her bottom firmly, rooting her into position. She could feel her skin trembling and knew if she pinched her neglected nipples now, she would explode in his mouth. But she was adamant to draw this out a bit longer. Fuck – not yet!

“Ah, yes. Go on baby, you know what I want!” She felt the first wave building in her. It was too soon! Fuck! She wanted more! This better not be the big one! She wanted to pull away and slow down, but it had been so long since she had felt a mouth down on her like that. As her orgasm slowly approached the point of no return, she looked down and grabbed her left nipple, pinching hard – her pain threshold heightened with the endorphins coursing through her blood. That was when she lost all control and exploded in his face, her hips moving furiously trying to maximise the sensation on her clit and lengthen the climax.

Her felt her butt muscles tighten and clench as her legs tightened almost painfully around his head. He hadn’t missed her impulsive move to pinch her nipple as she came hard in his mouth. Despite her thighs covering his ears, he could hear her loud uncontrollable moans as she pumped her love juices into his mouth again and again, driving him insane with want.

“Fuck!” She couldn’t remember the last time she had had such an intense first orgasm. But she knew what she had to do. Without missing a beat and before she came back down all the way from the first “high”, she ripped his hands off her arse and slid down his chest and stomach, still straddling him. Wriggling down expertly, she stopped in perfect position, placing the tip of his massive cock near the entrance of her dripping cunt. For reasons she had never been able to fathom, she had always turned potty mouthed after the first orgasm during sex. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft of his penis, she pulled it straight up roughly, enjoying the knowledge that it would have brought him a mixture of pleasure and pain. She wanted him inside her now!

As she paused looking deep into his eyes leaning over him, he saw something in her that he had never seen in his wife before. It was something that he often “felt” inside him and was almost afraid and ashamed of admitting existed. What he saw in her eyes was not the look of a goddess of love but that of a hungry she devil, ready to devour its prey. His insane lust and desire for her seemed to have manifested itself in her eyes. His own arousal reached a new level as he waited with baited breath for her to do the deed. He had fallen in love with this woman when they were both adolescents and he had never been able to love anyone else in that way ever again. The reason for the lack of the spark in his own marriage became clear to him. He had always been looking for her in every woman who ever tried to get his attention and none had come close. Not even Sarah.

He had always carried a unique flame for this woman. A flame, which today seemed be turning into a raging fire-storm, that threatened to burn anything in its path. And he wanted nothing more than to perish in the heat of its desire. Her fingernails were digging into the base of his penis, threatening to break the skin and draw blood, and she was perfectly poised for entry, but she still held the position, looking at him, as if daring at him to urge her to make the next move. The dark look of need in her eyes was enough to warn him, though, to hold his tongue, however badly he needed to feel her around him. His hands were gripping her thighs firmly and he didn’t dare move them either. Their breathing was slowly returning to normal. He could still taste her on his lips and knew that she’d taste herself on him if she kissed him. Right now, though, he knew that kissing him was the last thing on her mind. Not with that look in her eyes.

She waited for her breathing to return to normal, realising that she was too close to coming again. What the fuck was happening to her? She knew that most men loved to see their woman on top, gyrating their hips madly and coming hard while screaming their names, but it wasn’t just that thought of control and knowledge that was turning her on so much. In fact, she had no idea why she was feeling the way she was feeling, but she knew that she wanted to fuck the living daylight out of her lover. Then suddenly it hit her. When they made love, she was used to seeing a weak want – one of an obligatory nature in Jake’s eyes. But today, there was something different in this man’s eyes. And it was this that was driving her insane with desire. It was pure lust, want and need in equal portions, respect but above all, fear! Of what she was not sure, but he seemed afraid and she was feeding on it. Or her sexual desire was.

As he watched, unsure of her next move, she lowered herself onto him without warning, sliding all the way without even having to slowly work it in as she usually had to on the rare occasion she chose this position with Jake. The sudden wet warmth around his blood-filled member brought a sharp gasp into his throat that he barely managed to supress. She wasn’t as successful or probably didn’t care to suppress the loud moan that escaped her throat, though. Once she had driven him inside herself all the way to the hilt, she stilled her trembling body and closed her eyes momentarily calming herself down, telling herself not to rush this. She planted her hands firmly on his rock hard chest, digging her nails in, steadying herself and slowly raising her upper body, until she was almost leaning back. His cock strained against the front wall of her vagina allowing maximum sensation to her g-spot. She moved her hands behind her to grip his muscly quads and dug her nails into the skin viscously. She owned him and she was going to use him.

As she leaned back he squirmed to keep himself inside her. She was so slippery he feared that he would slip out. He couldn’t remember the last time Sarah had been this wet, if ever. They couldn’t do it without lube. Rex had her eyes closed and her head tilted back slightly – the most erotic sight he could have imagined. Her erect nipples were almost begging for his fingers, but when he gently reached a hand up she reproached him, a bit sharply to his surprise.

“Not yet, babe! Still too sensitive.” He held her thighs instead – gently. Her nipples must have become over sensitive after the first orgasm. Slowly but surely he felt her tighten her vaginal walls around his shaft, still without moving though. He stopped squirming to stay inside her as internal muscles clamped on his engorged member and she took total control of all movement.

Exhaling slowly with her head still tilted back and her eyes closed, she started to move her hips slowly back and forth, rubbing her clitoris on his shaven but rough skin. His penis strained forward with every backward movement of her hips, hitting her sweet spot and sending shivers down her spine. She ensured that her breathing was deep and measured as she slowly increased the pace of the movement. The multiple sensation from her clit being massaged, her g-spot caressed and her vaginal walls being stretched by his cock was urging her body to push further, making resistance harder, but she was determined to make this last.

He could all but watch helplessly and listen to her breathing get louder, albeit remain deep and measured. He could also hear the wetness inside her and within moments his stomach and thighs were flooded with her juices. It wasn’t as fluid as before though, a slightly thicker mixture that also seemed to stick more. He only just managed to hold himself back from touching it. Nothing was worth disturbing the beautiful event he was witnessing. His lover seemed to be in her own world, making love to herself, using his body as a tool. It was turning him on in such a way that he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back for very long, He could just hope that she came first. He started to work on his own breathing techniques to slow himself down. Yet he could not take his eyes off the goddess turned she devil on top of him, fucking herself to oblivion in slow motion. Her slow measured breathing had turned into low moans by now and the movements were becoming slightly jerky. She rolled her head sideways slowly, eyes still closed, but a subtle line of frown appeared on her forehead as she mentally strained for control.

She had felt the first wave building and knew that the key was to control that first pulse. If she could just supress it, she could make this last for so much longer. She needed him to stay very still so she could be in complete control of her movements. It was becoming harder though and she was trying to displace her thoughts to somewhere that was not here, while her body continued to pleasure itself slowly. So far he was holding up, but she had expected him to. She needed to think about something and sometime that was not him and not now.

The sight on top of him was erotic beyond measure. If this was going to be the last time he made love, he would have no reason to complain. She was a gorgeous woman, but right now she was something else. He had never seen anyone like this, or seen anyone do anything like this. All throughout their love life and their marriage, he and Sarah had made love mainly because either he had aroused her via physical contact or she had felt obliged since it had been too long. But it was always him instigating it. Today had been different. It was as if Rex was doing what she wanted, how she wanted and when she wanted. Suddenly she stopped moving and froze, tightening her vaginal muscles around his cock and twisting slightly, so that her right hand smacked his abs and rooted itself there, while the left one dug deeper into his right quad. Her face contorted into an expression of total concentration and it was obvious that she was fighting hard inside.

“Ah! Not yet! Slow!” She allowed another short guttural moan and scratched his abs deep, not moving her hips at all. Slowly, her breathing returned to normal. He couldn’t help but admire her self-control.

She had almost lost it, but now that it was under control, she knew she could play at leisure. She allowed a small smile to form on her lips. Time to go to town!

He saw a devilish grin on her face and then without warning, she planted both hands on his abs, pushing down hard and looking deep into his eyes with pure greedy lust, started moving her hips back and forth with a lot more urgency. He could still hear how intensely wet she was and tried his best to stay inside her each time she pushed on his member. To his surprise the movements weren’t jerky at all. They were rhythmic and smooth and increasing in speed and power with each new thrust. Fluid! Her breathing was deep and controlled but her movements could only be described as powerful. There was no doubt as to who was in control. He felt her tighten her grip on his cock.

She was acutely aware of the next wave building and started to concentrate on the multiple sensations and his chiselled face with the handsome features that she had come to adore all those years ago.

“Yes, baby! Can you feel me building up? Yes… soon, getting closer, ugh!” She shuddered as the wave started to reach a crescendo sending the first warning pulse through her.

“I am, ah, yes, there, baby, baby, BABY, AH! I AM CUMMING – AH – FUCK!!” The entire bed was rocking back and forth as this goddess turned sex devil started orgasming, turning the pace frantic, taking all control away from him. Her nails drew blood from his abs, but he knew she didn’t notice nor care anymore. Her eyes were shut tightly as she screamed in orgasmic bliss. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her again and again with each hit on her g-spot. She alternated between leaning forward with her hands on his abs, and leaning backwards, hands scratching his thighs, no longer even aware of his presence. All she was concerned with was what was inside her and it was still rock hard, stretching her to the limit, hitting her spot every single time, her clit grinding furiously on his skin.

Her damp short hair clung to her forehead, the wetness from the shower replaced by sweat that was pouring down her brows and cheeks and dotted her shoulders. The view was driving him mad. He knew he would come any second. It was impossible to hold back now.

As if sensing his need, she leaned all the way forward so that her nipples were rubbing on his chest, looked deep inside his eyes and demanded.


He didn’t need to be told twice. This was no time to negotiate a further prolonged play. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He held her arse tightly with both hands and pumped long and hard strokes, almost withdrawing completely and then ramming all the way home. Then as his own urgency increased and he couldn’t help but speed up. The strokes became faster, but shorter until the frequency reached that of a furiously pumping vibrator. This was one of the reasons he worked out so hard. To be able to satisfy his woman in bed. Or any woman as it was turning out, if she wasn’t interested anymore.


He pumped load after load after load of sperm inside her throbbing and squelching vagina, enveloping her mouth in a crushing kissing and moaning softly. Her cunt kept tightening around his dick, squeezing every drop out.

As the warm liquid squirted inside her, she went into orgasmic convulsions, entering a sex derived-endorphin induced high that no drug could provide, screaming his name even as he kissed her painfully hard. Her nails drew blood from his shoulders, but neither cared anymore. She was his to mark. Hers to keep and hers to use! Sarah had had her chance!

It seemed like ages before either of them stopped moving, but neither remembered when they collapsed in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep, completely exhausted and spent. The bed sheets were a total mess, damp from cum, but they were too far-gone to care.


The End!

Katie Louise “Old Ties:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4.4/5 - 5 user ratings

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