Katie Louise “Veronica Gets Her Car Inspected:Pt2”

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January 3, 2017
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December 28, 2016

Katie Louise “Veronica Gets Her Car Inspected:Pt2”
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Katie Louise “Veronica Gets Her Car Inspected:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4.7/5 - 3 user ratings

"Veronica Gets Her Car Inspected Pt2" Read By Katie Louise


I opened the car door and got on my knees. The guy stood up and pulled his jeans down to his feet. His cock sprang to attention. He was normal sized which was about six inches long. He had his body up against the side of the car.

I stroked his cock from the base to his head. I wrapped my red, lipstick lips around his cock and gave him a blow job. I rubbed and massaged his smooth balls while I fed his cock into my mouth.

“Jesus. You suck cock so good. Fucking hell.”

I relaxed my mouth and took his cock all the way down my throat. He was loving the way it felt. He held my hair and then started to face fuck my mouth. I was making all kinds of sucking, popping noises while I gave him head. My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth. My eyes started to water while I continued to suck his cock.

The guy was playing with my breasts. Squeezing them and pinching my nipples. My pussy was on fire and I could feel it getting wet.

“Play with your pussy, while you suck my dick!”

I put my one hand on top of my pussy and played with myself. I rubbed my two fingers all over my pussy lips. I pushed a finger up inside of myself and fingered my cunt hard while I continued to suck on his dick.

“I’ve got to fuck you, lady. Stand up and bend over.”

I then took his cock out of my mouth and bent over my front hood. The guy got behind me and pushed my skirt up over my waist. He spat on his palm and rubbed the spit over my pussy. He then wiped his cock over my pussy and teased me.

“Tell me to fuck you. Tell me you want my dick!”

“I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your cock!”

“Tell me that you’re a whore and will fuck me so you pass inspection."

“I’m a whore that wants you to fuck me. I'm a slut that needs to pass inspection."

The guy then pushed his cock into my pussy. He did it really hard and I could feel my pussy flower opening around his cock. He then held my hips and pushed his cock in and out of my cunt.

“Fuck, lady you have a really wet cunt. You like this don’t you?”

“I’m a slut that likes to get fucked.”

The guy continued to fuck me deeper and harder. He slapped my ass several times while he fucked me. He was pulling me onto his cock.

“Back up into my cock. Get as much of me inside of yourself.”

I backed up and he pushed his cock further into my cunt. His cock felt amazing in my pussy. I was so turned on and horny that my pussy juices started to drip out of my cunt.

“I’m coming. Fucking hell.”

“Shit, lady! You’re a hot piece of ass. My dick and balls are soaked. I’m going to come too. But I want to come down that sweet throat of yours. Get back on your knees!”

The guy pulled out of my pussy and I got back on my knees in front of him.

He put his cock back down my throat. I wrapped my lips around his cock and he face fucked me hard. It didn’t take long and he pumped his hot come down my throat. I never had a man pump so much cream down my mouth. It was a lot to swallow. I swallowed it all and tried not to gag. Men always like when you swallow it all.

“That was so fucking hot. Now I want you to get on the hood of your car, so I can lick that pussy of yours.”
Veronica Goes to Inspection, a short story by Mysteria27
The guy took his cock out of my mouth. I walked over to the hood of my car and hopped on top of it. I spread my long legs.

The guy pulled me closer to the edge. He knelt down and kissed my center of my pussy. He moved his tongue all over my pussy lips. He lightly chewed them and pushed his tongue up inside of me. He tongue fucked me hard. He was really good at oral sex.

“Oh. That feels so good. Fucking hell.”

“Your pussy is so fucking sweet and so fucking wet.”

I was so fucking turned on and was grinding my pussy up against his face. I was riding his tongue. I squeezed my tits together while he ate my pussy.

“Fuck. I’m going to come.”

The guy put his finger into my pussy and finger fucked me really hard. He was licking my clit faster and faster. I was so turned on and let out a scream and creamed his fingers. He pulled his fingers out and put them in my mouth. I tasted my cream. Then he was slurping and drinking my juices.

"I want you to play with my cock. I want to fuck your ass now. I have a condom. Then I’ll pass your car.”


I wrapped my hands around his cock and jerked him off. I made him nice and hard and then he threw me the condom wrapper. I ripped the top and rolled the condom onto his prick. I bent down again over the hood. The guy got behind me and spat on his palm and eased his cock into my asshole.

“Fuck. It’s so tight. Please go slow.”

“So slow for you, darling. Finger that pussy!”

I fingered my pussy while he slowly got inside of my asshole. I couldn’t believe I was letting him fuck my ass. I never let my husband fuck me there. Once he got inside, he held my hips and pushed himself in and out of my asshole.

“Shit. Fuck!”

“Darling, you have the best ass. Fucking hell. You’re so tight. I’m going to come.”

He fucked my asshole several more times. It was a very tight feeling. It didn't really feel anything like getting fucked in my vagina. It kind of hurt, but in a good way. I was moaning while I played with my cunt. He then pulled out and removed the condom and threw it on the pavement.

“Open your mouth again! I want to cream your throat.”

I opened my mouth and he shoved his dick back inside of my mouth. He blasted my throat with another load of his come. I’ve never seen somebody come so much. I swallowed it all down.

“That was hot! Thank you lady. Your husband is a lucky guy. If you were my wife, I'd fuck you ten times a day. I'd never let you out of the house."

He then pulled his pants up and took a tool out of his pocket at walked over to my side of the car. He removed my sticker and put a new sticker on.

“You passed, baby!”

I stood up and fixed my camisole top and smoothed down my skirt.

“Thanks so much. I had a blast.”

“Can you drive me back? I need to go back to work.”


We both got into the car and I drove the guy back to the inspection station. The guy then got out of the car.

“See you next year.”

We both giggled and he walked away. I then turned around and went home. I was a complete slut, but I passed inspection without spending a dime. I'm sure my husband would be disgusted if he knew how I passed inspection. I think I'll leave that part out, when I tell him.

The End.

Katie Louise “Veronica Gets Her Car Inspected:Pt2” written by chris average rating 4.7/5 - 3 user ratings

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