Kelli Smith “Happy Ending”

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July 30, 2016
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July 25, 2016

Kelli Smith “Happy Ending”
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Kelli Smith “Happy Ending” written by chris average rating 4.7/5 - 3 user ratings


Jake arrives unannounced, early in the evening. “So what are you doing in the North Jake?” I ask. “Oh visiting a branch near York, just thought I’d call in to see you guys on the way back.” We are all standing in the kitchen and Jake gives Ann a kiss hello and her bum a good squeeze. “Mmm,” says Ann, looking at the bulge in his trousers. “You do seem to be pleased to see me.” “Yep, well, I am going a bit short at the moment,” he grunts. “Nobody special right now?” I ask. “Not ready for anything serious yet. Anyway give me a break, the divorce isn’t even absolute yet,” Jake says. “It wasn’t anything to do with us all fucking around together was it Jake?” Ann asks him. “No, the sex was the only thing that was really right between us. Christ I miss her hot little body. I could just give her one right now. Mmm, the four of us got up to some nasty stuff didn’t we? Nicky and I used to reminisce about the dirty weekends the four of us had, getting our rocks off every way imaginable.”

Jake, unselfconsciously, strokes his cock through his trousers. “So you thought you’d drop in and get a quick shag with Aunty Ann, did you?” queries Ann, grinning. Jake looks lustfully into her blue eyes and starts to stroke her tits through her dress. “Guess I’m pretty transparent at that.” “Looks like it's time for a mercy fuck,” I say. “Go on Ann, give him a proper going over.” “I can’t,” she says. “You know I’m going out with the girls tonight. Kathy is picking me up in half an hour and I’ve got to finish my makeup yet. Stay the night Jake, then we can have a nice early morning fuck before you go. Mmm, I love waking up to warm bodies on either side of me. Especially when their cocks are hard.” “Can’t,” he groans, “Got to get back South, early start in the morning.” “Look at the state of him Ann. The guy is in serious need,” I say. “Oh for God's sake,” she says. “Get your cock out Jake. I’ve got time to give you a hand job and that’s your lot.”

Jake unfastens his suit trousers and lets them drop to the kitchen floor. Ann pulls his shorts down and pulls out his cock, which is impressively hard already. “Oh my,” she says, scratching her nails down its length, “you really are up for it.” She starts to give him an expert hand job, one hand between his legs, from the back, squeezing his balls and the other wanking his shaft from the front. Jake starts to groan and reaches for her tits. “No way,” she says, shrugging him off. “You can forget it too,” she says, looking at me. “I know that look in your eyes. If you want to get off as well, it's strictly D.I.Y. I don't want my hair messed up and I don't want cum leaking into my knickers all night.” She continues stroking Jake up and down his shaft then rubbing his pre come over the end of his cock with the palm of her hand, digging the nails of the other hand into the top of his ball sack and then pulling his balls down tight. I’m watching this and her tits moving under her dress and the tightness of her dress over her bum and my cock is getting painfully hard. Nothing else for it, so I pull out my cock and start to jerk myself. Jake moans as he gets right into it. He is right on the edge of coming when Ann says the fatal words, “Come on Jake. Hurry up and come.”

Nothing is more guaranteed to put you off than being told to come quickly. Jake closes his eyes and grits his teeth but you know he’s hit that zone. Desperate to cum but can’t quite get there. Ann realises what she has done and quickly pops Jake into her mouth and goes to work with her lips and tongue, keeping her hand going at the same time. She pulls her head back, “Jake you warn me when you are going to shoot your load. If you get cum on me I’ll never speak to you again.” “Ohhh ohhh look out,” Jake shouts. Ann pulls her head back again and grips his balls and the base of his cock extra tight. He shoots a jet of cum right across the kitchen splashing it on the cupboard opposite and then shoots thick but diminishing jets onto the floor.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” he shouts as Ann works the last drops of semen from his softening cock. She just manages to avoid squeezing the final drops onto his trousers. “Jesus, what a cum load. You were in need of that Jake,” Ann giggles. Her sheer dirtiness has brought me right to the edge. We look at each other as she gives me a big grin. “So are you going to let it all go or save it for when I get in later, Ian?” she asks as she steps over and pushes her tongue in my mouth. “Oh, I think you just answered that question.” She thrusts her tongue back in my mouth as I spasm and my cock jerks in my hand, adding to the mess on the floor. Ann gives us both a sweet smile, “I’m sure you boys won’t mind clearing up while I’m out. Bye.”

Kelli Smith “Happy Ending” written by chris average rating 4.7/5 - 3 user ratings

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