Kelli Smith “Perfect Wake Up”

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July 17, 2016
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July 12, 2016

Kelli Smith “Perfect Wake Up”
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Kelli Smith “Perfect Wake Up” written by chris average rating 3.8/5 - 4 user ratings


Morning, sleepyhead. You came to bed so late last night, there was no time to play. What say I pull this sheet down, huh? Let's see what we have. Mmm, that looks tasty. I'll rest my head on your thigh and take a closer look, shall I? I like the way it twitches, just by me looking at it. I bet if I took you in my hand, you'd soon be rock hard. Maybe I will, soon. For now, I'll just stay here, my mouth close to your cock, my eyes occasionally glancing up to watch you watching me. Does my warm breath make you yearn for me to envelop the head of your cock between my soft lips? Did the thought of that make you twitch again? My, how I love to watch you grow.

If I move my mouth closer I can poke my tongue out and run it over your stiffening shaft. Just like this. You like that, don't you? If I rest my hand just here, I can feel the heat from your balls, and gently caress them. Perhaps it's time to take things to the next level. No, don't move, I like you like this. I like to be in charge, just once in a while. I kneel just here, my face so close to your growing erection, my eyes on yours, my wet lips hungry for you. I know you can't see them, but my nipples are as erect as you are, and my hidden lips are just as wet as those an inch from your throbbing shaft. I like the fact I can make you so hard, so quickly. I gently take you between the fingers of my right hand, barely touching you but totally in control. Just lightly up and down, first one side, then the other. Now let's try it with two hands, just the fingertips, then just the fingernails. Your cock feels hot to my touch, the head almost matches the colour of my favourite lipstick.

Speaking of which... Mmm, you taste good. Just running my lips lightly up the frenulum and over the tip feels so right. I can see it in your eyes. Do you see the pleasure in my eyes, the hunger? I can tell you're hungry for me to continue, and I never like to disappoint. Holding your heavy balls in one hand, I stroke my fingers up and down your shaft. Do you like that? Your groans seem to suggest you do. My index and middle finger make a nice substitute for my pussy, don't you agree? Maybe I should use some lube, but it's on the bedside table, out of reach. No matter. If I lean in and put my lips just here, on the head of your cock, I can dribble, like this. There, that's helped. My fingers seem to glide against your shaft. It always surprises me, when I think your cock can't grow any more, I feel a surge of blood and there's just a bit more of you to satisfy. I do like to run my tongue around the edge of your head, barely touching you but sensing the intense pleasure it gives you.

I'll hold your tip with two fingers while I lick down the shaft, maybe give those balls some attention. What do you say? My head nestles up against your groin, giving me easy access to flick my tongue over your balls. Keep that eye contact with me, let me see how much you enjoy this sensation. I lick back up your length. Let's concentrate on that tip for a while. There's a dollop of pre-cum forming on that head of yours. Shall I lick that off for you? I'll run the tip of my tongue across the slit and around the meaty head, fingers holding you gently, barely making contact. Maybe a little more spit, just to keep things lubed. I put both my hands around your shaft, moving them up and down in alternating directions, just like you like. I can lean in and continue to lick your balls. All done so lightly, barely touching you. I can read the lust deep in your eyes. Can you see it in mine, too? Kneeling up, I lean forward, my mouth directly over your hard cock.

I take the head between my lips, gently squeezing as I do. My mouth barely touches you, my fingers continue stroking you up and down, up and down, up and down. My thumbs rub the ridge on the underside of your shaft. My tongue presses gently on your head. Are you getting close, honey? I can see your flat stomach fluttering, your breathing shallow. If I run my tongue around your engorged head, gently, slowly, will that help? Let's try, shall we? My lips rest on the tip as my fingers continue to stroke you as softly as I can. One hand drops to gently squeeze those balls, not too hard, just enough to help raise you to boiling point. Oh, here it comes, I can always tell when it's about to happen. I can see you want to put your hand on my head and direct me, but not this time. I'm in charge. One more lick ought to do it. I close my lips softly around the head, hot breath against your hot, throbbing member, fingers rubbing the shaft, and I lick the last of the pre-cum before...

Wow, good job I moved my head in time! Did that first shot hit the pillow? Such a turn on to watch your cock tense and release that warm, salty cream. The second shot sprays your stomach, then your cum dribbles down from the winking eye, coating the shaft in your white gold. I can feel it on my fingertips, warm and sticky. I resist the urge to lick my fingers clean, and continue to stroke you softly, coaxing the last glob of cum from you. I watch as your stomach finally stops fluttering and listen to your breathing return to normal. I shall leave you to get showered, and while you're cleaning up, I'll go make us some breakfast. How does scrambled eggs and bacon sound? I think you need to replace that lost protein, because it's my turn tonight.


Kelli Smith “Perfect Wake Up” written by chris average rating 3.8/5 - 4 user ratings

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