Leah “Pre-Show Fuck”

Leah “Rising Early”
July 14, 2017

Leah “Pre-Show Fuck”
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Leah “Pre-Show Fuck” written by Steph average rating 4.2/5 - 19 user ratings

Pre-Show Fuck read by Leah

I sit at the bar, casually changing glances from the baseball game on TV to my two cousins chatting
on about some new show they’ve started watching. The band is in the background, setting up for their
show tonight. They’ve drawn in a bit of a rougher-looking crowd; many bikers, old and young, are
beginning to file in. I casually glance behind me, towards the door, right as he walks in; Chills run down my spine as he walks past me and I return my gaze to the TV.
Minutes lateras I’m scanning the bar, I catch that he seems to be staring at me from his seat at a
table past the other end of the bar. “It’s your imagination,”I tell myself.
I’ve had several more drinks. “I’m running to the restroom.”
 “Want me to join?” asks Heather.
 “No, I’ll be back.” I never quite understood why women had to go in packs.
As I walk my way through the still rather empty bar, I see him looking at me as I walk by. Once again,
I think nothing of it. As I exit the bathroom, I seem to look straight up and across the room, locking
eyes with him. Chills course my body once more. With a little bit of liquid encouragement, I strut my
stuff as best as I can as I walk by, feeling his eyes follow me. When I’m right next to him, I give him a
sweet smile.
I get back to my family and briefly mumble, “I’m stepping outside”, quickly grabbing my pack of
cigarettes out of my purse; another habit I have that these girls don’t.
 It’s warm out. I’m standing in a nearly empty beer garden, checking my phone, when I hear the big
door slam shut as he emerges. 

He quickly finds me and walks straight towards me. An overwhelming
excitement floods through my body. He quickly grabs me and pushes me around the corner of the
building, his tongue invading my mouth as his hand apply light pressure around my neck, pushing me
roughly against the wall. 

A soft moan escapes my throat as I feel my muscles begin to clench deep
inside. Almost instinctually, I put my hand against his pelvic area, squeezing as I feel his large
member pulsing through the jeans. I unzip his pants, and slide my hand inside, wrapping my hand
around his impressively thick cock. I nearly convulse at the feeling.
 Suddenly, he takes a fist full of my hair and pulls me down to my knees. I release his cock from his
jeans, springing to life, nearly hitting me in the face. Jesus, his cock was big! 

I put my lips just over the tip and swirl my tongue around his massive head and suck with just the right pressure as I slowly stroke his thick shaft. My eyes squeeze shut as my mouth and hand take over, beginning to work their expertise. I take his cock deeper into my mouth, until I feel his head invading my throat. 

My hand masterfully slides down to his balls, gently rubbing as I begin to fuck my mouth with his cock. A deep, masculine groan escapes his throat, causing my insides to tighten again. This feeling causes me to
move my mouth up and down on his cock even faster, allowing me to take the final inch into my
throat. His hips begin to rock back and forth, picking up speed as they go. “Jesus fucking Christ!” he
spits through gritted teeth.

Suddenly, he stops and in a quick, single move, lifts me up and forcefully bends me over an air conditioner unit, pulling my shorts down and ripping off my panties. I feel his large head gliding against
my lips, getting soaked in my sloppy juices. He twists my long hair around his arm before taking a
fistful and pulling my head up, so that I’m forced to look at the fence in front of me. 

He slams into me at full force, causing a loud moan to escape from my mouth as his long, thick cock invades my hole in a way no man has ever done before. He lets go of my hair as he cups his hand over my mouth, placing the other hand in the small of my backand repeatedly slams into me. Noticing that I have a
little bit of wiggle room, I begin to move my hips back and forth against him, causing him to push into
my hole at an even rougher tempo. 

It’s not long before I feel my body preparing for a big orgasm. He must sense this, as he reaches around and expertly rubs my clit. My body shakes uncontrollably as several orgasms pulse through it and my walls tighten even more around his thick cock. 

He continues to pick up his speed, as I begin to feel him orgasm deep inside me as well. After several pumps into me, he begins to slow, before he pulls out of me and our juices drip out. I struggle to stand and turn around, facing the man who just fucked me better than any other before. He helps me put my shorts
on as I notice my ripped panties hanging out of his jacket pocket.
“Are you, uh, gonna let me have those back?” I say, as I glance at the panties.
 “Maybe next time, honey.”
 “Next time?”
 “The band will start playing here every other Saturday night. I anticipate I’ll be seeing you again.” He
turned around, leaving me breathlessas he walked around the corner. I heard the familiar sound of
the big door slam shut. A devilish smile snaked its way across my face. Next time. Two weeks from
now. I suddenly couldn’t wait.

The End.
Leah “Pre-Show Fuck” written by Steph average rating 4.2/5 - 19 user ratings

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Leah “Pre-Show Fuck” written by Steph average rating 4.2/5 - 19 user ratings

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