Leah “Rising Early”

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July 21, 2017
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June 15, 2017

Leah “Rising Early”
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Leah “Rising Early” written by Steph average rating 4.3/5 - 12 user ratings

Rising Early read by Leah

Kate slipped out of bed and moved around the room picking up the clothes from where they were
dropped on the floor the night before. As she bent down to pick up the last one, she felt her husband
standing behind her, his hand moving up the soft pale skin on the back of her thigh, over her bum
before settling between her legs. She sighed as she felt his fingers stroking her lips, spreading them,
circling her clit and moving to feel the wetness growing from within her.
As she opened her legs wider she felt his finger gently pushing into her, at first just the tip, but going
deeper with each stroke as she coated more of his finger. She stood upright and half turned to kiss
him, her hand curling around his cock, stroking him slowly from the tip down his shaft and back again.
His other hand reached round to feel her breasts, massaging them, feeling her nipples harden as
their tongues danced across each other
Paul turned her so that she could lean on the bed as he knelt behind her, slowly kissing his way up
her thigh whilst his finger slid in and out of her wet pussy. She groaned as she felt his tongue circling
her clit, the groans getting louder as his tongue replaced his finger, tasting her and pushing deeper
into her.
He lay on the bed, pulling Kate high on top of him, guiding her over his chest until her trimmed pussy
was hovering over his mouth. Slowly, he lowered her onto him, his mouth sucking on her clit before
moving down to her pussy so that she was riding his tongue, holding onto the headboard as his
reached up and massaged her breasts, pulling gently on her hard nipples, making her moan even
Kate lifted herself off his mouth with a whimper and turned around, feeling Paul's tongue on her clit
as he felt hers circling the tip of his cock. Paul's let out a moan as he felt her lips slide down his shaft
before slowly sucking their way back up, he felt her moaning on his cock as he slid his finger back
into her wet pussy as he licked her clit.
 Paul rolled Kate off of him, staying on top of her, slowly sliding himself in and out of her warm mouth, testing how much she could take, each stroke going slightly deeper until he felt resistance, his fingers still dancing over her clit and filling her pussy making her moan around him.
Climbing off her Paul spread her legs wide, sliding his wet cock over her clit and spreading her lips
with the tip, slowly he eased it into her, feeling her pussy spreading around the head as it pushed into
her, he gently fucked her, using just the tip as he sucked hungrily on her nipples, his tongue working
the hardened tips as it had with her clit.
Finally, Kate couldn't take anymore, and wrapping her legs around him, pulled him deep into her, her
head rolling back as she groaned with pleasure. His mouth moved up to her neck, kissing it as he
started to fuck her with long slow strokes, her moans filling the room as he went deeper.
He paused with his cock lodged all the way into her as he sat up, lifting her legs onto his shoulders,
her moans rising as he held her legs together squeezing her pussy round his cock as he carried on
fucking her, almost taking his cock out of her pussy before sliding back into her, the wetness
beginning to spread onto the bed.
Paul rolled Kate onto her front, lifting her on her knees, keeping them together. His hands spread her
cheeks so he could see her pussy gaping before swiftly sliding deep into her again, making her
squeal into the pillows as he smoothed fucked her, her hand reaching between her legs to stroke her
clit before sliding down to her lips, feeling his cock slide between them getting her fingers slick with
her juices.
He pulled her back against him until they were both sitting with her between his legs, his cock still
deep inside her, his balls resting on her feet as she slowly rocked against him.
 He kissed her back as one hand reached around to cup her full firm breast, the other slipping a
vibrating ring onto a finger before sliding down to find her clit again, she groaned as the vibrations
and having her pussy filled with his cock pushes her over the edge.
Paul felt her pussy clamping around his cock as he felt her cum over his cock as she groaned. It was
all he needed to help him reach his own climax as feeling her pussy milking his cock caused him to
cum deep inside her, making her reach back and make sure he stayed deep inside her.
As they collapsed on the bed for a moment they stayed there, him deep inside her and her not
wanting to let him leave. Finally, Kate sat up and playfully punched Paul on the arm, "Come on, we
still need to shower..."

The End!
Leah “Rising Early” written by Steph average rating 4.3/5 - 12 user ratings

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Leah “Rising Early” written by Steph average rating 4.3/5 - 12 user ratings

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