Lottii Rose “Double Teamed”

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September 11, 2016
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Lottii Rose “Double Teamed”
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Lottii Rose “Double Teamed” written by Lee average rating 4.9/5 - 8 user ratings

Double Teamed by Lottii Rose


Mike and I were enjoying a quiet evening at home, with no kids and no work. We were trying to figure
out what to do as it had been months since we were home alone. We decided to have a romantic
dinner and watch a movie. Mike picks a movie that has a lot of sex scenes and, of course, it makes
me want sex bad. Mike, on the other hand, said he wants to stay up and watch some more TV.
I was upset and just about to go to bed when he came in. He told me to put on my sexiest nighty, he
had some excitement planned for me. I put on my nighty, it was sheer black with blue bows, the
breasts were cut out. The bottom was just a sheer G-string panty.

Once I was ready, Mike came up behind me and started to caress my arms and shoulders. He leaned
down and started kissing me on the neck and slowly turned me around and kissed me hard on the
mouth. His tongue tangled with mine. He took my breasts in his hand and massaged them, very
gently at first then roughly, pinching and pulling my nipples.
I was getting so aroused, I reached down and started stroking his cock. I went to get on my knees
and he lifted me back up and had me lay on the bed. He cuffed my hands to the bed and blindfolded
me, then took out a riding crop. I felt him smack my breasts one at a time. He would smack me then
pinch my nipple until I cried out. I started to get wet and he knew it. He told me that he knew I liked it
and that I was his slut.

He then took the riding crop and smacked my pussy over and over. He noticed the end had a wet
spot on it and he leaned down and kissed me with a force like never before. He told me that I was not
allowed to cum until he told me I could.
I felt his hand slide between my legs and into my moist pussy. He slowly rubbed my clit until I started
to moan. He heard me moan and removed his hand and inserted a vibrator. He pushed it in and out
for about two minutes then he pushed it in as far as it would go and left it there. He used his thumb to
rub my clit.
I tried to move my hips but he stopped rubbing and told me I was not allowed to cum yet. He then told
me to open my mouth. I did and he climbed on my chest and shoved his cock straight down my
throat. I started to gag, then I was able to control my reflex as he moved in and out. He moved slowly
saying, “Yes baby girl, take daddy all the way down that little throat. Yes, daddy likes it when you
swallow his big cock.”

Then I felt his hands on my breast. Mike pulled out and shoved back in hard. He felt a little thicker
than I thought he was. He was moving in and out a little faster, I could tell he was getting close, just
when I thought he was going to cum he pulled out.

He took my cuffs off and had me roll over. I felt him come up behind me and slide into my wetness
from behind. He told me to open my mouth, I didn’t know why he said that but I did as he asked. I felt
a cock slide into my mouth and realized it was the thicker cock I was previously sucking.
It was then that I knew he was giving me the ultimate fantasy. They both started to slide in and out of
me, both going in at the same time. I was so excited that I came almost immediately. Mike told me if I
cum he would whip me. They both suddenly pulled out. Mike lay on the bed under me and told me to
ride on him, so I did. Then he grabbed my hips and started fucking me fast and hard, I was just about
to cum when he stopped. Then I felt his friend trying to enter my behind.

I didn’t think I would like that but he kept telling me to relax and Mike kept rubbing my clit. Soon he
was all the way in and they both started moving again. I was so close to cumming, I started to shake
and squeeze their cocks with my pussy and ass tightening around them. Mike said, “Yes baby cum
on daddy’s cock.” I came all over him and all the sudden Mike shoved in hard and came. Next his
friend did the same, he filled my ass with his cum.

I collapsed on the bed and they both rolled me over and Mike started sucking my pussy as the other
started to lick and suck my breast. I grabbed the bed sheets and tried to maintain some control but it
was almost impossible. I was so close that I screamed out to Mike that I was going to squirt all over
him. He licked much faster and all the sudden I covered his tongue and face with my cum.
He licked me clean and then he climbed onto my face and shoved his cock into my mouth. I devoured
him, sucking every inch of him down my throat. I love his cock in my mouth I sucked and licked every
inch of him. I licked his balls and sucked him deep, then I took my middle finger and covered it with
my saliva and slowly moved it in and out of his ass as I sucked him.
He was getting so close that I could feel his balls tightening up in my hand, His friend was getting
hard watching this as he was massaging and sucking my breast. His friend climbed behind me and
started fucking me again. I sucked Mike hard and fast wanted to taste his cum.

Suddenly Mike grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting deep in my throat, shooting his
cum straight down. I was swallowing as fast as I could until I got it all. Then his friend grabbed my
hips and started slamming his cock into my pussy. It felt so good, I couldn’t control myself. I started
pushing back into him, matching his rhythm.

He felt so good, I came in about 10 minutes. He pulled out and rolled me over on my back and
pushed back in me. Mike was laying on the bed watching the whole thing. Mike started massaging my
breast and saying, “That’s daddy’s girl, ride his big cock. Show daddy what a slut his little girl can be.”
Listening to Mike talk dirty was making me so wet, I was so close to cumming again. I started
moaning and pushing my hips up to match his friend's strokes. Mike knew I was almost there so he
leaned over me and started sucking my breast. I reached up and grabbed his head and roughly
pushed his mouth onto my breast.

Mike was sucking and biting my nipples as his friend was getting close to cumming. He asked me,
“Do you want me to fill your pussy or shoot it on your stomach?” Mike said, “Fill that pussy up.”
Then Mike’s friend lifted my legs over his shoulder and started pounding me. I was so wet you could
hear the juices at every stroke. He grabbed my hips and shoved in one last time and filled me up with
his cum. At that moment, I came too.

He got up from the bed and told Mike he was going to take a shower. Mike was so turned on because
I was filled with another man’s cum that he was hard again. As his friend left the room Mike climbed
between my legs and lifted them up over his shoulders and shoved in hard and fast.
He kept telling me I was such a little slut; that he knew I would love to have sex with other men. As he
was saying this he was pumping me faster and harder with every sentence. I loved it, I wanted him to
cum in me too.

Suddenly Mike shoved in hard and started to moan, I could feel his cum filling me. It felt so good, I
wrapped my legs around him and started cumming on his cock.
We both laid there on the bed exhausted. His friend came into the bedroom; I had almost forgot about
him. I started to take my blindfold off so that I could see who he was.
At that moment, I woke up.

Lottii Rose “Double Teamed” written by Lee average rating 4.9/5 - 8 user ratings

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Lottii Rose “Double Teamed” written by Lee average rating 4.9/5 - 8 user ratings

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