Louise "An Oral Promotion"

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December 23, 2015
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Louise "An Oral Promotion"
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Louise "An Oral Promotion" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings


I work as a teacher in a secondary school and as such I see and hear a lot of crazy every day. I also have a friend who always jokes about how my male students probably get off nightly thinking about me, I can tell you there is no worse thought – teenagers – especially boys… yuck! Whenever the news reports a teacher having sex with a student I always shake my head in disbelief, so if you are thinking my stories are going to go that way I am sorry, not something I have ever been interested in and certainly not something I will ever do. However as a teacher I have had some adventures and the first of which happened when I started at a new school. It was October and I had started in the December teaching History and supply for Geography. It was a good job, good money and the school was close to my children’s junior school so the hours worked perfectly for me.

The head of history had sadly been taken seriously ill and we were informed in a staff meeting that he would not be coming back, despite me taking a career break to have my children I was actually the most qualified of the staff and so I was asked to apply. I attended an interview with the head that was very supportive and informed me the existing staff also wanted me which was a huge boost considering I had not long been there. Me getting the job however was down to the school governors and they were keen on a man they had interviewed some time ago. I was finally invited to an interview with the chair of the governors, a man I had met a few times before, older than me, in his 40’s – very clean cut and I believe former military, at least he gave that impression. The interview had been going about thirty minutes when he said he wanted to be candid with me; “you and our other applicant are neck and neck, you are both equally qualified and on the same pay scale there is nothing between you and its completely my decision.”

I nodded not really sure where he was going… “so I have to ask myself, which of the two of you would be willing to go the extra mile, would be willing to do something to show me just how much you want the job…” I remember thinking that he was sounding like a really stupid character from a porno film. Was he actually asking me to suck his cock for a job? I felt pretty insulted but then had that voice say no way he is meaning that! So I asked him; “What can I do?” He smirked and walked around the room, it made me feel quite uncomfortable the long silence before he walked back and perched himself on his desk right in front of me, his crotch at head height from where I was sat. He did want me to suck his cock. He didn’t have to say another word, I knew. He looked at me and I looked back. I had a million thoughts running through my head, do I do it… do I slap him in the face and storm out, I was angry, he was assuming I’d do it, what sort of opinion did he have of me!?

With all the thoughts and emotions running wild in my mind there was one thing happening that I was not expecting, that was the fact I could feel my pussy getting wet at the thought of doing something this naughty. I was literally being given the opportunity to suck a dick for a job, it’s so slutty, so unlike me and my angelic persona but it was driving me wild. In what felt like minutes but probably only seconds I made the decision to do it and so I looked at him dead in the eye and said “if I show you right now how much I want this job do you guarantee its mine?” He smiled and nodded. I did not hesitate any further and stood up removing my business suit jacket and unbuttoning the top two buttons of my blouse. His eyes widened and I walked over and unhooked his belt before opening his trousers, he reached out to touch me and I slapped his hands away shooting him a look. I took his cock in my hand and started to pump him, he was a good length and was quickly getting hard in my hand and as I wanted this done fast I placed the head of his cock in my mouth and worked his shaft with my hand fast.

He moaned and I glanced up to see the look of pleasure on his face a couple of times. It was not long before I could feel his pre cum dripping into my mouth and then his whole body jerked and I felt his cum pour onto my tongue. It was an odd taste, not like men id been with before and so I swallowed quickly and I remember thinking it was not a lot compared to the last man id blown but none the less I had done my work!! I never said another word to him but I gently placed his now lifeless cock back in his pants, did up his trousers for him, drank some of the water I had in a glass on the table and walked out still while straightening my clothes. To this day I am a little ashamed of this however I put it down to living and learning where your lines are, where you feel comfortable, he was single, I was single, it was a moment that could have happened just through lust but the fact it happened through his demands made it hot and at the same time made me feel bad about myself. For those wondering though the job offer was in my post tray the very next morning at school…


Louise "An Oral Promotion" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings

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Louise "An Oral Promotion" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 2 user ratings

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