Louise "Being Tied Up The Naughty Way"

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January 30, 2016
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Louise "Being Tied Up The Naughty Way"
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Louise "Being Tied Up The Naughty Way" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 3 user ratings


I had explored my every sexual desire over the last 18 months, going through different phases. I had tried anal sex and loved it, I had experienced my first squirting orgasm and never looked back and I had experienced the thrill and excitement of sex with strangers and in a public place. My whole reason for writing out my stories and sharing them was two fold, one I hoped I was an average enough woman to inspire others caught in an ideal of what society demands of them to break free of that and enjoy themselves. Two was to see if I could reignite my own passion and I am pleased to say that has worked. My latest story is my most recent adventure and another first of sorts. I have been dating my old fuck buddy David for a little while now, our sex is always good, like it always was and then we fell into a bit of a routine rut. Many if not all couples have this, where the hot sex at the start of a relationship fizzles to routine, its bed time, we make love, we sleep and then we get up the next day REPEAT.

I was very worried that is how things always were going to be when much to my delight he brought it up and he suggested we made sure we always did something a little different every now and then to spice things up. I was so happy that night I have him a blow job with ice cubes in my mouth, something I had never tried before and something he seemed to enjoy. It was fun. He did tell me though that he would be having his way with me soon and that brings me to my story….  I returned home from work, it was a Friday night and my children were away with their father for the weekend. I knew David was meeting me at mine and when I arrived I was pleased to see he was waiting. Following our hug hello he took charge and led me into my own home and into my bedroom. We kissed, it was gentle, nice and his hands didn’t so much grab at me in lust, he massaged me, caressed every inch of my body. I was very turned on right away and I know he felt just how much as he removed my clothes including my now very damp panties.

I was standing naked in my bedroom as he gently kissed me all over and my body ached for him to take me. I reached to start removing his clothes but he stopped me, not only stopping me from touching him but also handcuffing me. I smiled and went with it as he lay me on the bed cuffing my hands above me to the railings. My hands were out of action and then he tied a silk scarf around my eyes as a blindfold. I lay there for what felt like a small age, but really only seconds, before he touched me. Everything felt so much more intense. His hands moving over my breasts, squeezing them gently, caressing me, making love to every inch of my body with his hands and then his tongue. Not one part of me was not kissed or licked; it was intense and very sexy. He made his way down to my by now soaking wet pussy and then I felt his tongue flick across my swollen clit. It sent a wave of pleasure and warmth through me. He moved his tongue slowly, side to side, teasing me going fast and then slow with the top of his tongue and then the whole of his tongue licking me.

My body shook with an orgasm and I heard him moan as he enjoyed the taste of my cum on his lips. He kissed his way down my legs, his tongue tracing gently a path along my inner thigh on my left leg to my ankle, then from my right ankle up my leg, my inner thigh and back to my pussy. He spent more time there, this time introducing an ice cube. The mixture of freezing cold drips on my clit being licked away by his warm tongue was making me arch my back in desire. I wanted him inside me so badly. He made me cum slowly and it was huge, my whole body went into spasm and my clit was super sensitive after. He kissed his way back up my body, again very slowly, very deliberate in everything that he did. His hands caressing my curves and his tongue taking it in turns which nipple he was going to lick and then suck. As he moved up to kiss me I could taste my pussy on his lips and it drove me wild, I bedded him in a soft voice to take me. He did not answer he just kissed his way back down slowly. Then for a moment I felt him move away before returning with toys.

Lifting my legs he exposed my ass and he began to lick me there, using an ice cube once again, it was a very naughty dirty feeling. I would not say I was getting intense pleasure from it but I can say it felt good at the time. He stared to feed into my ass some anal beads. One by one he worked them into me and on occasion would lick my pussy as he slowly pulled them out. He continued for some time until I once again came thanks to his amazing tongue. With something in my ass, the orgasm always that bit more intense. He placed every bead inside my ass and then switched focus to my pussy again, this time plunging a finger inside me and curling it up to hit my spot. I orgasmed within 60 seconds of him doing it and it was intense, the best so far and they were only getting bigger and better. His tongue on my clit, my ass full and stretched and now two fingers inside me stretching my pussy and hitting my spot I felt by body convulse as I orgasmed hard and then the incredible sexy feeling of release as I squirted hard shooting across the room again and then again and again, again and again it just kept shooting from me. It was intense and I was breathless panting begging for him to pick that very moment to thrust his manhood inside me but again he went about his own plan.

With the toy in my ass I felt another toy, this time a dildo forcing its way inside me, it was big and thick, in truth so big a little painful as it moved inside me but I did not care, I was wild at this point. He slid it all the way in and all the way out several times before pushing it deep and with both my ass and pussy feeling full he removed my blindfold. In his left hand was my magic wand, the world’s greatest vibrator (massager) and in his right hand was his hard cock. He was kneeling next to me. I watched as he jerked his cock, sliding the foreskin up and down as he placed the wand on my clit and I instantly felt my orgasm build. It did not take long before I was moaning like a cheap whore at the top of my lungs and as my orgasm built to explosion I watched as he jerked his rigid cock hard ejaculating his warm cum all over my naked breasts and face. I lay there, breathing heavy knowing right then and there that with this man my sex life will NEVER be boring.


Louise "Being Tied Up The Naughty Way" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 3 user ratings

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Louise "Being Tied Up The Naughty Way" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 3 user ratings

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