Louise "My First Quickie"

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March 3, 2016
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February 28, 2016

Louise "My First Quickie"
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Louise "My First Quickie" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 4 user ratings


It had been six months since I had been with my fuck buddy David, a combination of work and schedules had led to me not having sex and I must admit, I was in need. I owned and still do own many sex toys, different shapes and sizes however nothing can beat the real thing and I was excited. My children were away with their father, it was a Friday night and I had a date which I knew was a sure thing. I showered, shaved my legs and actually for the first time in my life shaved my pubic hair, it looked neat and I just felt very sexy. I looked into my mirror and admired myself, which does not happen often, in my black underwear. It felt good and looked very good. Then I slipped my red dress on, it was a little short, in fact it was very short and I knew if I so much as bent over I would show the world my panties. Also, it showed my cleavage something I never really did. I have B cup breasts and as such have also had a complex, however in this particular bra they looked big and I felt very sexy showing my chest off for once.

I left and headed to the bar, which was a local place and then sat with a drink at a table near a window and waited. Sadly I was there only a few minutes before I got a text message telling me he could not make it, he was not feeling well and I felt awful. I had gone from feeling sexy, the best I had felt in a long time, to feeling stupid. I sat there, deflated, nursing my drink for a little while before deciding to leave however just as I stood a man came and sat down at my table. He was a rugged looking man, clearly been in the bar a while too as smelled of booze. I smiled politely as to leave when he spoke to me, a very rough gravelly voice. “I do not know your name but you are the sexiest woman in this bar and I want to fuck you….” I was very taken back, no one in my life had ever really spoken to me like that, especially not someone who I had never met. I was a little offended that he felt he could talk to me that way but also and maybe I should be ashamed of myself here, it turned me on a little too as clearly he wanted me. His eyes were locked on my chest as I sat back down.

“You do not know me….” Before I could finish my sentence he interrupted me. “STOP… I don’t want to know you, I want to put my big dick in you hard and fast until I shoot my load on your face. Then I never want to see you again.” He spoke confidently and with a real power, his eyes now locked on mine he stood up and held out his hand. Everything slowed down, my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest but again a little ashamed to admit being wanted like that, the animal lust he had just because of my looks was a big turn on and I was actually a little wet in anticipation of what he might do to me. I took his hand and without speaking he led me out of the bar and into an alley way behind it. It was dark with only a flickering street light providing us any light at all but that was intermittent at best. He pushed me against the wall and put one hand up my dress to rub between my legs, I was wet and he seemed to like being able to feel that right away, I guess it encouraged him.

He kissed me, his tongue was rough and course like his hands were and it was less of a kiss more him pushing his tongue into my mouth, it was not a good kiss but there was still something very primal and sexy about the way he was dominating me, even in a kiss. He took a step back and dropped his jeans to the floor, then he slowly slid down his briefs to reveal the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. Length, girth, it was a monster and a complete contrast to what I had been used to with my fuck buddy David. I obviously did not measure him but if I had to guess it was over 10” long and it was the width at the base of a small can of drink. It was just huge! He pumped it while looking at me and told me to; “take your tits out” … and I did, taking them out over my dress. When he spoke to me it felt like commands, I was very much doing as I was told. His monster cock was now hard and he approached me, he grabbed at my breasts roughly then spun me around lifting my dress and literally he ripped my panties, before I could say anything or react I felt his massive cock penetrate me from behind and he was not being gently, he thrust into me as hard as he could and made me scream.

He was so big it felt like my insides were being ripped open and he kept thrusting and grunting, he grabbed my hair and pulled it back hard with every few hard thrusts and although he was hurting me as was being rough I was also so turned on, I was actually really getting off on the pain and the roughness. The way he was treating me made me feel dirty and a slut and I loved it. “take my big dick you whore..” and “moan for me you fucking slut” were all things he said to me and I have to admit, in the moment, I loved it. He kept banging away and as he stretched me it started to feel very good. I had never been so full before and my legs were shaking. He pulled his monster cock out of me and literally pushed me to my knees where he jerked off, covering my face in his warm cum. It didn’t so much shoot over me, it just landed, poured almost and there was a lot. I remember the feeling, kneeling there in an alley way my pussy battered and bruised and covered in cum watching as he pulled up his jeans and simply walked away from me without saying another word.

I picked up my ripped panties from the floor and used them to wipe myself clean, as best I could, then I threw them in a bin nearby as I walked back to my car and drove home. I was sore for a month but I have no regrets, it was an amazingly sexy experience and taught me something about myself I did not know before, I liked feeling powerless and slutty.


Louise "My First Quickie" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 4 user ratings

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Louise "My First Quickie" written by theking average rating 5/5 - 4 user ratings

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