Millie Rose “Sharing My Body”

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December 13, 2016
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December 8, 2016

Millie Rose “Sharing My Body”
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Millie Rose “Sharing My Body” written by Lee average rating 5/5 - 8 user ratings

"Sharing My Body" read by Millie Rose

He was very rough with me. He was VERY well endowed and hurt me. I did not orgasm; I was not even close to one. So why oh why could I not get it out of my head? It was an amazing thrill, something I had not experienced before.

The thought of someone wanting me so badly, it was primal, it was animal and it was pure lust made it very sexy. It made me feel very sexy.

So I decided I would explore this feeling again, I went to a bar and “hooked up” with a guy. The sex was hard, rough and fast. Once again I did not really enjoy it in terms of orgasm but it was sexy and a thrill doing it and that is what I was getting off on so to speak.

I had done this a few times now and each time had gone to a different bar far enough away from where I lived or had gone before to try and ensure people would not know me but one night while sitting in a bar I spotted a guy who only two weeks earlier I had a bit of fun with. I did not have sex with him but only because we nearly got caught in the behind the bar.

I loved the look on his face as he glanced across and saw me. It took him only a moment to remember how he knew me and approached. We talked briefly but it was obvious from his eyes wandering all over my body what was on his mind and to be honest it was all I wanted too.

Before I knew it we had snuck away to the toilets and were in the disabled cubicle. He could not get my panties down fast enough and the anticipation was making me wet. I reached between his legs as he kissed me frantically and took him in my hand pumping him quickly. He was what I would consider a normal size, I know this is a very subjective opinion but in my experience about 5” to 6” is average and that is what he was.

I was ready to be fucked and was getting myself at a strange angle with one leg up on the toilet when his phone went. I glared at him insanely annoyed when he answered it ! He was talking to a mate and then he said something which made me feel cold all over. “I am in the toilets with a girl who wants it, come join us, she will like you.”

I was shocked, stunned, silent, I did not know what to think or say but I was ready to slap him and leave at his sheer audacity when he started to fuck me. His cock slid into my wet pussy and the angel was really good, hitting my spot hard with every thrust. He was fucking me fast and hard like I wanted and it was very good.

He grabbed at my breasts roughly, his hands course and he continues to kiss me all over. I was really enjoying it and was having to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning out like a porn star. My near orgasmic fuck was halted though as I hear someone walk into the toilets and the man I was with slid his cock out of me and opened our door.

Another guy walked in, he was a big guy, like the sort of guy you see in gym adverts or professional wrestling, his muscles had muscles and was wearing a vest. He walked in and did not speak just smiled to his friend and took his cock out and grabbed me by the hair bringing my head too it.

He was larger than his friend, maybe by a couple of inches and as I took him in my mouth I felt the other guy move to standing behind me and then he penetrated me. I had one cock in my mouth, another in my pussy and I was living out a fantasy I never even knew I had until it was happening.

I felt completely out of control at the start of this however as the two men got more and more into what they were doing I realised I actually was in complete control and as I would not be seeing either of them ever again I could say and do whatever the hell I wanted. I was in charge and so I took charge.

I took the bigger guy out of my mouth and stood up, sliding the other guy out of my now dripping wet pussy. I kissed the big guy and then looking him in the eye told him to fuck me harder, bending forward I felt him push into me gently and so I said again “HARDER or il let you friend keep fucking me…” and with that he forced himself in stretching me roughly and it felt amazing, that wonderful sexy feeling of a little bit of pain combined with that wonderful stretch full feeling of having a man penetrate you.

He found a great angle and was banging away, it felt great and his friend sat down on the toilet, his cock full erect and I began sucking it trying to deep throat him as best as I could while his larger friend fucked me turning my legs to jelly.

It was not much longer before the first guy sitting down started to moan and I could taste his pre cum on my lips. I sucked as hard as I could while his hands in my hair forced my head up and down.. I closed my eyes and focused on the great feeling in my pussy as his large friend continued to fuck me as finally I felt his cum pour into my mouth. I swallowed his load, which I remember tasted awful and made me gag a little, and then placing both my hands on his knees just waited for his friend to finish.

Finally the big guy finished, he pulled out of me and his warm cum landed on my back. The two guys laughed and gave each other a high five. I asked them both to get dressed and leave me to clean up. They did just that and I sat there for a little while still in a little bit of disbelief at what I had done before heading out, getting in my car and driving home for a well-earned sleep.

Millie Rose “Sharing My Body” written by Lee average rating 5/5 - 8 user ratings

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Millie Rose “Sharing My Body” written by Lee average rating 5/5 - 8 user ratings

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