Millie Rose “Shower Shag”

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September 16, 2016
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Millie Rose “Shower Shag”
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Millie Rose “Shower Shag” written by Lee average rating 4/5 - 5 user ratings

"Shower Shag" read by Millie Rose

It had been over two weeks since Stephanie’s dad and I had been together, but last night we
managed to escape to a hotel and spend the night together. Unfortunately, I passed out before
anything could happen.

I kind of felt sorry for him. He had paid for an expensive hotel and I had drunk myself into the ground.
As I woke up with the sheets wrapped around me, covering most of my bottom half and only one of
my breasts, I rolled over to find myself alone in the bed.

It took me only a second to figure out where he had gone when I heard the shower turn on. I rolled
onto my back and stretched before throwing the sheets off and getting out of bed. I slowly and quietly
walked to the bathroom losing my thong as I walked letting it slide down my thighs until it reached my
ankles slowly allowing me to step out of it.

I walked in on him having a shower ever so quietly that he didn’t even notice me walking into the
bathroom completely naked, he didn’t even hear me as I opened up the shower door and stepped in.
He still didn't know I was behind him until I slowly moved my hand around to the front of his athletic,
muscular body and lightly grabbed his soft cock with my small hands giving it a soft pull.

His body stiffened and his cock grew and hardened in my hand. I could feel his breathing start to get
a little shallow as I moved my hand back and forth along his nice firm cock, and he could feel my hard
nipples pressing against his strong back.

I let go after a few pumps of my hand and moved in front of him. I grabbed the back of his neck and
pulled his mouth to mine as I kissed him long and hard. I bit his bottom lip lightly leaving a mark
before getting on my knees.

I opened my hot, wet mouth and licked the tip of his cock. Slowly running my tongue from the tip to
the base before sticking it all the way into my mouth. I could feel his strong hands running though my
hair, lightly pushing my head till he was almost fully inside my mouth, gaging me a little, I could taste
his pre-cum, sliding down the back of my throat.
One of my hands was helping my mouth as it moved back and forth, and I moved my other hand between my legs.

I was dripping wet and not because of the water. I stuck two fingers inside my tight
pussy a few times before pulling them out. I raised my hand above my head in a silent command as
he bent down and sucked my salty sweetness from my fingers.
"I want to be in you," I heard him say as he lifted me off of my knees. He pushed me against the back
of the shower wall and I smiled in anticipation.

First he kissed me, then he slowly moved down to my hard nipples, taking each one into his mouth
and sucking lightly as I moaned. As he swirled his tongue around my nipple I could feel his hand push
my legs open so he could get a finger into me.

"So wet," I heard him mumble, my nipple still in his mouth.
He quickly picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. I could feel the tip of his penis as he
very slowly pushed into me. I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him, as he pumped in and out of

I couldn't help but moan. First he was slow but he started to quicken the pace, pounding into me hard
and fast. My heart started beating faster and my breath quickened; he could tell how close I was to an
orgasm, so he slowed down so I wouldn't cum just yet. I moaned in protest trying to push my hips
forward, but he just held me back.
Then he started pushing into me inch by inch, so slow. He could see the need in my eyes and he just

"You want me to make you cum?" he asked as he bent down and whispered in my ear, sending a
shiver down my spine.
"God yes!" I said in a quiet half moan.
"Tell me," he said pushing into me.
"I wanna cum. Make me cum baby, please make me cum," I begged, my breathing heavy.
"Good girl," he said as he pulled out and replaced his cock with two of his fingers. When he pulled
them out they were covered in my sticky juices.
"Open your mouth," he commanded and I did as I was told. He pushed his fingers into my mouth and
I sucked them clean.

"How do you taste?" he asked me.
"Mmmm… soo good," I told him in a purring response, slowly licking my bottom lip.
He smiled as he bent down again to suck on my hard nipples. Then he started pounding into me
again hard and fast. My head hit the tiled shower wall but the pain only made the pleasure that much
I moaned and screamed all at once in pleasure, finally hitting orgasm. He could feel my body
clamping around him, pulling me in. He continued pounding into me and I could tell how close he was
to cumming too.

"Cum for me baby! Cum!" I yelled. I could feel his warm cum shooting into me as his head fell back.
We both stood there for a minute, my legs still wrapped around him, his cock still buried in me. We
were both trying to catch our breath.
When my breathing finally slowed I loosened my legs and slid down him. I gave him another long hot
kiss before I stepped out of the shower, leaving him to get ready for work.

I was dripping wet and leaving a trail of water as I left but I was surprised that right as I grabbed the
handle of the bathroom door to exit, he grabbed my arm. I turned back to look at him.
"Oh, I'm not done with you yet," he said, pulling me to him. I almost slipped on the water trail I had
made but he caught me with his strong arms, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

He walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, throwing me onto the bed hard. I bounced a few
times. I was laying on my back and staring up at him. I could see the hunger in his eyes and it sent
shivers of anticipation all through my body.

He bent down with both of his knees on the end of the bed in front of me. He grabbed my knees and
slowly spread them so he could look at my beautiful, wet, pink pussy. His right hand moved from my
knee down the inside of my knee, then up to my stomach, and between my breasts. He pushed one
of his fingers into my mouth and I sucked on it. Then he pulled it out and rubbed it around my nipple.
I watched as he moved his head between my legs. I could feel the warmness of his tongue pushing
into me. I weaved my fingers into his hair moaning. I could feel another orgasm building up. But he
quickly flipped me over.

"Hands and knees," he told me and I moved quickly to do as he said.
Just seconds later I could feel him push into me again, this time more urgent then in the shower. He
slapped my ass as he moved in and out of me. I let out a small yell and bit my bottom lip.
"I'm gonna cum again," I said, and he quickened the pace. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head
back. I screamed as I came. Then he pulled out of me, turned me over and came all over my face.
I laid there unable to speak for lack of breath. He had fallen next to me. I turned toward him and
kissed him.

Millie Rose “Shower Shag” written by Lee average rating 4/5 - 5 user ratings

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Millie Rose “Shower Shag” written by Lee average rating 4/5 - 5 user ratings

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