Rihanna “An Interesting Encounter:Pt1”

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August 5, 2016
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July 30, 2016

Rihanna “An Interesting Encounter:Pt1”
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Rihanna “An Interesting Encounter:Pt1” written by chris average rating 4.8/5 - 4 user ratings

An Interesting Encounter:Pt1 

The Paris show had been a great success, so much so that Tomas, the designer, who was normally very shy and avoided the fans, did not do his usual bolt for home, but stayed and instructed the waiters to bring out the Moet.  Only a few of the models in the room had changed into their everyday clothes.  I had simply wrapped a length of material around myself and was enjoying winding down and sipping the champagne.  Although I was tired I was in no hurry to go to my hotel.

I was startled when someone kissed me on my bare shoulder.  I turned.  A tall, slim woman, aged, I guessed, in her sixties, and wearing a gown by Tomas, of course, smiled at me and said: “You were the star of the show!  Tres, tres, belle!”  “Merci beaucoup, Madame”.  She looked at me very intently and said: “I could not help myself just now.  I just had to salute you and your shoulder was the nearest part of you that I could reach.” I was unsure how to respond to this, but she did not pause and asked: “When do you have to leave Paris?” “I’m due in New York in ten days for a photo shoot for Vogue.”  “Excellent! You will be able to visit me then.”  She turned to the very good-looking, tall young man standing beside her.  “Isn’t that excellent, Marc!” He nodded and smiled.

This woman clearly expected her commands to be obeyed.  She snapped her fingers and ordered Marc to give me her card.  “I would love to have you visit me very soon.  Would you be able to come to us the day after tomorrow?  I have a proposition that I think might interest you. My telephone number is on the card.”  She turned and left the room, the young man following her.

I went over to Tomas.  “Who was that elegant lady who was speaking to me?“ “That is the Countess Marie de Reims.  She is a very good customer of ours.  She is also a very famous writer of erotic novels.  There are many stories about her, not just for her books that many believe were not fiction. She was famous for the number of lovers she had when she was younger.” “Men or women?” “Both,” Tomas replied.  “These days she is known for her books but also for the very exclusive parties she sometimes organises.” I raised my eyebrows. “No, I have not yet been invited.”  “She has asked me to visit her.”  “Well, Isobel, if you do, take care, particularly if she is hosting one of her parties. You don’t want a scandal affecting your career”  “And, Marc?” I asked.  “Do you think he is her lover?” “Who knows? He was very handsome, wasn’t he? I quite fancied him myself.”

When I got back to my hotel room I opened up my laptop and did some research on the Countess.  It was as Tomas had said.  One entry gave a list of her novels and included a short extract from one of these.  She was a very skilful writer and I began to feel quite sexy myself as I read it and I couldn’t help my hand straying to my cunt.  She had described, in great detail, the seduction of a young man by an older woman.  Her description was very detailed. I could picture how she handled the young man’s body, using her mouth and moving her cunt over his body to tease him.  Although his dick stood hard and erect, she made him wait as long as possible before she would let him use his hands to touch her breasts, her belly and her bum and eventually permit him to enter her.

I waited a day before telephoning.  Marc answered the ‘phone and I made an appointment for the following afternoon.  “Hmm,” I thought, “he lives in.  Was he the butler? Her footman? Her lover?”

Given that the countess had talked about “a proposition” I decided to treat my visit to her as an audition similar to the way I was expected to parade before designers so as to get chosen for catwalk and photographic jobs. So I took great care with the way I dressed for our meeting although I did not wear a bra under the short and pretty white dress (designed by Tomas) that I had chosen to wear. I did wear a thong.

The Countess lived in a very handsome, three-storeyed house.  An older man answered my knock and ushered me into the Countess’ sitting room.  She was wearing a glamorous, floor-length gown.  Marc was standing behind her.  He was dressed informally, wearing a tight, white sleeveless tee shirt that showed off his torso. and tightly fitting trousers. We drank champagne and the Countess and I chatted about nothing in particular – Paris, designers, fashion shows, and recent movies. Marc was silent, barely moving.  I became impatient. “You said you had a proposition for me, Madame?”

“Yes, Isobel, I do. Would you mind coming and standing in front of me?”  I complied and she then launched into a rather embarrassing set of statements, praising my looks.  “You are very beautiful.” “Thank you.” “You have a beautiful body.” “Thank you.”  She went on in this way for a minute or so, and then she stood up and began to move her hands over my body. First, she stroked my hair, then my upper back, and then my breasts. Next, she knelt and ran her hands up my thighs until she reached my vagina, pressing lightly on my mound.  Her hands moved around to knead my bum. “Lovely, lovely,” she kept saying.  “Madame?”  “You may sit down now and I will tell you what I would like you to do for me.”

“I want to watch you and Marc fucking.” “Pardon?”  She became impatient. “Don’t you think he is handsome?” “Yes, I do.” She turned to Marc. She commanded: “Take your clothes off.  Let her see you properly.”   He quickly stripped off the tee shirt and undid the waist of his trousers and they dropped to the floor.  He was naked.  “Turn around and let her see all of you.”

“I get pleasure watching people fuck.” “Surely, there are plenty of films where you could do that.”  “Of course, but that is boring.  I want to be there when people fuck, I want to hear them groan and cry out.  I want to hear the slap of bodies moving together. I want to watch a man’s dick move into a woman’s cunt and sometimes slip out. I want to watch them lick and suck each other.  I want them to perform for me until I say I have seen enough.”    “And that is what you want to see Marc and I do for you?”  “You told me you don’t need to be in New York for some days. I will pay you ten thousand dollars for three days of your time.”  “And what does Marc get for fucking me?”  “He does what I order him to do and he gets a beautiful girl to enjoy.


Rihanna “An Interesting Encounter:Pt1” written by chris average rating 4.8/5 - 4 user ratings

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