Sarah G “Backstage Bang”

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December 15, 2016
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Sarah G “Backstage Bang”
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Sarah G “Backstage Bang” written by Lee average rating 4.3/5 - 7 user ratings

"Backstage Bang" read by Sarah G

This past weekend presented me with a rare situation, in which my man and I were unable to go to a
swinger’s party. However, there was a band playing in town that I liked a lot, which I really wanted to
go see. My husband also likes these guys and knows how much I love them. I really am into this
group not only because they are good but the bass player, a guy named Marcus, also happens to be
a friend of ours. It also turns out that Marcus is incredibly hot.

Marcus and his band were playing in Providence on Saturday. Because we knew him, I also knew
that we were going to see the performance in style. We were on the guest list, which guaranteed us
backstage access. All week my anticipation was building, to go to the show.

When Thursday arrived and I asked my husband what our weekend plans were, I was totally shocked
when he told me; he had to go to another show in Portsmouth. I was really upset by the change in
plans. I told him, I really wanted to see Marcus and his band instead of this smaller less popular band
that I really didn’t know. I even reminded him that I gave up on going to a swinger’s party so that I
could go see Marcus and his show.

I was really pissed, and I told him I was not having any excuses
about not being able to see them. When my husband saw how upset I was, he agreed I could go to
the show without him. I was happy and was planning on dressing up to impress Marcus and his band

Saturday finally came, and I was getting dressed in our room. While I was getting dressed, I made a
joke with some hidden innuendos.
“I hope Marcus likes this dress.”
Smiling my husband said, “Oh I'm sure he will.”
With a grin, “Maybe he'll let me suck his cock.”
He laughed and said, “If he will let you suck his cock, make sure you tell him it’s a gift from me.”
I laughed and said, “Okay I will.”
“Besides,” he said, “he won't have much time after the show to hang out, nor will he more than likely
let you do it anyway.”

Smiling and chuckling inside I nodded and said, “We will see.”
I arrived early before the show. My pass was upfront under the “will call” set of tickets. I was
impressed with being able to walk right into the venue. Looking around, I found my way instantly to
the backstage area and began my schmoozing. I felt everybody’s eyes all over my body. I was
wearing a one piece low-cut dress and heels that blew away anything else that the “fans” were
wearing. I was sexy and I knew it.

Then I saw Marcus, as usual surrounded by his fans. There were men with their wives as well as a
couple of little hippy wannabe chicks. I walked up to him, and he moved past the crowd and gave me
a big hug and kiss.

I thought to myself, “Wow this guy is so sexy. I can't wait to suck his cock.”
I had to explain to him why my man couldn't be there, however he already knew. We chatted with the
group for a bit. I knew some of them, but I really didn't care. I wanted some alone time with Marcus.
About twenty minutes later, the opening act went on stage and most of the people backstage
disappeared. I asked Marcus if he wanted to go somewhere and smoke something with me.
Grinning, he said, “Yes.”

I produced a pre-rolled joint telling him it was a gift from my husband. Grabbing my hand, we snuck
off to go smoke my husband’s gift. Marcus ushered me to the tour bus and made sure nobody else
was on board. When we got on board he closed the door behind us.
Marcus said how great I looked. Without missing a beat I thanked him and asked, “When are you
going to let me suck your cock?”

He laughed and said, “I wish but I am sure your significant-other would be mad at both of us.”
I knew that I had him. I Just laughed and said, “Oh yeah watch this.”
Grabbing my phone I sent a text message to my husband asking him if it was okay if I sucked Marcus's cock.

Within two minutes my phone buzzed with his reply. “If Marcus will allow you and you
promise to do a good job yes do it for me.”
Marcus froze and couldn't believe it. I slid off the couch onto my knees. I knelt before him and said,

Now Marcus is a 49 year-old Nubian god. He is six-feet tall, with a solid chocolate body. I was soon
going to find out he also had a beautiful eight-inch, thick cock, with some low hanging balls. I
unbuckled his belt as Marcus took a toke off the joint and reclined back. As his pants came down, I
pulled this monster cock out.

I said, “Oh my!”
I licked his balls and worked my way up his shaft and got as much as I could in my mouth. I gagged a
little and worked his thick shaft as I gobbled it down. He moaned and called my name.
He told me, “Suck it.”

I readily obliged his request and sucked him for a few more minutes, before his monster cock erupted
down my throat. I swallowed every drop of his thick cum.
He couldn't believe I had sucked him off and thanked me. I stood up and smiled and told him that I
have wanted to do that for years. He admitted that he has always wanted to fuck me. I told him that
would be awesome and I am game if he is. I could tell Marcus felt a little weird about actually fucking
me, since he knew my husband.

I told him that if he really wanted to fuck me I would allow it.
“Why don't you think about it while on stage and let me know after?”
Smiling he agreed instantly.

We went back into the venue just as the opening act was finishing. The crew was setting up and soon
the show began. I hung out with whoever seemed familiar and watched him play and look up at me a
few times. I sent a text message to my man, towards the end of the show. In the text message I said,
I was letting him know that I was going to try to fuck Marcus after the show.
He just texted back, ”LOL.”
I know my husband never wanted me to go all the way with him, but if Marcus wanted me, I was
going to let him.

The show ended and Marcus handed me a card key and said to meet him at the hotel across the
street in room 340. He didn't have a lot of time, because the bus was leaving an hour later. I left
immediately and got to his room as fast as I could. The room smelled terrible. Perhaps he had sex in
his room the night before, or even before I saw him, or there was just laundry laying somewhere. I
took off my clothes, jumped on top of the bed and waited for him. He came in like there was a fire,
and saw me laying there naked on his bed. Marcus dropped all of his clothes, ran into the shower and
then came back.

He climbed up to my face and slapped his hard cock on my face asking me if I wanted his massive
cock. Looking right at I him I leaned down kissed his thick dark cock and said, “You know I do.”
He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. I said, “Yes.”

Marcus jammed his cock down my throat first, holding my head, and calling me a dirty girl. After
fucking my throat for a few minutes, he slid his cock out of my mouth. He worked his way down my
body and gave my clit a few licks. This was just enough to get my pussy nice and juicy.

He raised my legs and guided his cock inside me. He then started fucking me hard and deep. He continued fucking
on top of me for a while, then he flipped me over and entered me doggy style. I could feel his balls
slapping my ass, as he drilled me. I then sat on his cock cowgirl style as he groped and kissed me. I
came all over his cock. At that point he couldn't hold back any longer and filled my pussy with a huge
load of cum. Ohhh man, does it feel good to have warm thick cum in my pussy!
Marcus told me he had a vasectomy and not to worry.

I told him, “I'm gonna go home to my man with your load dripping out of me.”
This made him laugh. We smoked a joint and laughed. All the while, I felt his thick warm cum dripping
out of me. Marcus got up from the bed to get dressed, just as the knock came on the door letting him
know it was time to go. We had enough time for a quick kiss and exchanged phone numbers. Then
he was gone. The whole experience was awesome. I texted my husband told him I was coming home
and that I had Marcus’s baby in my belly. He congratulated me and I drove home. We have yet to talk
about it; I hope it is not a big deal later.
I sure had fun, though!

Sarah G “Backstage Bang” written by Lee average rating 4.3/5 - 7 user ratings

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Sarah G “Backstage Bang” written by Lee average rating 4.3/5 - 7 user ratings

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