Sarah G “Please Fuck Me”

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September 26, 2016
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September 21, 2016

Sarah G “Please Fuck Me”
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Sarah G “Please Fuck Me” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 6 user ratings

"Please Fuck Me" read by Sarah G

You roll on top of me, your kiss long, slow and lazy... your tongue teasing mine.

You kiss across my chin and down my neck, working your kisses up the back of my neck and behind my ear, where you trace your tongue softly, making me moan and arch my back. My chest is pressing against you.

You take this opportunity to dip your head and gently tease my nipples with your tongue, swapping between the two. Your hand dips in-between my legs, teasing me. Your finger brushes over my clit and I groan. You kiss back up my chest and bite my neck again.

I push my hips up against you and your finger slips inside me. You kiss down my body. As you get to my hips you kiss the inside of my thighs, teasing me. My hips rise up again, wanting your mouth against me. Finally your mouth moves over to my pussy where it pauses before licking in one, long, slow lick, causing my back to arch.

Your finger moves to just the right spot inside me as your tongue finds my clit. I moan your name and you tease me with your tongue. You kiss back up my body as I squirm underneath you. Suddenly you tie my arms to the bed and I complain.

“Hey that's not fair,” I argue. “Life's not fair,” is your simple response. You smirk and kiss and bite my neck while I am powerless to stop.

You tease my nipples with your tongue, your finger still moving very slowly inside me. My head rolls, I moan your name.

You kiss up my body and kiss my lips. I look you dead in the eyes.

“Fuck me, Johnny, and then cum in my mouth,” I demand. You lose it just like I knew you would and within seconds your cock is inside me. I scream your name as I cum hard. You push my legs up, my knees against my chest as you fuck me hard.

I pull against the ties which pin me to the bed and writhe underneath you, struggling to get free. You lean down to bite my neck, leaving a mark just like you said you would. You fuck me hard, your grip on my thighs leaving marks. You pull out and flip me on to my front, pulling my hips up and ramming your cock back into me again.

I bite and scream into the pillow. You lean forward biting my back. With one hand you play with my clit and the other you spank me causing me to lose all control. I cum again, screaming your name.

You flip me over and push your cock into my mouth, your hands tangled in my hair as you fuck my mouth and cum deep in my throat. I swallow it all and collapse back onto the bed, falling asleep again instantly.

I wake up and I’m untied. I groggily roll over and realise you aren’t there so I fall asleep again. I am spread out face first. I wake to you gently stroking and kissing my back. I grumble slightly and roll over, looking at you with one eye open. You pick me up and carry me to the bathroom where you have run a bath for us.

Gently lowering me in you get in behind me, letting me rest my head against your chest. I smile and lean back against you as you plant a loving kiss on my forehead. You lather my body up and clean me and I turn around and do the same to you. You step out and wrap a towel around yourself before wrapping one around me.

You sit me on the toilet seat and take the towel, drying my feet. A kiss is planted on each of my big toes. You then dry my legs before planting a kiss on my pussy, making me moan. You dry my entire body and I pull myself up making you swap places with me.

I go straight for your cock. I extend my tongue and gently tease the tip, swirling my tongue around it. You moan and I proceed to take it all in my mouth. Your hands tangle in my hair as you thrust into my mouth. I use my hand to stroke your shaft as I kiss and tease your balls.

I lick your shaft and take it in my mouth again, sucking as hard and fast as I can.

You thrust into my mouth and I let you, moaning against your cock. It doesn’t take long before you fill my mouth with your cum and I swallow it all. You smile down at me and take my hand, leading me to the bedroom. You pick out your favourite outfit of mine and I dress in it before going downstairs to make a start on dinner.

Sarah G “Please Fuck Me” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 6 user ratings

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Sarah G “Please Fuck Me” written by Lee average rating 4.8/5 - 6 user ratings

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