Zoe Page “Office Anal”

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December 20, 2016
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Zoe Page “Office Anal”
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Zoe Page “Office Anal” written by Steph average rating 3.7/5 - 3 user ratings

"Office Anal" Read By Zoe Page

It is a blistering hot Summer afternoon. Of course, the air conditioning stops working at the office.
While the managers should let us leave early, they decide to keep us there these last three hours of
the day. I did not have this situation in mind when I dressed this morning.

Considering my date this evening with Tom, my boyfriend, I chose my pink lace bra and black
crotchless thong as undergarments and a white, button-down blouse and black pencil skirt for my
outfit. My black, six-inch, peep-toe heels spoke to me, and I chose to wear them too.

Every piece of clothing looks amazing on my taut physique. I dance ballet and hip-hop; the hard work
I put into it has given back to me two-fold in how lean and strong my body is. The breasts, on the
other hand, are still too large for a ballet dancer at a size 34C. They are creamy white with perky
nipples. Tom likes them so they can stay. My legs are my best feature. They are long, adding height
to my 5'9" frame. In fact, I do not need to wear heels; I intimidate people enough as it is. I have
shoulder-length blonde, wavy hair and green eyes. I could definitely model if I wanted to be critiqued
every day of my life, but I do not.

Tom and I started dating about five years ago. He is a middle-aged, successful attorney. Tom has
some grey hair, he's 6'3", in good shape, and has a large cock. He could be my dad, literally. We met
on the subway train and hit it off then and there. He said, at the time, he was going through a divorce.
I had no real way of knowing but to trust him. I do wonder if I was the "other woman" for a while. Now,
he is happily divorced, and we live together in his Manhattan apartment. He is marvelous in bed, and
makes me orgasm every time. Except for the fact he is rarely at home, we have a good relationship.

However, there is a new guy at work, and I find myself instinctively attracted to him. I believe his
name is Paul, though we have never been formally introduced. He is in his mid-thirties, like me. He is
naturally tan, has dark brown hair with a five o'clock shadow, has a demure muscular build, the most
perfect smile, brown eyes, and the kindest disposition. The other women in the office fawn over him
daily. I have only interacted with him in the elevator and in passing. Every time I see him, I
immediately feel my pussy get wet. He has a hold on me.
Enough about Paul... this heat. The only way I could think to combat the heat was with ice cubes. I
put some down my bra. Of course, my white blouse is now see-through and showing my erect
nipples. As hot as it is, I do not care.

"Write this e-mail," I tell myself. "Dear Ms. Aus..."Suddenly, I feel someone standing behind me. It's
my boss, Mark. Mark is probably sixty-five and makes me feel uncomfortable at times. Without
warning, he cups my breasts.
I assertively say, "Excuse me, Mark!"
He just continues to massage them, and tells me, "I just wanted to let you know you're doing a good
job." He then rubs my shoulders and walks off.

Forget work, now I'm in a state of shock. Should I leave or stay? Who do I tell this to?
For some reason, Paul pops into my head. He would be a good confidant and lover. I close my eyes
and think of him pinning me to the wall in the bathroom, thrusting his cock into my pussy. Hmmm, I'm
starting to get wet. I feel naughty and empowered now. My thong give me easy access to my clit, and
I start massaging it. Then, I slowly put one finger in my tight, wet cunt. I go slowly at first but then
quickly speed it up. It's time for two fingers now. Mmm, this feels so amazing. I suck on my fingers,
tasting my sweet pussy juices. Fuck this, I'm going to try to entice Paul for a rendezvous.

I pull my skirt up to make it even shorter and unbutton my blouse so my cleavage shows before
walking over. Like a panther on the prowl, I make slow but thoughtful steps down to his desk. I can
feel his eyes looking me up and down. On a post-it I write, "Meet me in the ladies room" and drop it.
He immediately gets up, no hesitation at all. His erection is obvious.
In the largest stall, we meet for the first time. I don't care about getting to know him know or the fact
that my boss took advantage of me, I just want to fuck Paul. He quickly unbuttons my blouse to reveal
a white lace bra and erect nipples. All that is left below is the skirt, and it slips off. The thongs can
obviously stay on for this.

His strong hands move along my waist and up to my breasts. He pulls my bra down enough to see a
nipple and gently sucks on it. My hand reaches his thick, 10-inch cock. It's getting even more erect as
I massage it. One of his hands reaches my pussy, and he starts to finger fuck me. I moan in ecstasy.
He rips off my bra, and penetrates my cunt with his cock. Oh fuck. Our sweaty bodies make this sex
incredible. He lifts up my leg to push his cock in me deeper.
"Your pussy is tight, baby," he says.

I nod in agreement, but I love how his cock is filling up my pussy. I grind my hips into his thrusts. He
is close to cumming. He orders me to turn around. I place my hands on the wall as he enters my
asshole. He still pays attention to my pussy, rubbing it wildly as he fucks. I can feel him separating my
ass cheeks to get a better look at my shaved hole as he pushes his cock into me. I moan and cry out.
It hurts but feels good at the same time.

"I'm going to cum!" He spurts some cum in my asshole and then enters my pussy again, leaving the
rest there. He will not let me move now. He wants to see it drip out of my holes.

The End.

Zoe Page “Office Anal” written by Steph average rating 3.7/5 - 3 user ratings

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Zoe Page “Office Anal” written by Steph average rating 3.7/5 - 3 user ratings

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