Zoe Page “Sex Mad Teacher”

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December 3, 2016
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November 28, 2016

Zoe Page “Sex Mad Teacher”
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Zoe Page “Sex Mad Teacher” written by Steph average rating 3.7/5 - 3 user ratings

"Sex Mad Teacher" Read By Zoe Page

It had been about two months since I had last had sex. My last time had been with two guys at once and I would not say it had put me off sex, as clearly not much would, however I had realised perhaps my phase of being, bluntly put, a slut needed to end.

After all I am a teacher, should people become aware of what I have been up to then I would certainly lose my job and have an ex-husband taking away my kids to live with him.

I changed my routine completely to avoid meeting guys. Instead of visiting bars looking for a casual hook up I started going to the gym, it started every Friday and then grew to three times a week as my lack of sex left me with some energy and fire which I needed to deal with.

I also bought myself some new toys, a magic wand became my new best friend and a small silent rabbit vibe for when my children were in the house with me.

Finally I was at a stage where I was able to focus day to day without wanting sex, in writing this now I sound like a complete sex addict but I assure you I am just a woman in her 30’s who had a very sheltered life when it came to sex.

I was not looking for an experience with anyone, I was happy but one night I met someone. It was parents evening at the school where I work and I was meeting parent after parent, mostly mothers alone however a few couples and then there was one single father.

He was an older man, late 40’s or early 50’s and was very handsome. He had dark hair which was greying and piercing blue eyes. He sat opposite me and for the first time in a while when looking at a guy I felt that little pulse feeling in my clit which I always get when I see someone or something that is hot.

We talked about his daughter for about 15 minutes. She was a good student and so I really had no reason to keep him there talking for much longer, which was frustrating, I wanted to spend a lot longer talking so I did something I am not proud of. I told him his daughter did have some behavioural problems in my lessons and id like to talk to him a bit more about it, he agreed and said he would happily wait until the end to talk to me about them.

It was the end of the evening and after speaking to ten more parents I was frazzled and did not remember I had a parent waiting for me. His name was Brian and we talked a while more about his daughter as my guilt over getting him to stay meant I was back tracking and hoping he would leave.

My class room was now empty and a colleague looked in to ask how long I would be, I replied 10-15 minutes and with that I was alone in my room with Brian. He was asking me questions about his daughter’s friends and how she fits in as I walked around tidying the room. I was stretching to put something up on a shelf when I noticed his eyes were locked on my ass in my pencil skirt. He did not even hide it as I looked back, he just smiled at me and I smiled back. It was nice to know the attraction was mutual.

He stopped talking about his daughter and asked about me, asking if I was married and when I replied no he asked if I had any plans for tonight. I said I was free for a couple of hours and with that we were kissing. It happened fast and out of nowhere, he just talked and moved closer then held me in his arms and made his move. He was strong, he smelt great which I remember thinking as we kissed with a lot of passion.

I pushed him back to stop him, remembering exactly where I was and fighting my carnal desires told him we couldn’t. He smiled, simply saying he understood but then wrote something down on a piece of paper and left.

It was the name of a local hotel and a room number. I cannot lie, I was soaking wet. His kiss was amazing and his hands on me made me want him. To this day I amazed I actually had the clarity of thought in the heat of that moment to stop him, very proud of myself as I am confident if I had reached between his legs I would have had him inside me on my school desk right then and there!

I packed my things and headed to my car where I stood and talked with some colleagues for about 15 minutes, most were complaining about one child or another and then finally I was in my car. I had 90 minutes until I needed to be heading back home, the hotel was 10 minutes away. I write this now like it was a big decision, I was already driving to the hotel while doing the maths about how long I had.

I arrived, checking myself in the mirror I removed my jacket and actually slid my panties off under my skirt and put them in my bag. I walked to the room numbered 205 and knocked on the door. Brian opened it and we kissed right away, not saying another word.

Pushing him against the wall I closed the door behind us and then I stopped kissing him long enough to tell him I have an hour. He smiled and took charge pushing me to the bed and bending me over it facing away from him. I was leaning forward, standing, my arms locked out head down as I felt him lift my skirt and his hands rub my dripping wet pussy. He complimented me on my ass and then I heard him unzip.

I had no idea of his size until he was penetrating me and he felt incredible. The head of his cock had to be forced into me and the stretching feeling made my legs wobble, it was just what I needed and then he pushed his length into me. He slid in and out, the whole way, a few times, maybe 10 times really slow letting me enjoy every inch of him. It felt very sexy but it was frustrating me, I wanted to be fucked hard and so I told him.

Both of his hands were on my hips and he started to thrust, he was grunting and groaning and I was taking him harder and deeper, it was feeling amazing when he started to spank me, which I loved… then he reached around and rubbed my clit and I felt close to orgasm, the first man to give me one since my fuck buddy David and it felt amazing. I came hard, so hard in fact when I tensed I pushed his cock out of me. He was quick to force it back in and I moaned loudly. He thrusted harder and harder until he was done letting out a loud grunt and groan.

I sat down on the bed, legs giving way and checking the time realised I had no time to really sit and chat. I took my panties out of my bag and slid them back on before standing and kissing him goodbye, as I left him he said “cannot wait for the next parents evening…”

I got in my car smiling and drove home, perhaps I was not over my “slut phase” after all.

The End!

Zoe Page “Sex Mad Teacher” written by Steph average rating 3.7/5 - 3 user ratings

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Zoe Page “Sex Mad Teacher” written by Steph average rating 3.7/5 - 3 user ratings

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