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Ariel Anderssen "Lustful Intentions"

4K 06:02 50 Photos6th Mar 2017

"Lustful Intentions" read by Ariel Anderssen Jen's mouth was ablaze with lustful intentions as Randall's pressed hard upon it. Jen felt her back jammed hard into the molding of the front door as Randall circled her tongue with his. Jen could taste what he had for dinner as her dinner sloshed in her stomach still unsettled. It was well worth the unsettling though, as she reached for the doorknob and moaned into the hot fire of Randall's wet mouth. As soon as the door swung open, Jen felt herself being turned and pressed even harder against it as it slammed shut. She tilted her head to the side as Randall kissed her neck. The heat of his lips on her sensitive skin there sent tingles rushing through her whole body. The tingles got even stronger when she felt Randall’s hand slide up under her dress. In an intense movement of his hand, her thong was tugged off of her instantly and landed on the hardwood floor beside where they stood. Jen immediately felt her pussy drip its hot gooeyness as it was now exposed. The hot mess evading her hot tender slit trailed a path down her inner thigh, and she moaned from the warm trickle now having made its way down to her inner knee. Jen then felt her body jolt as Randall attacked her pussy, jamming his finger into her hot slick center. Sweat began to pop out of every pore on Jen's body as Randall quickly fingered her gushing sexual lips. In and out, in and out, Jen felt his finger sink into her hot pliable pink walls. She grunted with each stroke his finger made inside her and then felt her dress be ripped from her body with his free hand. The tinkling sound of each button of her dress falling to the floor filled the room in an echo. Then her dress landed beside her thong. Jen tore off Randall's shirt in the same manner; the buttons making the same sound as the ones on her dress and she unbuttoned his pants. They fell to his knees as his hard long cock jutted out. Droplets of clear stimulation formed on Randall's tip as he removed his finger from Jen's engorged labia and thrust into her wetness with his thickness in one swift plunging even stroke. The piercing jolt Jen felt of Randall's throbbing thick hardness filling her, made her claw at his back as her body shuddered from him invading her sexual space. She dug her nails into his hot skin as Randall thrust hard and fast, slamming her naked moist body into the back of the door. The knocking sound of her body slapping the door reverberated inside the room. The sound their bodies made together began to echo in Jen’s ears. Sweat poured down Jen's body now and made it glisten as her pussy lips folded over every ridge of her husband’s erection deep inside her. Randall's quick swift rocking and his body contacting her erect clit, brought forth her orgasm, and with no warning, Jen felt the intense explosion release. She shrieked loudly as her pussy quivered her hot juices all over Randall's cock buried all the way inside her hot moist center. The pulses of her internal chamber squeezed him in spasms and made Randall moan as his balls tightened in their sack. The pulsing of Jen's pink slick walls of desire hardened his cock even more and lit the spark that made Randall pause and grunt deeply, sending the jetting stream of his cum out of him and into her. Randall rocked his body on his wife in unison with each spurting spasm that he released. The intensity of his cum flying out of his erection made him grunt each time it was expelled. Jen felt each warm streaming spurt Randall ejected fall inside her wet personal chasm. Her body jerked each time his cum landed and she moaned as it coated her damp insides. Randall always seemed to fill her with the same amount of goodness every time. It never failed to disappoint her. Jen loved the way her husband’s central core felt in hers. Randall's body then relaxed against hers and pinned her against the door in a sweat-laden heap. Jen wrapped her arms around her husband and felt the relaxing muscles of his back with her fingers. Jen loved how her husband’s body felt after such a moment. It made her smile. Jen loved these kind of moments her and Randall shared. The passion, the lust, the quickness of how he took her were moments where Jen felt Randall's pure desire and intentions for her as her husband. It showed his true love for her as her loving and faithful husband. And it was good to be his loving and faithful wife with the same feelings shared.


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