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Ariel Anderssen "The Picnic"

4K 07:04 62 Photos28th Dec 2016

"The Picnic" read by Ariel Anderssen As dusk fell and the rosy glow of a beautiful sunset filled the sky, they picked their spot. A huge old oak tree with a wooden picnic bench underneath its heavy boughs. She sat on the table with her feet on the bench seat, her knees slightly apart. He stood directly in front of her, running his hands up the long length of her smooth tanned legs, inching higher with each stroke. They kissed lightly at first, but as her skirt went higher and his fingers explored further, their kisses got deeper and more fervent. She opened her legs wider as he continued to stroke and tease the insides of her thighs, his knuckles brushing lightly across the outer lips of her damp pussy, causing shivers to run through her. Stroking his cock through his shorts, she could feel his hardness and wanted to feel his hot flesh in her hand, her mouth, her pussy. Tugging down the waistband she had in her grasp, and she relished the long thick length of him as she slowly began to move her hand up and down, rolling her thumb over the tip on every up stroke. Groaning into her mouth as she continued to pleasure him, he pushed between her legs, spreading them wider. His fingers were now at her wet pussy, between the slippery satin soft lips and dipping into the depths of her. Her juices were running freely now as his other hand found her breasts and caressed them through the material of her thin summer dress. Deftly he undid the buttons of the tight bodice, releasing her perfect breasts. Breaking the kiss, he brought down his hungry mouth and greedily sucked on them while fucking her with his fingers. In turn, he sucked on her nipples hard, licking and nipping them whilst she writhed in pleasure, rocking her hips against his hand whilst increasing the speed with which she wanked his now rock hard cock. Gently he pushed her back and removed her hand from his throbbing cock. She was laying back on the picnic table, skirt bunched up around her waist, legs wide open, with his fingers buried deep inside her. He brought his mouth down from her breasts and trailed his tongue slowly down to her navel, circling it and then dipping his tongue into it. She watched him impatiently as her hands stroked his head, her hips raising to the onslaught his finger fucking was causing. She wanted his tongue on her clit. She wanted him to suck on it deeply and nip it gently. She craved the peak of her orgasm which was fast approaching. She could feel the roar of pent up lust crashing through her body like a crescendo of waves greedily washing over a diminishing beach. Knowing she was close, he closed his mouth onto her perfect clit and sucked on it, using his tongue to circle and flick it. He continued his three digit attack in her soaked pussy whilst his other hand stroked her arse cheeks, delving between them to her puckered pink hole. Using her own juices as a lubricant he slowly inserted a finger, delighting in the tightness he found as he added another to stretch her a little bit more. Heaven didn't describe the knee jerking orgasm he elicited from her. She was bucking against him forcibly, trying to get him deeper into both her holes as his tongue and lips played and teased her clit relentlessly. It literally exploded within her, through her entire body as she now convulsed against his administrations. Volts of delicious pleasure coursed through her, earth shattering lightning bolts forking their way up and down her body. Her legs were clamped tight to his head as she rode her pleasure waves and her juices flowed into his mouth. He relished in the sweet tasting nectar, lapping it all, the tight walls of her pussy clenched around his fingers, as though they didn't want them to exit ever. As the tremors continued through her, he shifted position and, extracting both hands, he rolled her onto her stomach. Grasping his rampant cock he guided it to her ready and waiting arse, plunging in balls deep. The tightness enveloped him. He pulled backwards and plunged in again and again, fucking her tight little hole relentlessly. Bucking against him once more, she raised herself up on her arms, palms flat on the table to give herself more purchase to drive her hips back into him, as yet another orgasm swept through her. His hands grasped her hips tightly as he pummelled into her, ever deeper, with one last thrust and an animalistic bellow he came forcibly. Thick spurts of cum shooting into her. Slowing his pace butcontinuing to writhe between her trembling legs, he shot several more into her hot slippery depths. He released one of her hips and, grabbing a handful of her hair, pulled her back towards his mouth to kiss and bite the nape of her neck. She was moaning deeply now, her muscles clenched tightly around him, not wanting this moment to end as the aftermath of their frantic outdoor fuck coursed through them. Slowly he pulled out of her, and helped her turn over so he could rain kisses over her heaving breasts and taut nipples. Breathing heavily, they slumped down on the table together, sticky sweaty limbs entwined, exhausted but satisfied from their first but not last outdoor sexual adventure. The End!  


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