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4K 15:06 69 Photos3rd Nov 2016

Old Ties Pt1 By Katie Louise   By the time he was approaching the exit ramp, he had lost count of the number of times this drive had come within a hairs’ breadth of ending painfully. Home and a welcoming bed weren’t far, though. A good sleep for four hours, a run in the hills and a quick shower before his wife came home from work. The joys of a shift worker. The drive had taken longer than usual and it had been a “one-off” overtime night-shift, so by the time he was driving towards his suburb, he was toying with the idea of going for a run first, then having a shower and trying to make the day useful by working on his book instead. The next shift was four days away, another perk of the job. Seeing his wife’s car still in the driveway at 8:40 am, he was a little surprised as he parked beside it. Maybe she was running late as well. Which would mean that his wife would want to work late and he would have more “himself” time that evening. It had always been that way. The marriage had been rigged to fail. It was a wonder they had lasted 13 years. If he were to keep a diary of events, after the first six months, he could count on his fingers the number of times they had slept together. Since she was the only woman he had ever bedded, he knew it was his fault. He must be piss-poor in bed. The house was quiet when he entered. He called out his wife’s name. No response. Settling into his normal routine, he took his shoes off and placed his bag on the sofa in the common lounge and made his way to their bedroom. It was empty. “Babe?” He called out for his wife again, a little confused as he walked towards the “back” room of the house that was the designated night shift resting-quarters as it was usually the darkest in the morning and quietest. He entered the bedroom and froze upon the sight that greeted him. She was wearing a bathrobe and her hair looked damp. An instant arousal began to develop deep inside him, which started to manifest itself in its physical form a moment later. More than twenty years since they’d been together and at that only for a brief few months and she still managed to turn him on without even trying. He knew it was not the same for her, though. Women, in his mind, were wired differently. She may have been physically attracted to him a long time ago, but the attraction would have died down ages ago. She was a married woman now. For most men the attraction is purely physical in nature and stays that way for a very long time. Women made love to their husbands. Men had sex with their wives. Why the fuck was he thinking about making love and having sex when his wife’s best friend was standing in front of him in their guest bedroom, clad in a bathrobe – maybe only a bathrobe, fuck? He needed to sleep! “Oh, I hope Sarah told you that I was staying the night? We stayed up catching up on old times. Now that we’ve moved closer together, I offered to spend the nights with her when you were not here. Jake works crazy hours anyway, leaving at 4 in the morning and not getting home till 10, and he only ever calls on my cell phone, anyway, so it doesn’t matter where I stay.” Rachael had gone to school with them – it seemed like a thousand years ago. Her husband Jake was a high-flying lawyer in Melbourne and had recently bought a home in their suburb for Rachael, who had wanted a change of scenery to work on her new book. She had grown into a gorgeous woman now, but they had briefly dated in their final year. Sarah, Rachael, or Rex as they used to call her, and Aaron used to hang out together. Sarah and he had opted for the cheaper university near home, while Rex had moved interstate to take up her studies at Melbourne’s Monash. Life had taken its course and after he heard that she had found someone else and then got engaged after graduation, he too had gradually moved on. Sarah and he were never an item, but because neither of them had anyone else, they stayed close to each other and people simply assumed that they were together. After some strong encouragement from their other friends who had all settled down, he had asked Sarah out. One thing led to another and before they knew it, they were married and living together. It seemed fine for the first six months or so. When it came to sex, they dutifully made love every night. Although he was no expert, however, he had always felt that he was not doing it for her. He used the Internet to do his homework on the subject and literally tried every trick in the book, but could never seem to give her spark she needed. They spoke about splitting up a few times, but they were both working fulltime and soon the car mortgages turned into a house mortgage and splitting up kept getting more and more complicated, until they stopped talking about it, buried themselves in their work and learnt to live with it. There was always going to be time to breakup and decide how to split everything up – right now, they were both too busy. What neither wanted to admit, or at least in his case, was that he wasn’t sure he would find anyone else, and he didn’t want to be alone. “And anyway, we haven’t seen each other in so long, we have so much to talk about, didn’t get to sleep until almost three in the morning. I had walked over, so I dropped her off to her work in her car this morning. She said that you would be happy to pick her up.” Rex’s voice brought him out of his momentary reverie. She saw his hungry eyes perusing her figure under the robe and knew instantly to look for the slow swelling in the crotch of his pants. The poor baby. They hadn’t ever been intimate with each other when they’d dated, but he had always been like an open book. She and Sarah used to “accidently” rub against him in high school just to see him squirm as he tried to hide his erection. He was exceptionally clever and good looking but was totally unaware of how other girls felt about him. She had always known that he was attracted to her and although either of them could turn him on easily, she knew that he ached really for her. But the feeling had never been mutual. In fact she had always suspected that Sarah had harboured feelings for him, but wouldn’t say so. He was too unsophisticated back then, for their taste. Too simple and naïve about the world and insecure about his own place in life. Looking at him now, she could see that things had certainly changed for the better. Jake had been a final year law student at Monash when she started. He chased her briefly, but she had already made up her mind to give in to the tall, dark and handsome looks. He was “sophisticated.” Their marriage had been a happy one for a few years. Then he cheated on her with younger woman. When she confronted him about it and threatened to leave, he begged her to stay, promised to change his ways and bought her a Jaguar XJ8. She didn’t stay because of the car, though. Aside from the cheating, he had never even raised his voice with her. They had gone for marriage counselling and it seemed to work. Until two years later when she caught him with a different woman. This one barely seemed out of high school. This time she had had enough. Or so she thought. Jake got down on his knees to beg again and offered anything she wanted. If she divorced him now, it would ruin the political career he was gunning for. It was their marriage counsellor who came up with the brilliant plan of living separately for a while. Rachael was working on a new book and thought the change of scenery might help. Jake, in the meantime, promised to get help and stay away from women. The counsellor assigned him a psychologist that he was to see privately and who would then report the progress to the counsellor. He had purchased her a newly built house in a brand new suburb in Sydney and they had come to an agreement that they would give this another try once her new book was finished to see if they could get together again. She’d made no promises, although, they didn’t consider themselves to be either separated or “on a break”. She wasn’t going to give him any excuses to cheat again. Two weeks ago Sarah and Aaron had seen the house two doors down from them occupied and had walked into a pleasant surprise when they had knocked on her door to welcome their new neighbour. And here they were today. In the same bedroom – together. She was nude under the bathrobe and he had an obvious hard-on. Lately, despite herself, Rachel was starting to feel a whole paradigm shift in her body. On more than one occasion in the last week, while alone in her new house, she had used the toy that she had playfully bought for herself when she had moved to Sydney. In the first six months of their marriage, they had had a healthy sex life. But with Jake’s work pressure and as the novelty wore out, it began to slow down and then it just dwindled down to almost nothing without her even noticing. Jake pretended that his responsibilities at work were stressing him out to the point of exhaustion and would barely get into bed before midnight, making sure to clear the house by five in the morning most days. Of-course she realised what had been going on when she caught him sleeping around, but back then, she had been too busy with her own life to notice how he had started avoiding her. Not that she had missed getting laid, though. Her first book was published when she was 30 and reached number one in the Times Best Sellers list within a few weeks. In the last eight years, she had written and published five more, all of which had made it into the top 10. Although her income from the books was substantial and she didn’t need Jake’s money, he easily earned several times as much and was always ready to splash on her lavishly, imploring her to keep her money for her own use. Now, with this old flame standing in front of her a little spark that she had forgotten about was suddenly getting fanned. Aaron had kept in great shape over the years. She had grudgingly told him that he was actually aging very well when she had seen him after all those years. He admired her figure under the robe. She was gorgeous with just the right curves in the right places. It wasn’t just the way she looked, it was her wit that was unmatched. She was a tease and a flirt, but everyone knew where the line was with her, without her having to spell it out. His thoughts took an indecent turn again as he started to imagine how she would be in bed. He strained to take his eyes off her inviting body. He and Sarah had not slept together in almost six months and the memory of their last pathetic attempt, where he hadn’t even cum and she had obviously faked it to put an end to both their miseries was still fresh in his head. “I’m sorry, I think you have me mistaken for someone else.” Unable to resist the temptation, he put on a deep voice and pretended to be confused. “I’m the help your husband hired to do the lawn. Is he not around?” A little chuckle escaped her throat. There he goes again. The slight stubble from the night shift and unkempt hair actually did give him a rather rough look. But, in a sexy way. What was happening to her? This was her best friend’s husband for crying out loud! She felt her nipples hardening slowly, and knowing that he would notice, looked down at his crotch again, which now showed a full arousal. He shifted uncomfortably, trying to do what they used to call his “hands-free pants-freeing”. At the sight of him squirming, a warm feeling began to develop deep inside her and she became aware of her cheeks flushing as she felt herself get wet. Suddenly she wanted him. Badly. Whether it was the sleep deprivation, the fact that they were alone in the house or the subtle changes in her physical and mental being since the last few weeks, she wanted to scratch him, hurt him, ride him, put him deep inside her, and scream his name over and over as she came again and again. She was dripping within a minute of all these thoughts coming alive in her mind and could feel her heart pounding inside her chest. She had confided in Sarah last night about Jake and Sarah had admitted that their marriage was pretty much unsalvageable as well. Surely she wouldn’t mind if her best friend took a bite of this delicious apple. It wasn’t really cheating on anyone. Sarah had seemed like she didn’t care anymore. Or was it her aroused state that was clouding her reasoning ability and trying to rationalise what her body was screaming for her to do? Aaron knew he wanted her badly, but thought that the hardening nipples were more a result of the draught he had let into the bedroom when he’d opened the door. She had blushed slightly though. But then it could have been wishful thinking on his part. The look she was giving him had ”flirtatious” written all over it. Maybe he should play more “hard to get”. Fat chance when she was such a knockout. He could be in a life or death situation and she could easily have him eating out of her hands within seconds if she wanted, and she knew it. What she had was every straight man’s weakness. Speaking of weaknesses and eating, he desperately wanted to taste whatever she had to offer. What the hell! She was married! He was married! This was his house! She was his wife’s best friend. At one time she had been his best friend. He was sure it was exhaustion that was continually propelling him forward and loosening his tongue dangerously. Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless flirting. “Maybe we should discuss the terms of the payments first.” He moved in close and that’s when she stunned him and pulled him close, wrapping his hands around her shapely arse. He was acutely aware that she was feeling his full arousal on the lower part of her stomach. As her hands moved up his chest, he braced himself for the friendly shove with a couple of words of admonishment, as she had often done 20 years ago, but to his surprise, she laced her fingers in his wavy hair and kissed him deeply and passionately at first, then hungrily with a raw need that left him wanting for more when she eventually released him. They were both breathing hard, but there was no doubt that she was in better control. He still held her tightly, not knowing what to do. “Will that do as a deposit?” Her voice was sultry and seductive. He started to answer, but paused to swallow the lump in his throat. “Actually I prefer payment in full – I’ve had a few costumers who have refused to pay…” The next kiss caught him by surprise – such was the ferocity. It all but confirmed her intentions to him. His grip on her bottom tightened as she gently bit his lower lip. She could feel his full arousal, throbbing against her stomach. She longed to put it deep inside her, but she also wanted to prolong this little game of theirs. Without unlocking lips with her new lover, she started to undo his belt with urgency. The rough stubble on his face made him seem even more desirable, although she preferred men clean-shaven. She was convinced that a subtle yet sure shift was occurring in her attitude towards men and sex in general. Not only did she find this handsome married man desirable, she realised she had been horny all morning. She might have been horny for the last few weeks, but only just realised it. Her free flowing natural lubricants were a testament to that. He could sense that familiar aroma emanating from her that he often associated with a heightened state of arousal. Over the years he had convinced himself that it was the smell of this “sex” from women that drove men wild. It was a scent he had discovered during his first proper kiss. His first kiss was Rachael and life had somehow brought them together, albeit in the most illegitimate way. That scent usually meant that the woman was ready and eager. It was a scent that he hadn’t caught a whiff of too often in the last several years. He felt his pants slip down and her probing hand grope into his jocks. As her fingers clasped roughly around his member, he slid his hand further down her leg and lifted it so that it was wrapped around his butt. His heart skipped a beat when he discovered that she was completely bare under the robe. And wet. Very, very wet. As his fingers gently tested her readiness and slid inside her sacred spot drawing a sharp intake of breath from her, she expertly removed his jocks and started caressing his stiff manhood. “Do you want to get “properly dressed” for the task?” She was burning with desire, but could see that his hunger was equal, if not greater, in his eyes. Without a word, he ripped his t-shirt off and stepped out of his jocks and jeans. Her robe fell away exposing her bare breasts with nipples like hard pebbles. Both stark naked, they eyed each other hungrily for a few moments. Her body was divine. She wasn’t too skinny or too big, just the right curves in the right places, soft curves at that, with breasts that weren’t too big, nor too small and was overall aging perfectly. He couldn’t help but notice her juices running freely down her creamy thighs. Never in recent memory, had he seen any woman aroused like this. He was the perfect mixture of lean and cut. While most of his other middle-aged friends had started to let themselves go, he seemed to have kept to a strict fitness schedule, applying discipline to his active life as he did with everything else. Her thoughts briefly went back to Jake’s soft and flabby body for which poor diet and lack of exercise to blame. They had a gym at the office and a similarly equipped gym and pool at home, but she was the only one who ever frequented the gym and pool at home. Now seeing Aaron chiselled like an Adonis, she was glad she had spent all those hours sweating on the treadmill. Her eye fell on his throbbing penis, all eight inches of it, with the head almost purple with pressure from the blood rushing into it. He suddenly knelt down and licked her thigh where her juices were trickling down, all the way to the source, spreading her legs and placing one on his shoulder, and pushed his tongue deep inside her. The sweet and salty taste of her combined with the intoxicating scent was driving him crazy.   To Be Continued...


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