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"The Best Sex" read by Ariel Anderssen I stood in his room, very nervous and aware that you could hear a pin drop in the house. Not good. He looked at me with those eyes of his, a dark, solid brown. The colour made them piercing and intense. He looked so serious that it pushed my heart up into my throat. He was so much taller than me, his body lean and powerful. God, what a body. But when he looked down on me with that expression on his face, all I could see was his eyes. I stood like a rabbit in the headlights, frightened to look anywhere else. He pushed me so that I fell back onto the bed. I'm stronger than that, but I was a willing victim. I wanted to be on his bed with him all over me. Which was just as well, because that's exactly what was happening. The feeling of the bed moving as he crawled onto it made me tremble, not so much that he'd notice, but the anticipation was too much; I'd waited so long to be right where I was and now this predatory version of him held me to the bed with nothing but his gaze. He was so fucking hot and the intelligence behind that handsome face made him more so. His fist closed in my hair, sped my heart, it was just this side of pain and I loved it. The erection pressed against my leg encouraged my touch. Not that it needed encouraging; around him I couldn't keep my fucking hands to myself. I felt his other hand slide down my body. As his fingers played over my clit through my underwear, I moaned my pleasure against his mouth and grabbed his ass in an attempt to pull him closer. I loved feeling him pressed hard on me, ready, eager. My hand brushed over the cloth of his shorts and I couldn't help but wrap my hand around him through it. I wanted him to fuck me; but making me wait just excited me more. I felt him shift position to kneel between my knees and I pressed them tighter together. I figured he was in an aggressive mood already and I liked it, I'd work with it. Using his power, he opened my knees effortlessly as I tried playfully to keep them closed. The thought that he could take me whether I wanted it or not made me more excited. I looked up at him while he opened my knees and the look he gave me said exactly that: "You're mine and I'll have you." Possessive, focused, frightening. I couldn't help but look up at him with a face that mirrored that. I was his prey. He played around the edges of my underwear with his fingers. He pushed the cloth aside and began rubbing my clit, slipping lower, over and between my lips. I was so wet. Slowly a finger entered me,drawing a gasp from my mouth, closing my eyes and bowing my back. I moaned and clung to the bed to steady me as his rhythm increased. He was good with his hands. I wanted more. I felt my underwear being pulled down my legs and looked across the bed to see him remove his own. We kissed and I pushed him over onto his back so I could look at all of him. He was so handsome. I wanted to kiss every inch of that perfect skin. I began with his neck, kissing and licking gently down it until I got to that bit where it met his shoulder and set my teeth down lightly. His hands kneaded my breasts and I pinned his wrists to the bed. It was my turn to pay him some attention. I got to my knees, one either side of his waist, holding myself up and off him and looked him over. Taking his hard penis in my hand, I used it on my pussy, played with it against my opening, over my clit, and it was wonderful. I raised my upper body with one hand on his stomach and began lowering myself onto him, slowly. The sensation of him entering me while I was still so tight made me moan. I had to be quiet, his friends would hear us, so I attempted to stifle my sounds and they came out like soft gasps. His hands went to my hips to help me move, pulling me down, raising me off him. As my pussy slid around him, grew wetter, I was still vaguely aware of the noise we were beginning to make, but it was fuzzy around the edges and didn't seem to matter as much. I came down harder with each stroke and watched his face watching us. Looking down my body and leaning back I watched us fuck. Eventually I was coming down so hard that the bed was creaking noisily and I had to let up. I would loose that fine edge of pleasure and my rhythm if I allowed it to distract me. I changed my movement, bringing myself down to the base of him and ground my hips back and forth hard. My lips pressed to his body sent waves of pleasure up mine and it was too much, I was going to come. But, just as I was about to, he lifted me off and flipped us over. He pushed his toned body between my thighs, making me lift my legs and spread them further. It was too much, I needed his firm cock inside me. He played on my wetness with the head of it and involuntary moans escaped my mouth. My hands slid down his body to his ass and I pulled him into me. I felt him enter me a little, but he wanted to tease me more, allowing himself to enter me partially and pulling back out. Oh god it was exactly what I wanted and yet not enough. No matter how much I tried to make him fuck me his body and will was stronger. He would enter me but it would be slowly. The more gentle he was, the more I wanted to be fucked senseless, but it felt amazing. I loved him teasing me. I would have my wayeventually, but when he decided. I wasn't expecting him to push all of himself into me quick and hard- and when he did, it caught me by surprise, stole my breath. The sensation was fantastic. Pure joy. This time he wasn't gentle, he was rough, hard, frantic, pounding me into the bed and tearing moans and screams from me. I dug my nails into him, raised my hips to meet his, but couldn't keep the rhythm because it was too fast, too hard. By now I was almost off the bottom of his bed and he lifted my legs up over my body to get a deeper angle. It was one of my favourite positions and I felt the orgasm build. Even before he was inside me again it was hard to keep it back. He pushed his cock into my pussy hard and slammed me into the bed. My moaning wasn't stifled then - I couldn't hold back - shit, I didn't even fucking care anymore. This was the best sex I'd ever had, people should know. Everyone should know what this felt like. His hands pinned my lower body to the bed, which by now sounded like it was going to crash through the floor. A low growling sound trickled from his throat close to my ear, began to get louder; he was going to come. That sound and the knowledge of what it was, brought my orgasm. It consumed me, washed over me in a hot, tingling rush of pleasure and stole my thoughts. The world disappeared and all that existed were my screams, his growling and the feel of our bodies pounding together. He came throbbing inside me and I continued to orgasm and contract around him. Every time he moved inside me, my body reacted to it until we lay there motionless, just breathing. A thought formed in my head: I would be bruised tomorrow. Another followed at its back: I didn't care, this was just too fucking good. I'd be sad when the bruises faded. The End.


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